Ford F-150 Lighting, First Look

The Great Work

During the past several centuries, humans have come to see the Earth as a collection of commodities for us to use and consume. We have come to see ourselves as the top of the heap with all the earth’s resources at our disposal without any obligation to respect the Earth in the process. During earlier periods of civilization and indigenous cultures before what we see as civilization, the earth was viewed with reverence and wonder bits indigenous peoples.

LEED Platinum Community Takes Environmental Stance on Smoking

A LEED platinum community dedicates itself to green-minded living from the ground up. As a result, planners have managed to create a smokeless zone based on the tobacco industry’s negative impact on the environment.

Recycling Your Worn-Out Tires

Many of us label materials such as plastic, paper, electronic parts, clothes, and metal as “recyclable”. But, did you know that the old, worn-out tires you have at home can be recycled as well?

The Future of Recycling Is All Robotic

Quite often we find commercial off-the-shelf technologies well suited for military applications and vice-versa with military transfer technologies. Thus, careful observers need to be cognizant of dual-use technologies and all their potential applications. As the Founder of an Online Think Tank such things are constantly on my mind. Recently, I was reviewing some research funded by IARPA – Intelligence Advanced Research Project Agency and thought to myself, this is some pretty trick tech and it has applications far and wide.

Corporation’s Own Eco-Living Practices

Green living practices are not just limited to households. More importantly, today’s top corporations are also giving their share to save the environment and provide further degradation of the natural resources.

Is There Even Any Oil Left in the World?

Oil is depleting at a fast rate is an extremely debatable topic. This write-up analyses the situation from an objective point of view and provides a feasible solution to the problem.

Seven Myths About Solar Panels Debunked

As solar panels get more popular, opponents are spreading lies and half-truths like never before. Here’s the straight story.

Solar Energy: The Future Is Now

Once the province of environmentalists, solar energy is coming into its own as a cost competitive source of electricity. Renewable power has made the transition from alternative to primary in many parts of the country.

Recycling in Greece, Italy and Senegal

Every year, one billion plastic drinking water bottles are thrown away in Greece. Along with this one billion soft drinks bottles and another billion plastic containers for cleaning fluids.

Green Communities Benefit the Environment and Your Overall Wellness

Green communities offer personal and environmental benefits. Apartments within these communities come with modern and energy-efficient amenities, green space for exercise and social events, and roof-top gardens. Consider exploring a greener life in these eco-friendly communities.

3 New Technologies in Packaging

As the year 2015 draws to a close, we can look back and reflect upon the changes in technology in this year. Each year, we are seeing increasingly groundbreaking technologies entering into our daily lives, making mundane day-to-day tasks easier and more optimized and sometimes even erasing the need for these tasks altogether.

Alchemist – How the Search Lead to Valuable Scientific Discovery

The mere mention of alchemy arouses the curiosity of most people and as far as most of us are concerned, the ancient search for the beginnings of science was for the most part to do with gold. Taking it a bit further for the ‘alchemy buffs’ it would mean the search for the philosopher’s stone, most in antiquity believed had the powers to convert base metals into gold’, to a point the ancients were not searching for the absolute impossible, as it is possible to convert one element into another via ‘atom bombardment’ and particle restructuring that takes place in ‘atomic labs’, albeit at such an expense it is unlikely to ever lead to actual industry.

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