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Energy Needs for China – The Dragon Needs To Slay Its Dependence on Coal

China has energy production problems. What is worse is that China’s energy problems are becoming problems for the rest of the world. China also needs to assume a greater responsibility for weaning itself from fossil fuels. Developing and implementing more clean technology solutions to replace coal would be a step in the right direction.

Alternative Energy Must Be Developed – 3 Reasons Why Funding For Alternative Energy Is Important

Alternative energy encompasses a range of energy sources that all have one thing in common: they are not based on fossil fuels. Excluding hydroelectric energy and nuclear energy, which are well-established technologically, there are a number of new energy sources at various stages of development. Funding is essential to support these developing energy sources for three important reasons. Here they are.

Paper Or Plastic

“Paper or plastic?” Is one always better than the other? The answer is more complex than you might realize.

Recycling Electronic Products

Recycling should be a large part of our life and we should teach others how to recycle if they are unsure. This also includes school and training centres as these people are the future and should know how to help keep the environment in an inhabitable place. Don’t forget that there are still many products, materials and objects which we can recycle but do not.

The Emerging Role of Sustainability in Driving Corporate Identity

Many businesses are establishing sustainability practice as part of their mission statement. This trend is growing and it’s now a primary corporate identity issue for major corporations. The approaches to sustainability vary between industries and companies, but some common trends are now apparent. In all industries, minimising environmental impacts and reducing waste is now a major priority for modern business.

7 Simple Secrets to “Switch” to Green

Change does not come easily to us, as a species. We are hard-wired to prefer the status quo, to drag our feet or over-analyze to the point of paralysis when changes are proposed. Fortunately, a new book addresses this in an engaging and enlightening manner: “Switch: how to change things when change is hard,” by Dan and Chip Heath. I’ve pulled out seven secrets from this book to help you to design a smooth transition to a greener business.

New Mandatory Light Bulbs – More Questions Than Answers

It looks like the price of these special lights, the ones we were supposed to buy to help us conserve energy, are beginning to skyrocket. Why you ask? Because they require some rare earth elements, which China is hoarding from the world market.

Green Living Should Be a Goal Regardless of Politics

Liberals and conservatives don’t seem to have much common ground these days. The issue of climate change is a case in point. It is almost a given that activists in favor legislation and laws to prevent global warming are always from the left of the political spectrum. Conversely, those with doubts about the extent to which global warming is caused by man-made activities criticize global green movements like the Kyoto Protocols as economic boondoggles that will cripple the economies of developed nations in a hopeless attempt to combat global warming. But, whether you believe that human-caused global warming is a fact or not, I think that green living is an issue that should transcend politics. Here’s why.

Carbon Capture That Brings Value

Every discussion on carbon capture should include the possibility of converting some of the captured CO2 into useful products rather than just trying to store the carbon somewhere underground. That is the focus of a carbon capture demonstration project being initiated in Queensland, Australia and funded by the local government.

Talk About CCS Technology Development With China Is Good, But Not Enough Without Support From China

Carbon capture and storage technology has the potential to dramatically curtail carbon dioxide emissions from power stations and other industrial sources. While British and other western scientists are offering technical assistance and support for developing carbon capture and storage technology in China, the Chinese are offering mostly talk. China needs to accept its responsibilities for developing and implementing CCS technology.

Stay Green! 4 Sources of Renewable Energy

The world population is using energy like it is nothing. People take it for granted. We are currently consuming over 500 000 Megajoules per year, and even worse, the energy we are using come from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are not renewable and depleting sources of energy that is terrible to the environment. In this article, I am going to discuss three basic alternative sources of energy.

Different Energy Sources

Nuclear, water and fossil fuels are the most common sources of energy. The energy of the wind can also be utilized by using a wind turbine or more popularly known as the windmill.

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