FUELL FLLUID E-BIKE TEST | Darf´s bisschen mehr sein?

for another episode felix tests bikes nicely that she is there today comes
the detailed test report on the flood the fuel fluid one is also referred to as the tesla
among e bikes and that is not only due to the fact that erik boel is
one of the founders and erik
boel actually comes from the motorcycle area and has made a name for himself there over the years
with numerous innovations that have also been used in racing in the
motorcycle area and now he's thinking about it the entire topic of e mobility but also e bikes are completely
new and with this perspective from the motorcycle sector, he has just looked at himself and
thought some things we can do differently and the result is this spectacular
bike on which not too much of a one a typical bike already remembers 100 newton meters when you look at the
components r strong motor with 1008 watt hours of battery that is
anything but ordinary overall we come to a weight
of 31 kilograms, which is also rather unusual for a bicycle, but that is partly because
a strong motor needs a lot of electricity and a lot electricity means a lot of cells a lot of cells mean a
lot of weight and this weight has to be transported and attached
somehow and then at the end an aluminum frame comes out again which doesn't make the whole thing
much easier and with the components, too attaching importance to the subject of safety
than to the subject of lightweight and maximum acceleration, we end up with
a weight of 31 kilograms and that has to be moved first what is
your opinion on e bikes with very powerful motors or generally new e bike categories 9e
with concepts as it is now presented here, I would be really interested en likes to write to me in
the comments it is also interesting that a lot of people do without a classic chain, which makes total sense
when you use such a powerful engine and the gates 3 gave some advantages over
a classic chain not only that it does not have to be rescued and oiled but also
that the whole thing looks a bit simpler, slimmer, more minimalist and in
combination with the eight-speed shimano alpine gear hub also works wonderfully
with the alv you have to take a little pressure off the pedal when shifting gears, as is common with epithet shifts
But the big advantage, which is particularly interesting in the
city, is that you
can quickly downshift a few gears with your bike even when you are stationary at the traffic light, for example, and then accelerate more easily,
but overall the bike is super comfortable, among other things the reproduction mi t
120 mm from sr suntour which you can also lure and then we have super wide
tires that allow even more comfort and in addition a spring-loaded seat post which gives
the driver a very upright body position that you can use at all times
being able to observe everything around and that creates a feeling of maximum safety,
keyword safety the topic of safety is very important to view and so
you feel safe for the time, which is partly due to the following criteria: the brakes
work extremely well the hydraulic texts disc brakes With 180 millimeter discs, the
brakes are really flawless and despite the weight you can bring the bike to a standstill very quickly and in a
controlled manner.In addition, a sensor is connected to the brake lever, that is, if you step
and at the same time press the brake lever, the motor can be heard to slide open immediately
a very see r loud horn built into the bike, which actually pushes every pedestrian or driver
out of the way when he is on the train , the antique horn was too loud for me, i
would now have concerns about using it in road traffic towards pedestrians,
it really scares you when you hear such a truck behind you and also
with regard to safety, a lot has decided in favor of a lock from the brand abus with which you
can also secure the bike when you are out in the city or the bike in front of the apartment in front of the
house would like to turn it off the whole handling of the bike is super simple and so the bike is
actually not only aimed at bike freaks who absolutely want to screw their wheel bolts, but
above all at people who you hear want to buy and then want to use and that I am
not there But if you still have a problem with your film as a customer
, you can m it the service partner has hired the four external ones get in touch
and then this service partner comes to your home and comfortably repairs the maintenance
the bank one more word about the engine the professional with 100 newton meters is one of the most powerful engines
out there me still relatively steinberg super comfortable in the second highest support
level and don't even breathe, let alone sweat, and that's
probably something commuters appreciate when they cycle to work and the
inheritance is back at night you have to Don't shower after work and yes, even
after a strenuous day at work, you don't spend a lot of time while the competition systems from bosch
large shimano or java usually calm down around 90 newton meters, so the case is even
better and has a whopping 100 newton meters of power and that's actually quite a
lot compared to when I was there very excited to see how it feels, but it did
n't have the kind of book feeling you might know with motors that have 120 newton meters and
so on, but it was more of a gentle push when accelerating but not
pushing it backwards and hardly any more being able to hold onto the handlebars the feeling that i
would have expected the reason for this is of course the high weight, i.e.

Accelerating these 31
kilograms that alone takes a lot of power and perhaps the basic idea of
whether you might use a slightly weaker engine would be appropriate and then feeds this motor with
less battery capacity so that the whole bike becomes lighter again, this also
makes the whole thing more energy-efficient and maybe the acceleration feels
just as strong but i'm not a developer and a lot will probably play a part
that's what the re ichweit indicates a lot with 200 kilometers and that is always
to be interpreted with a pinch of salt because it always depends on which surface you drive,
how much tire pressure you had, which profile does the tire have and what you actually do
with the bike fat, especially uphill, you drive mainly on the flat and how heavy is
it yourself I have now driven about 35 to 40 kilometers and I can say it could get
about 200 kilometers, which seems realistic, I have about 10%
battery consumed that should look like this 15 percent that could get there that way, so
a long-distance vehicle is very important when you talk about engines, there is
always this limit between 25 km h and everything above that from the road traffic regulations
applies here a pedelec up to 25 km / h support then there is a gray area of plus ten percent
and corridor also uses it from d he means you feel a support up to 27 and a half km / h
but then you are already riding with a noticeable resistance and the high weight does
not contribute to the fact that you can comfortably pedal over 27 and a half km / h on the bike, which means
for a rider if you already see that you are below this 25 km h limit and
then not too many of your own grains powdered by stepping into the resistance of the
engine but if you now say 25 km h are too slow, the same bike fell as an
s pedelec, that means it drives up to a maximum of 45 km / h and if the same hardware has been
converted, the system can be easily converted with a code that can be entered in the display
and the bike is upgraded from a pedelec to an s pedelec and then of course you have to
adhere to the applicable road traffic regulations.

pexels photo 7018254

I have now tested the bike on different
surfaces to find out for whom the bike is best suited i
think it is mainly aimed at the typical dealer, i.e. someone who
wants to use it for work, maybe but also wants to use the bike as a sporty touring bike
on the weekend this versatility of the bike is definitely given and I
guess the typical giant and müller reasons for this, this bike will be interesting, not
least because of the price 3995 euros, there is actually not that much in this category of bikes
and that alone makes the bike very competitive, and that's it bike is also currently
available and that alone makes the bike exotic how do you get such a bike? yes you
go to the fuel website and order
it the 3000 cooperation
partner of fuel and they also offer test drives for 25 euros a day on the l ink to lists I guide
you below that you can see if a list and ride test center is nearby
and then see whether the availability of the bike has been given up otherwise you can of
course just have the bike for fun times during the day borrow and see if the e bike with 100
newton meters is what kind of one, in my opinion , the bike is a very, very interesting
first concept from fuel anders shows in which direction the brand would like to think in the future
what i dare to doubt is that we will continue will see such a performance of
trekking bikes so i believe this race with ever larger batteries and ever more powerful motors
will decrease a bit in the future because you already notice 100 newton meters
simply need an extremely large and therefore extremely heavy battery and as long as we are still
have to rely on lithium-ion batteries as a lack of alternatives, I think then too
Again such a government to weaker engines and therefore smaller and lighter batteries
instead of because in the long run this is probably the more sensible and resource-saving and
actually also easier to drive
variant It is so easy to ride, so
I have actually been amazed at how naturally you move this
bike back and forth in curves, how well it brakes, how well it accelerates but also so
very agile despite the weight and I think that is In combination with the falling top tube, it is
also very interesting for people who say yes they just want to ride their bike for a bit
everyday, they are not the very best cyclists now perhaps no longer have the very best
reflexes and you really don't need to be afraid with the bike in the bike is super easy to
ride so you can tell that it was designed with a lot of reason.

I would like
to thank fuel very much and I am sorry to liszt for letting me use the bike
and see you in the next video until then.

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