Fiido D11 | Folding E-Bike Review (2021)

Energy Rates Will Continue to Rise, What Can We Do?

With energy rates currently on the rise, it all seems like doom and gloom. Not necessarily! We should be shopping around for the best deal, as we do for insurance. By doing this, we can obtain better rates than simply staying with the existing supplier.

Food Containers As Life Savers

Your cupboards may have one thing in common just like as those with your neighbours, friends, and relative and almost any household that you may see. Intrigued about it?

Is Clean Coal Really Possible?

In China, a method of using coal for power generation is being tested that requires no coal mining at all and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants by a large amount. Called “underground coal gasification,” this new technology effectively allows coal to be burned efficiently with a huge advantage: the coal never has to be brought up from underground.

Green Technology: Could Carbon Capture and Sequestration Cause Contamination of Groundwater?

Carbon capture and storage technology has the potential to dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources such as power plants that burn fossil fuels. The idea behind this technology is that carbon dioxide emitted from industrial, primarily power generating sites can be captured using known chemical technology, concentrated, and then injected deep below the surface of the earth. All this carbon dioxide has to be stored… somewhere. That is the problem. Selecting sites for storing the prodigious amount of CO2 that is produced as a result of power generation has encountered another obstacle. Potential leaks from carbon dioxide injected deep underground could bubble up into drinking water aquifers closer to the surface. What can be done?

Tubular Wind Turbine Kite Prototype Challenges – Gyro Oscillation

Not long ago, someone came to me with a new invention, and it was a tubular wind turbine kite prototype that would generate energy and feed that energy down the power cord which would be the tether holding the kite up in the air. In the middle of the donut hole would be a wind turbine generator, which would spin around. Interestingly enough when things spin inside of other objects I think we all realize that there are Gyro Oscillations.

Low Cost Durable Storm Drain Blocking Systems – Let’s Protect Our Water Sheds

Have you ever looked at a storm drain and noticed a little stenciled marking explaining to you that this water flows to a river, lake, or to the ocean -and that it is up to us to protect the environment? Perhaps you’ve been involved in an Earth day exercise where you indeed painted stencils on the storm drain areas around your city or town. If you have I believe this to be a noble thing to do for your community, and for the environment.

Stem Cell Research Reveals Spectacular Breakthroughs

Recent successful stem cell research for positive treatments of diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s are the breakthrough discoveries this year. The research of the stem cells finding new horizons of treatment for the main culprits involved in causing these diseases.

Before You Go and Build a Tubular Aerostat Wind Generator in the Sky – Do Your Homework

Indeed, I guess it goes without saying that anytime you come up with a new eco-invention or eco-innovation that you need to do your homework before you go off and build a prototype to see if it will work. In other words, you not only need to study the basic system of such things, but you need to understand how it will perform in the real world, not just in a research report that you did in college. As the coordinator for a think tank which operates online, I am often worried about such innovations which don’t actually…

Eco Innovation Alternative Energy Devices Need 100% Uptime

Sometimes entrepreneurs are the eternal optimists, and perhaps that’s a good thing, because they will take risks that normal people might not take. Without these entrepreneurs who go for it, we wouldn’t have many of the things that we have in our society today, those things which make our lives easier, and help us live a comfortable lifestyle, and maintain a positive quality of life. Still, what I’ve found as the coordinator for a think tank which operates online is that many of these entrepreneurs are coming up with ideas and eco-innovations which simply do not have the proper…

Eco-Innovation and Real Costs of Expensive Raw Materials

It is really good to see all the people who care about our environment, and want to cut down on mankind’s CO2 footprint, but I believe that many of them have been fed a bill of goods by academia, and global warming alarmists. You see, CO2 is a trace gas in our atmosphere, there isn’t really all that much of it compared to the other gases. Mankind’s CO2 output is only about 2.

Engineering Challenges With Tubular Wind Kite Aerostat Wind Generators

Not too long ago, I was reviewing a relatively simple design conceived by an MIT alternative energy guy, and I began to realize that he had some rather tough choices to make in the engineering and design. No, not deal-breakers, overcome-able, but challenges never the less. One question, I immediately had which they had not yet completely solved was the need for ultra-low-noise.

Tubular Wind Turbine Aerostat Alternative Energy Generation Future Concepts

Recently, I looked at a tubular wind turbine aerostat, which had the funny shape of an elongated donut, it was your basic flying wind tunnel venture-tube tethered like a kite. The long cable also housed the power cord and it generated electricity, nice new eco-innovation right? Well, hardly, as inventors and innovative minds have been discussing these things since the 1940s – go look through some old Popular Science Magazines some time.

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