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Kids Recycling

Many children will at one time or another be engaged in the recycle projects and it is therefore upon the adults to teach them what is recyclable and what is not. Aluminum is one of the most commonly recycled items all over the world that recycling centers specialize in.

Al Gore Says We Can Solve It – Global Warming – In 10 Years Time! See How

Awhile back, I had the pleasure of watching Al Gore speak to an audience at the Daughter’s of the American Revolution about climate change. I was not just excited because it was free to attend, but I wanted to see him speak and here’s what he had to say. As expected, Gore’s speech started out sharing less than joyful news about our planet. He mentioned a few frightening statistics:

Global Warming- Facing the Fears and Realities!

“Global warming presents the greatest test we humans have yet faced…..if we are to meet that challenge successfully, we need to move quickly and decisively and with a maturity we have rarely shown as a society or as species” – National Geographic magazine, October edition.

150 Billion For Renewable and Alternative Energy Over 10-Years?

President Elect Obama has promised to make $150 billion available for renewable and alternative energy over the next 10 years. A decade of government funding into R&D projects and innovation initiatives for things like…

Alternative Fuel Hummer – How The Hummer Became Environmentally Friendly

The Hummer has long been a favorite of the affluent and the military both, although for widely different reasons. This fuel-guzzling beast of a vehicle now operates on bio diesel for cleaner emissions.

Using Biofuels In Transportation Industry – An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

This article explores the possibility of using biofuels in the transportation industry. Since it is a renewable source of energy, it promises to function as an alternative to fossil fuels, thereby making it an eco-friendly option.

5 Renewable Sources Of Unlimited Energy

The world’s natural resources and fossil fuels are fast depleting. The article discusses the various methods to harness energy from renewable resources.

Geothermal Energy – Untapped Unlimited Renewable Energy From The Earth

Geothermal energy is the energy from the Earth’s temperature changes. There are many uses for geothermal energy, but not enough is being done to explore these uses.

Global Warming is No Storm in a Teacup For UK Homeowners

It’s probably fair to say that global warming is one of the most debated topics of the 21st century. And, whilst most people would probably agree that global warming is indeed happening, much of the debate has centred on whether humans are to blame, or whether it’s simply nature running its course. But at any rate, many scientists believe that the effects of global warming are being witnessed already with numerous extreme weather events happening around the globe which have resulted in droughts, floods and subsequently, a higher incidence of disease in many of the …

Recycle and Earn Money

There is a great way to earn extra cash or even start your own business while helping the environment. It’s called recycling. In this instance I’m not talking about recycling the waste around your home, but facilitating recycling services to businesses for cardboard.

Global Warming and How You Can Help

While there are some dissenters, almost all scientists from the major industrialized countries agree that global warming is real. Over the last 100 years or so, global temperatures have increased more than ever before, by what history we have. There are a few theories as to why this is happening, but the most common one is the greenhouse effect. This theory has to do with greenhouse gasses and the increased emission of them in the post-industrialized era.

HP Recycled Copy Paper – Go Green

These minor things like paper wastage account for the bigger threat that the Earth is facing. Now if you are feeling guilt of the wastage and are looking for ways to cut down your environmental impact then try HP Recycled Copy Paper.

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