Fast & Powerful 17kW DIY eBike|Electric Bike|Wheelies, Drifting, Acceleration

Hi, I'm Laďa and this is eBike 101. These powerful electric bikes are a completely new category of transport. It stands somewhere between a bike and a motorcycle. You can use it like a normal motorbike just by adding gas and choosing one of the three performance modes. You can also pedal on it like any other bike, only with the difference in weight. The bike consists of a frame, battery, motor and BMS, which stands for battery monitor system. On this particular model with a 3.2kWh battery, I was able to drive 80km on a charge, in the highest performance mode. These are strong!!! My friend has a prototype that gives 17kW peak! It rises to the rear at a speed of 60 km/h. Drifting, overtaking cars and leaving motorbikes behind is achievable, thanks to the light weight. The average weight is around 65kg and the twist is incredible! You don't have to shift gears so the acceleration is insane! The maximum speed depends on what engine you have, but it is common to go up to 110 km/h.

One cool feature that some bikes have is the ability to recharge the battery through regenerative braking. This battery is made up of 18650 cells, the same standard used by Tesla cars. On average, I charge 1400W, and charging takes about 1.5 hours. Or I charge slowly from solar all day. The biggest advantage of these bikes is cheap transportation. Electricity is cheap and available everywhere. You can charge at home, at work, in a cafe or at car charging stations. Electric bikes don't even require much maintenance. Most maintenance is the same as any bike. You have to lubricate the chain, change the brake pads or change the tires. The price of these eBikes varies depending on what parts you want and who builds it for you. These strong ones are sold somewhere between 4600-6200 euro. If you are interested, send me a message and ask.

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We develop them and occasionally have a few for sale. You can definitely build such a bike yourself. But it is important to keep in mind that you need sufficient knowledge of how to distribute high voltage, control high temperatures, mechanical skills, torque distribution, batteries and ideally experience with bikes or motorbikes. REMEMBER! If you don't have this knowledge, you risk fire, explosion and electric shock. If you decide to build your own bike, you may appreciate the table I created with all the components, corresponding prices and links. Email me at the address below in the description and I'll share it with you for a few dollars. It is an ideal machine for local touring, commuting or hardcore riding. It's quiet and feels more sophisticated than motorcycles. I especially like taking them around in our car and exploring new places for free. During the day they stay in the car under the bed where I charge them slowly from the solar panels or I can charge them while driving faster from the alternator when I'm driving.

This way, the bikes are always charged and ready for a new adventure. We travel full time with these ebikes and if you want to see where we're riding them at the moment, follow my friend Margaret's Instagram at @curlyhaircamping. I'm a photographer, so I often use them to find locations or just go on a spree, often both, and you can find me on Instagram as @panorama_mann Thanks a lot for watching and see you next time for another video.

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