Florida Ebike Restrictions and Laws | Classes of Ebikes | Who Can Ride an Electric Bicycle

[Music] what are florida's e-bike restrictions and laws i am jim dodson the florida bike guy i'm a bicycle injury lawyer practicing in clearwater but representing clients throughout the state you know florida has adopted um the common definition of e-bikes and they really have adopted the three-class system so if you buy a bike or operate an e-bike that meets the categories of classification one two or three you're operating a bicycle in florida which is an important distinction to understand because if you have something that is not meeting those three classifications because it goes too fast or it is equipped with equipment that exceeds florida's requirements it's not a bicycle which means it's a moped or something else that may need a license and tag and insurance and all that so remember that a bicycle can be written by an adult can be written by a child bicycles and e-bikes can be written written on the sidewalk in florida unless the jurisdiction has restricted them uh there's you have to appear you know be mindful of pedestrians uh yield the right way to pedestrians but uh and uh the real concern in florida was you know allowing category three e-bikes to be on sidewalks so remember that the three classifications in florida are category one is a pedal assisted like motor-driven pedal assist bicycle that goes up to 20 miles per hour the bike does not increase speed unless you're manually pedaling at above 20.

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and then a class 2 is a throttle bike which is one that will go up to 20 miles an hour without pedaling just running on the motor and a class 3 is a pedal assisted e-bike that goes up to 28 miles per hour it's a pretty quick bike and there's restrictions on the motor size in florida florida sets a standard of 750 watts for the motors so if you have a motor that's greater than that it's not an e-bike it's something else this is an important category to understand because if you are injured while riding an e-bike in florida and it is a bicycle by definition because you're writing one which is a class one two or three um then it would be covered by any uninsured underinsured motorist on your auto policy uh as a bicycle it also affords you some protection potentially on your homeowner's policy which may not be there if you're riding something that's not a bicycle and you don't have it registered and you don't have insurance forward to tag and all that so these are important requirements to remember let's look at what some other states have to say about this you know we're surrounded by alabama and georgia on our media borders and um georgia really considers a bicycle to be a vehicle um florida does the same uh you know when you're on the roads in florida riding a bicycle you are subject to all the motor vehicle rules that apply in terms of traffic yielding stopping and all that but in georgia bicycles even e-bikes are not permitted to ride on sidewalks uh alabama's the same they they do not permit generally bicycles e-bikes on sidewalks and while georgia does have the three classification system you know each day has its own requirements about what they do and don't don't allow in terms of where they can be written and even in florida you may have a general ability to ride a bike or an e-bike on the sidewalk but places like uh saint augustine sarasota and others will restrict potentially using an e-bike on the sidewalk in certain particularly the tourist court or where there's more people on the sidewalk so you have to be aware whether your local jurisdiction does or does not permit an e-bike or a bicycle on the sidewalk where you intend to ride so i hope this is helpful my name is jim dodson i'm the florida bike guy we represent cyclists across florida whether you've been injured on the bike or whether you've been injured as a driver a passenger in a motor vehicle crash if you need us we'll come to you if we can help you anyway don't hesitate to reach out to us thank you so much enjoy your day bye [Music] you

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