Hi, I'm Nacho, design engineer at FOCUS Bikes Hi, I'm Matze, product manager at FOCUS Bikes and this is the AVENTURA². If you're interested in a touring bike
that handles a weekend escape as well as the way to the supermarket
you're absolutely right on track with our AVENTURA². Thanks to the back-sweap handlebar the AVENTURA² is even more relaxed than our JARIFA². It's equipped with powder coated fenders,
light and a carrier with a maximum capacity of
25 kilograms. Suitable for daily use. The power of this bike is delivered by the Bosch Performance CX Engine. You can also choose between a 500 and a 625 watt-hour battery In addition to that we are offering an aftermarket kit which allows you to extend
the battery capacity up to 1125 watt-hour. As you know, most of our models will run into the second year in
our lineup.

pexels photo 4542985

But for model year 21
we will have also some news. The AVENTURA² 6.8 will
get the new Deore Groupset and the AVENTURA² 6.6 will get an
additional color which is called diamond black. If you like to ride more off the beaten
track you should check out the JARIFA². And if that's not enough you should check out the THRON² which is our
full suspension e-MTB..

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