Fender Bomber review: $999 semi-folding, compact electric scooter

Solar Farms, Land Owners Beware

Since the feed-in-tariff came into place in April there have been a large number of companies looking to sign up land owners to option agreements to build solar farms on their land. Now this can be an excellent way for a farmer/land owner to maximise the income they generate and also to diversify their income.

R&D, Solar Panels and Feed-In Tariffs

George Monbiot’s recent guardian article got me thinking about the nature of research and development in the photovoltaic industry and how R&D has been impacted by feed-in tariffs in Europe. Having worked in photovoltaic research both in a university laboratory and industry I have some experience of R&D.

Feed-In Tariffs Provide Impetus for Solar Car Parking

Glass and plastic component manufacturer, Romag who specialize in the production of units to be used in photovoltaic technology have developed a product designed to recharge electric vehicles in public spaces using solar panels. The ‘PowerPark’ facilities will be located in areas such as supermarkets, petrol stations, schools, offices and airports and will generate enough electricity via their PV canopies to both charge electric vehicles and feed energy in to the national grid.

How Much Energy Will These Solar Panels Produce Anyway?

The whole idea of this feed-in-tariff business is that you earn money by selling units of energy produced by your solar panels. So much so that after 25 years of operation you’ve made your money back and have even turned a tidy profit.

Feed-In Tariffs to Pave the Way for UK Micro-Generation

With the growing global trend towards renewable energy Britain is finally taking the first fundamental steps towards large scale micro-generation of electricity. With the UK government’s announcement that they will be going ahead with the development of a 100 billion pound wind farm in a giant off shore project, the UK is set to continue as Europe’s leading exponent of wind energy.

Let’s Recycle! Let’s Help Mother Nature!

Don’t you feel delighted when soothing raindrops of the season’s first shower fall upon you? Don’t you feel happy when the sunlight warms your skin? If yes, then you must also feel blessed and grateful towards Mother Nature; and in my opinion, now it’s the time to give back.

Whole House Water System – My Well Water Is Perfect!

Farmers and other well owners in general live with a misconception that adding a whole house water system to their well water source would be pointless and a waste of money. Most would insist they have the best water in the region. Yet, a day doesn’t go by when they aren’t in some way actively testing, monitoring and disinfecting their well water with an array of chemicals to make sure it stays safe. Even so, well owners and their water sources are at serious risk of contamination.

The Story of the Waterless Urinal – Part 2 – Plumber Protests

Krug’s waterless urinals found their biggest critics in plumbers, who presented many arguments against the invention. The most vocal protester was Mike Massey, head of Southern California’s plumbing union PIPE. He argued that waterless urinals posed health threats.

The Story of the Waterless Urinal – Part 1 – Idea and Development

The concept of a waterless urinal was the brainchild of German engineer Ditmar Gorges, who believed that a sterile liquid such as urine needed no flushing – it would find its way down the drain anyway. He was confident that his invention would be instrumental in saving thousand of gallons of water each year. All he needed was someone rich and influential to back his idea. Little did he know that his benefactor was sitting just a few hundred miles away in his posh LA office.

Why We May Already Be in Recession!

First let’s look at the trend. After an unusual four straight quarters of negative growth in the severe 2008-2009 recession, the recession ended in the September quarter of last year when GDP managed fragile growth of 1.6% for the quarter, and then improved to 5.

Algae Research Taps Electricity, Fuel

Algae is more than just pond scum. It’s a potential power source. The green glop that forms in fetid pools and in nutrient soaked ground fed by overflowing septic systems increasingly is being investigated for properties beyond the “ugh” factor.

Fun Office and Classroom Ideas for a Greener, Better World

The academe is one place where paper is used and wasted in huge volumes every day. This can be due to the fact that the lifeblood of the school depends largely on transactions and records that are kept in the office from enrolment receipts to class records and diplomas, and materials used inside the classroom like books, notebooks, quizzes, exams, and art materials. Everything is made of paper and although this particular resource is recyclable, there are actually very few companies and facilities who do recycle their used papers or at least bring these into recycling plants.

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