Flyer Swiss Electric Bikes at The Sea Otter Classic

In the last Sea Otter Classic video you got to see 
an Italian company well now we're on to the Swiss. Now this is a company that is 
brand new to the United States   and interestingly enough they only make 
electric bikes which is super cool. And the three bikes they had at the show were all 
very impressive they had a top of the line full   suspension carbon fiber mountain bike wireless 
shifting wireless seat dropper basically it had   everything that you could ever want along with a 
price tag you might not but the good news is they   have more ebikes in the works and some of their 
models will be at somewhat lower prices they also   had city bikes and probably one of the cooler 
things at the show i think was their electric   tandem so let's go check out a company name i 
really like flyer brand new it looks like at least   for the US market is that right it is for the u.s 
market and it's our newest bike it's up Rox Shox.

It comes in three specs we all we have the 
950 here top model it's full carbon bike   full carbon triangle as well has a so all of 
these bikes here are the same just different   paint jobs is that different paint 
jobs and for this these are the 21   models created for 22 they will 
all be keox display from Bosch It has travel stay of 160 millimeters and it's a mullet bike you have okay I didn't 
catch that so you've got wireless shifting yep   very nice nice we have a drop post also wireless 
dropper oh the drop post is wireless too yep that's cool so wireless seat dropper and this 
is one of the things that makes it a really   lovely bike if you go down you can quickly go 
into downhill mode if you need power yep it's   up and going and it has the powerful 
brakes yeah you have four pistons Magura very nice Magura brakes so you're not only 
going uphill you'll be able to go down brake   Shimano XT sets it's all good   so full you said full carbon fiber yep 
everything even the swing arm it looks like using the Bosch yeah you see it systems   625 watt uh down tube battery pops 
out the side yeah you can open it with   this you can take this off oh screw it down so 
that that acts as like the key for the battery too   and you can take it out but you can also charge 
it on the bike which okay most people do right   you can take it out don't take the battery out 
unless you have to yep so Sram eagle drivetrain so what's the what's the retail 
price in something like this? This one would be 10,999 US that's a top model 
and it starts from 699 so this is the the top of   the line one that you've got out here yeah the 
specs will change slightly less less suspension   do you start going away from wireless shifting 
or is that always on there we will have the   wireless on it but for and it will be full karma 
framing also on the lesser spec so this is what we   start out with and then next year we probably 
will bring for 23 more ebike models okay and   we also have and i see you've got more over there 
yeah the city commuter style compact commuters   it's a foldable one and uh a non-foldable and 
do i see that yes that's oh boy i had somebody   ask about a tandem the other day ebike and 
i said there's not many options for tandem   i like this red right red and 
orange right there that's awesome cool yeah let's check these out too.

So these are the city bikes this is the 
foldable model you can fold it up real compact   cool you got suspension seat posts 
for sun tours yeah on there standard   comfy all comfy great adjustability 
you can adjust your stem easily there it is fold it up that's completely folded 
it's the belt drive of course for low maintenance   so using and the hub gears five speed 
hub gears five speed nexus hub belt drive then this is the non-folding 
compact really sturdy frame   it's the 500 watt downtube battery from Bosch 
it has the speedless twist option so you could   twist for easy storage yep just 
to make it a little more compact.

pexels photo 7018254

Yep. And price range on these guys 4,499 USD okay 
for like this one right here for the folding one   yeah same thing same same price yep and that's 
the only difference is that one folds in one   basically it's more or less 
the only difference okay there's a speed lifter twist this 
of course can't because it needs   to fall down completely okay but it's height 
adjustable quick fixtures even for the seat post   uh 20 inch wheels but it's is that 
the same bike in the corner there   is this one yeah yeah it just yeah it looks 
different yeah when you really get the seat   down and everything or the handlebars it really 
looks way more compact yeah it is of course same here and now the tandem the 10 miles that's something 
special for you to come by i know I had somebody   like yesterday's like I want a tandem bike 
where do i get one I said I don't know   we have two versions one is with your derailleur 
XT and the other is with Roloff fourteen so we got   look at these long belts going all the 
way back to the Roloff 14-speed hub   so this is a nicely set up yeah tandem the 
total load capacity including the bike weight   is about 550 lbs and that means the bike is about 
90 lbs or at least 450 lbs for the two riders so   you it can carry quite a load so the bike's about 
90 pounds yes that's not bad and 90 pounds no   that's not bad at all can I lift yeah you can all 
right let's see Jory lift it up let's do a workout It has dual battery 200 and uh oh 
check two two dual batteries 625   each so you have 1250 watt hours that is 
actually pretty slick so dual batteries   one on each side you can charge this 
on the bike or you can take them out   and is it a single charge port that charges 
both batteries when they're both on there both   batteries or you take them out and just charge 
them certainly you don't have to pedal and sink so   you can have a different pace that's unique 
for a tandem isn't it it's not good if you're   you either you're very sporty then you want to 
drive sync then because it's for the balance   but if you're for example have a disability like 
uh officially impaired or so then yeah you can   just pedal however or what you feel like on the 
stoker so is it is it using the uh the torque   sensing from the front rider to determine the 
power that's a technical question I would have   to ask okay because i can imagine that it takes 
both that we have a double torque system but i   uh I would no that would be interesting to find 
out that one so here I'll get some torque sensors.

Do you know if you're in the gear does it 
have the torque sensor for the engine as well? Got it. So the the front can pedal but if the 
rear is pedaling then but the rear is pedaling   then the front's pedaling so you just 
have a single torque sensor back there   but it's picking up no sense is in the engine but 
this one is uh if you crank this oh that's right   then it's moving then this one okay so it knows 
how hard both riders are pedaling effectively   so it can take both people into account yeah 
okay that's cool I like that and then that's the   only difference between these two is that one's 
the chain drive yep so then instead you'll have   half a belt oh you got half a bill okay that's 
interesting so belt there and then the chain back   yeah because your dear island needs it and you got 
uh real low step through on the for the stoker yep   that person in the back for those that didn't 
know and you know what they got a good name too   flyer all right i didn't ask price point 
price point it would be uh 10.99 for the   uh Roloff 14-speed hub okay and it would be 8.99 
for the derailleur version okay but they both come   and then they both come with dual battery 10 09. 
oh they're up but they're really nice cool yeah it   was a very well made tandem ebike gates belt drive 
14-speed internal Roloff hub but again that price   tag definitely adds up when you start putting the 
dual batteries and all those components together Really cool bikes! I'm interested to see how well 
they take off here in the US.

If you haven't seen any of the other Sea Otter 
Classic interviews we've done with other ebike   companies you can check out an entire 
playlist of those videos right here. This is not the last one we're still not done. I'm excited to show you more so make sure to 
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