Gas Prices skyrocket – How much $$$ can an ebike save YOU?

Gas prices are officially 
the highest they've ever been   but in this video I'm going to show you how 
even a bike like this the Warthog which costs   over four thousand dollars could potentially 
pay for itself in as little as 6 months. Are you sleeping over there? I'm waiting for the fun! She's bored and wants to get going because 
we are commuting on bikes right now so   I guess that's the next part of this video. And by the way this is my own custom   Area 13 Warthog these are actually from 
Bikonit but you can't have this one. See it took so long that it turned off we're going I feel like i'm going to pop a wheelie sometimes! So let's check out some gas stations here in Grass 
Valley California and see what our prices are here I found some statistics online that says that 
the average commute in California is I think it   was 40.1 miles, which is quite a ways but, 
not out of the question for an ebike ride. Let's   see how fast we can get going I can't turn Yeah that's the fun part That van totally ran over that curb right there! So this is good we see all these 
cars stuck in traffic here.

The average manual per gallon nationwide 
because I couldn't find a good number   in California is about 25 miles per gallon. So if we take that number average 
commute distance of 40 miles   average miles per gallon at 25 miles per gallon 
and currently the nation's super high gas prices. We can very easily quickly figure 
out what is the average person   spending to commute to work each day. And just so you know for all these 
calculations I did use 261 working days If you go places other than 
work these numbers could be   even better after this one after what oh okay an added benefit sometimes you actually get 
through traffic faster on an electric bike   than you would driving we're coming up on gas 
station number one let's see what their prices are where's our sign? Oh it's over there! I just came to get a picture of it 
i'm not spending any money on gas $5.69 for regular all the 
way up to $6.59 for diesel.

That's the price at The Chevron 
station let's see what we got next. You know it's bad when the people 
filling up are all talking to each other   asking each other how much 
do they spend to fill up. That was almost an accident not with me 
that truck came to a screeching halt. What do we got up here? Five it's so much cheaper no it's more. Well 
diesel's cheaper $5.75 yeah we got $5.75 for the   regular gas at The Shell Station so normally this 
gas station up here is the cheapest one in town. So this is about as good as it gets. It's $5.09 here though there 
we go we got $5.59 a gallon And we're not stopping! My pedaling is so fake.

You're just pretending to pedal. Well yeah just stop and still be going. The X-15 has way too much power you don't really 
get it you just kind of throttle it around. So if my map is right the average 
person in California might be spending   close to nine dollars a day just in gas and 
that was the first thing I wanted to point out   is that gas is so much more expensive 
than electricity for an electric bike. Many of you probably know that California 
has some of the highest electricity rates in   the nation so I didn't use a nationwide average. I wanted to try and skew this as much as possible 
so i'm not trying to say that electricity is cheap   but the average is around 25 cents a kilowatt hour 
in California I think the nationwide average is   probably less than half of that probably somewhere 
closer to like 12 cents but the the point is even   something like this Warthog bike that I'm riding 
right now with dual batteries even if i depleted   both batteries completely it would be costing less 
than 50 cents to charge up this is one and a half   kilowatt hours of capacity so 25 cents times one 
and a half like i said way less than 50 cents   if you're riding something like The Blackbird 
and you deplete the battery entirely for 40 miles   which is a range that it can very 
realistically it costs you less   than a quarter so you might be looking at 
like 20 cents to 25 cents for the commute   as far as electricity costs so strictly speaking 
gas versus electricity for an ebike versus a car.

pexels photo 4254902

You're saving like over 850 you know 
maybe $8.75 a day and that's just the   fuel expenses versus electricity that's not 
counting the cost of the vehicle itself. Were you just waiting for me? Yes. Her bike's faster. So if you start factoring in 
the cost of the vehicle then   that's where the savings really starts to kick in. So based on my math if you were to buy 
something like a Blackbird that's around 2 600   and you rode it to work every day in fuel savings,   it would probably take around 14 months or 
so for the bike to actually pay for itself. So that's a lot of riding at 
40 miles a day every work day   totally doable if you really 
want to save some money. Now it's hard to figure out vehicle cost so 
I decided the simplest way to do this would   just be looking at the IRS reimbursement 
rate, which is well over 50 cents per mile. So if we just use that figure and then add that 
to the fuel you're spending on then the savings   for something like The Warthog which costs 
over four thousand dollars is like six months.

Which is just insane that it's that short. And then if you go for something 
like The Blackbird that costs less,   you're getting down to like maybe three 
or four months return on investment. Well that makes a lot of sense and I think 
those numbers might be skewed a little bit   in the car's favor still because the average 
price of a used car has gone up to over 28000   which is a lot of money for a used car. That's crazy! That's really not calculated into that at all so 
that's how you could potentially save not only   money on gas but you could buy an ebike and 
basically it would it would pay for itself. Let's see if i can catch up! 20 miles an hour, 24,   45.

I was trying to catch up! You're doing all right. Now at the beginning of this video I told you 
that i had this custom warthog that is mine I did   a new paint job shark teeth 246 millimeter rotors 
suspension seat post now some of those accessories   are things that we sell so you can customize your 
bike but you can't buy one exactly like this. I do however have a totally custom Blackbird   that one of you can buy except it's not 
quite a Blackbird it is The Bluebird! It's a custom paint job we have some 
light purple accents we've got some   flat black in the areas that are more likely 
to get dirty and this is something that was   rebuilt or refurbished out of parts so either 
a bike that may have been returned due to   shipping damage or maybe it was scratched 
so this is not a brand new bike per se,   but it is going to be sold on our 
website as an auction as refurbished.

Keep an eye out for this one and other 
interesting Blackbirds next week. I should point out this is also one of the very 
first bikes to actually feature the Area 13 logo. Hopefully by now I've convinced you that now is 
the time to invest in electric bikes and I have   two ways you can do that today you can invest 
in a bike yourself by buying an electric bike   riding it and having a ton of fun with it. You can also invest directly in Area 13. I'll put a link in the description of this 
video with more information about that. And since the average commute is about 40 miles in 
California I figured this video on how to install   a second battery on your electric bike would 
be a great topic for you to look into next!

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