Gates Carbon Drive: FLYER e-bikes with belt drive


We asked our customers what they think of Gates and our products. And this they told us. FLYER is one of the pioneers for e-bikes. Riding an e-bike is fantastic. Especially on days when you are a little less motivated, or if it rains, or if you have to stop for a while at a store on the way. We are seeing incredible growth in the market. And we estimate that it will certainly be in the next 10 years will be a growth of approximately 10%. The reason is the magic of the product. It’s so much fun. And if something is that fun, people love it. And of course they also want high quality. Then all products must be of high quality. And they now come from all specialists. Gates is such a specialist. Gates is happy to be part of the e-bike industry and really help them move forward in the 21st century, because e-bikes are a modern form of transport.


They stimulate the revolution in personal mobility that we see all over the world. Gates Carbon Drive is a belt drive system developed for bicycles. The belt that Gates makes is called Carbon Drive because it contains carbon fibers that make the belt very strong. Gates also makes the sprockets or the pulleys around which the belt revolves. It is a very nice system for a bicycle manufacturer. It is a true plug and play solution. And it shows how Gates application engineers be able to study an industry and be able to do a complete drive develop that meets the needs of that industry. And what is also positive: the Carbon Drive system requires really little maintenance. It seems to last forever, much longer than a chain, and you shouldn’t smear it.

It is fun for the touring cyclist. It is quiet. Our customers are not bicycle technicians. So in that way, we offer them a lot of comfort. It is exciting to work with FLYER Bikes because they are very innovative. They design modern electric bicycles with nicely integrated components that marvels are of modern engineering.

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