– Welcome to my channel. Welcome to Got2Go. Today, I'm gonna introduce you to this motorcycle from Zero Motorcycles and my first ride ever
on an electric bike. (bright upbeat music) The motorcycle we're talking about today is this pretty beauty here. It's the so-called SR/F
from Zero Motorcycles. And Zero is a brand that
is actually 16 years old from I think, California in the US. And they're kind of pioneers in making electronic motorcycles. And so I thought it would be time to finally try some of those because I heard so many
great things about them. And as always, for me it was important not only to ride it for half an hour but to go on a longer
ride with this motorcycle. So I decided to travel
with this beauty here for not only one, but two, but three days.

So we have been on the
road now for three days and I'm gonna tell you more about my first impressions of this bike. (rock music) (upbeat music) So first about this model,
this is the Zero SR/F and the Zero SR/F as you can see, it's a much more road-orientated bike. And basically they have like, as well some smaller bikes
that are like indoor bikes. And then they have a bike that is actually more
adjusted to traveling, which is called the Black Forest model but it was unfortunately
not available to get so I just chose this one
because I like the color. And because I felt that it was very agile. And that was actually the
first thing that I realized, I went on it and because I couldn't decide between two different models, this one and another one
that looked a bit more sporty but basically is kind of like similar from driving to this one. And I went like one circle and realized, well, this is super agile
and I really like it. So that's why I chose
this bike to ride with.

So let's do this. I have my visor open and
do you guys hear that? No. Exactly. Because there is nothing to hear. No engine noise. Actually pretty cool to
travel in my opinion. I'm so curious how
riding this bike will be. What was my first impression
of the motorcycle? It is very different. So the first thing that you will realize is that there is no clutch and you don't have to do
anything with your left foot. And that's very different in the beginning because you're so used to clutching and so used to shifting
with your left foot, and now all of a sudden
there is just nothing on that side of the bike. So you're really like
grabbing air sometimes because you think, oh, now I
need to clutch, but you don't.

And it's basically like
riding newer scooters. Some of you might know that. You just have like the gas, a handle here and you pull it and then it accelerates. And you use this brake and you as well have a back break here. So that is basically only your right side has to work on this motorcycle with gas. For accelerating, the brake
here and the rear break. And yeah, so I'll took off. And the strange thing is you
switch this motorcycle on and the screen lights up and there are like a
lot of things standing, but it's absolutely quiet.

And you think like, oh,
where do I need to start it? And you then push this red
button here to the bottom and still nothing happens. And the motorcycle is
basically already started. So you just go and it
doesn't make any noise. And that in the beginning,
I mean, I tell it to you now and it sounds a bit strange, but it was really a bit strange for me because you never really
know if it's on or not on. And when you start to ride, it feels a bit like a ghost motorcycle because you have no noise. And I actually really appreciate that. I think that all these
very noisy motorcycles are super outdated,
especially when traveling. Because the less noise you
make, the better it is for you, the better it is for the
environment that you're at.

So I think that's such a great thing that this motorcycle is quiet. It's not completely quiet because the tires of course
make some noises on the road. And as well you have here, I
will show that to you later, you have here at the
engine you have this strap that is kind of like instead of the chain that goes here around and that
makes the motorcycle move. And this one as well, makes
a little bit of noise. So you have like these two
noises, but it's really not loud. It's very quiet. And what it's very special as well from my first impression was that it still feels a little bit different because you have no
vibrating from the engine and it's very smooth.

So for me it actually felt much more like gliding than riding which I think is pretty awesome because you have really like the feeling that you're like flying
over the roads a little bit. Because there's so less vibration and so less, like, I don't know, things that could disturb you from the real experience of
being on the road going on. So that's a very new feeling and I think you have to get a
bit used to it but meanwhile, I really, really appreciate
it and like it a lot because to me it's
really not that important that you feel like this huge
vibrations and this huge noise.

So I find that really fantastic. (dramatic upbeat music) Maybe some datas about this motorcycle. They are really not that lightweight. And the funny thing though
is that, this one here is supposed to have, I
think, like 220 kilograms. As well, I will write it
here again so you can see it. But it doesn't feel though heavy. And I think it's because the weight is very low in these motorcycles. For example my Tenere, that's
20 kilos less than this one but the weight is kind of like
not completely in the lowest and it's just very, very high bike. So in my opinion, when handling it my Tenere feels much
more heavy than this one. Because you're also close to the ground and it's very easy to pedal
with your feet and to move it.

So I didn't find that these 220 kilos, that are quite a weight
are actually disturbing or are a problem. So I don't think that
this matters too much. And here is as well why
this bike is so heavy because you might think, yeah that looks not that
big and quite compact. What is the heavy part
of about this motorcycle? And indeed the heavy part
about these kind of bikes is the battery. And the battery is
everything that you see here. This whole box that you see here in the front of the motorcycle. And alone this battery,
weighs 90 kilograms. So that's basically half the bike is really the weight of the
battery that you have here. And yeah, then, I think
we come to the topic that is most interesting
and most important for people who travel
on or ride a motorcycle, is how does that work
with electric motorcycles, the batteries, where do you charge them and how far can you go? And this motorcycle, it really depends. And that's a big difference too to the normal bikes that I ride. With this motorcycle, it really depends a
lot on how fast you go.

Because normally when you
ride a normal motorcycle with a normal engine, so you
couldn't go in a high gear but don't give too much gas. And that's basically where you have the least gas consumption. And this one is very different. So if you drive this
one stable on an highway or auto bound with let's say, like a speed of 110,
120 kilometers per hour, then the consumption is much,
much higher of the electricity than if you drive 70 or
80 on a countryside road.

And you really have to think about that. Because the normal range of
this motorcycle I would say is between 100 kilometers
and 200 kilometers. And if you go with, I would say like 80, 90 kilometers per
hour on a countryside road you probably will make 160, I would guess. But the first day that I rode this we had to go on the highway a little bit and drove a speed of
120 kilometers per hour.

And I was down to I think, 25%
when I hit the 90 kilometers. So there would have been of
course some additional mileage that I could have done but I
felt safer to then charge it. So I only did like 90 kilometers
on the highway with it and then charged it again. So this is the first time I
wanna charge with this here and not on a petrol station. Very exciting. So this first one is not working. I have to find the next charging station. (funky music) First charging of this bike, successful. How does the charging of
this kind of motorcycle work? I brought here one of the
cables that you use for it. And the motorcycle comes
with two different cables, first it comes with one of the cables that you can plug into the
stations for electricity that you often find in
cities or gas stations that provide us quick charging.

And the second cable is the one that you
see here at the moment, is a normal cable that you can put to a normal electricity outlet. And that charges from
every electricity outlet that you're gonna have. And you open actually this one here. Where normally your tank would be. And you can then plug this side into here. And this one you plug in your normal box and then you have to just
press this button here and then it's gonna charge. It is quite different, I have to admit. Because you are not looking for
gas stations at much anymore because in Germany, the
smaller gas stations they usually don't have electric charging for electric vehicles. So you're much more, there are
like different kinds of apps and you download one of those
and then you're mostly find.

And you can find all charging
stations all over the country. And so you're not looking
for gas stations anymore but you're looking for
these charging stations. Or you're looking for people who would just let you
plug your motorcycle in their electricity outlet. And that is actually quite nice, I think. Because whenever we went now
on this trip to a restaurant, we knew, hey, better charge the bike. So we asked the guys when
we stopped over for lunch, we asked the people, "Hey can I maybe charge my
motorcycle on your electricity?" And mostly they could say just yes and they put out like a little cable and then you can charge it.

pexels photo 315191

(speaking in foreign language) (serene guitar music) And that is actually pretty cool because you have so much
more contact with the locals. Plus it's of course cheap. So far on this whole journey, I didn't pay one load of electricity because we always charged
it or I've always charged it at private people's homes. Or they were as well to
official charging stations but they were state supported, so they were as well for free. So that is really a huge difference. I mean, you really don't need to pay for any gas with these motorcycles. One frequently asked question that I forgot to answer in this video.

How long does it take to
charge the motorcycle? If you used a quick charger
on the electricity outlets that you as well charge electric cars on, your bike is loaded up
to 95% within an hour. If you use normal sockets,
it charges slower. I actually don't know how fast exactly, but I just plugged it in overnight and it was a hundred percent
charged the next morning. It as well, makes a
difference where you live.

In the US you have a standard of 110 volt, in Europe 230 volt, so it
will charge faster in Europe. So is the charging annoying? I think, for me having a bike, being really probably able to travel with, I would say the bikes need to gain maybe the double of the range
that they have at the moment, or maybe at least like a
hundred kilometers or so on the highway more. Because otherwise for
me the distances feel slightly too short to really
be able to travel with it. But I really think if you're
someone who more travels like in a city who rides his
bikes through city traffic or who would just goes on little
trip around their hometown, then I think these bikes
are absolutely perfect. You charge them at home. They are ready to ride.

You never need to go to a gas station. You don't con consume any fuel. And that's pretty, pretty good. So I'm driving 70 kilometers per hour now, and I will show you now how fast this bike really accelerates. Let's go. Oh, now I have to slow down. I don't wanna lose my license
because of crazy speeding but I guess you can get an idea. Those motorcycles here, they are strong. It's literally, I mean,
when you accelerate, it goes like off. It's so much faster than every other bike or vehicle that you have
probably driven before. And that is actually pretty cool. And as the person driving, I mean, when you're going into curves, for me it felt pretty much
like every other motorcycle. I didn't have any, I didn't feel like there
are huge differences to the other bikes that I rode before.

So riding this bike, it's super agile and it's so much fun in curves. It's really amazing. I like how it feels when
it goes into curves. I love it, like especially
how it goes off out of curves when you accelerate again and
yeah, that is just super cool. And yeah, this bike is
made for riding curves and going like on some small,
nice countryside roads. I think that's like the perfect
companion to have there. (foreboding rhythm) One of the biggest
downsides of this motorcycle is probably that it is
really not that cheap. This one here as it is
here is about 20,000 euros. And so if you add the, you can still like get heated handle bars. So you can get like a premium
version of this motorcycle. That adds up, I think, like 2000 more. So I think in the premium version you can get this one for 22,000 euros. That might sound like a
lot but I really think that you have to consider that your first, not using any fuel. And the other interesting thing is, there are not so many parts
that you need to service.

It's not that you have to do
like a 1000 kilometer service like with your other motorcycles. There is like no things that
need to be adjust all the time. Because it's basically really
just this electric engine and the string, the chain
in a motorcycle driven one. And I was told that these are basically the only spare parts that
need to be exchanged. So they suggest, the only thing that you basically need to do is to change the break fluids every year.

And then the chain of this motorcycle. That is actually not a chain, I will find the right word
for that and put it here. But yeah, so this thing
has to be exchanged every 20 to 30,000 kilometers. So basically I would say like a normal chain on a motorcycle. That's the two things that you really have to do with this bike. And I think that's actually
a pretty great value for not having to do
all these service things that you have to do
with normal motorcycles. (upbeat rhythm) Now, I'm gonna tell you a little bit about the menu that we have here. So you're turning the motorcycle on, and you see this very nice screen here. And now I have to charge it. So you see the screen here, and there are several things that you see. You first see that you
can switch your modes. You can change the modes here. You even can change the mode while riding. Though you have the different modes, you have the Echo mode,
which of course as it says, is the most electricity saving mode. And I was riding with that several times when I knew that I don't
have so much range anymore.

And then I switched to
that, so it really runs like on the lowest possible. Then you have Terrain mode, which has the most traction
of course, for wet roads. And it's pretty good. Yesterday it was raining. I felt very comfortable on
this bike it didn't slip. I mean, we as well,
didn't do anything crazy. But you realize Terrain mode, I think even is like the weakest one from the acceleration
to really keep you safe. And you know this bike
really goes like crazy if you have the Sports mode on. And yeah, so there is a normal Street mode which was one that I used often because I found it very comfortable. Especially when riding through cities and you still have a lot
of oomph, but not too much. And then there is the Sports mode. And the Sports mode of course, is the most electricity eating one, but as well the most fun to ride because here you have like
this immediate response of the gas and it's just pretty amazing. And you really feel what
this motorcycle can do. And that is pretty cool.

So riding this motorcycle, the only real difference that I felt is that you have to be a bit more careful especially if you're driving
Sports mode with the gas because it really responds pretty quick. Though you don't have like this, when your clutch and you go, you don't really need to
do like a whole hand turn to make it moving. It's really, I mean, it really jumps if you just put it a little bit. But you get a feeling for
that, it's super super quick. And you have as well
kind of the engine break. So if you leave off the
gas, it's not just rolling they will as well start,
like you're used to, to have its engine break. And so it'll slow down a little bit. And I found it actually quite convenient in most of the modes
and very good adjusted. Because I really felt that I
didn't need to break that much. I mean, it kind of slowed down always enough in front of traffic lights. Of course in the end you
need to break a little bit, but that is very good.

And the cool thing about this motorcycle is that you can as well
have your customized modes. So you have these modes
and you can decide yourself how much power do I want to have, how much traction do I want to have and how much of this engine
breaking do I want to have. So you can really adjust
this motorcycle 100% to what you're liking
and how you are riding. I think I don't need to tell
you so much about the brakes and the wheels and everything, because those are pretty similar to all other motorcycles that you know. The brakes, the brake discs and the tires I think I'm on Pirelli tires actually. And yeah, completely normal
tires fit on this motorcycles. So there's not too much
of difference to that. How is it with the luggage? This motorcycle, as you can see, it's quite sporty, it's a naked bike and it's main purpose is
probably not traveling.

So the version that's quote
like Forest of Zero Motorcycles is much more adapted to traveling. And I think it as well has
suitcases and the top box while this one only has
the seat here in the back. But even with that, they
have some places here where I could attach my straps. And even with that, it was very
easy to just attach my bag. And that's the normal bag that I carry as well on my tannery. So it's really not a problem to have like this bigger bag that I always carry here on the back of this motorcycle. So for one bag that you can
put on top, it's perfect. (dramatic music) So I think there remains
pretty much one question. Would I take this motorcycle for a long adventure trip somewhere? And I would say at the
moment, maybe not yet. I love it. I love the technology. I think that we are heading
in the right direction with figuring out new possibilities about being more friendly
to the environment and developing new ways
as well of traveling and getting around.

At the moment for me the
range is not there yet. But if I would get a
motorcycle to ride around town, I would definitely consider those because I really find it super convenient as well find it so convenient that you don't need to go
to a petrol station anymore. So it's so far maybe a no to traveling. As long as it doesn't have like a range of maybe a hundred kilometers more, but it's a definite yes if you ride in like a
circle of 150 kilometers and use it for a city use or short trips in the mountain. So that's a definite yes. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this review, even though I was only
traveling with this motorcycle for three days and not like normally month and 30 thousands of kilometers.

I just think we really
should try new things every now and then, because
it's just amazing, fun and you get to know so many people and find so many new adventures
from trying new things. And I really liked my three day adventure with this little one
from Zero Motorcycles. I hope you liked this video and I hope you tune in again next Thursday and see you here on the channel. Got2Go. Next Thursday at 7:30 PM,
Central European Summer Time, I will do a live chat here on the channel.

I will reveal my new adventure and answer as many of your
questions as possible. In the comment section below this video, you'll find my pinned comment where you can already drop your questions. Otherwise, just tune in next Thursday. I'm looking forward to see
you guys live and in color. (engine roaring) (serene upbeat music).

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