Gazelle Ultimate C380+ HMB Review – $4.7k

How to Maximize Single-Stream Recycling Participation

Have You Incorporated A Single-Stream Recycling System? Congratulations! You have adopted a new, exciting trend exploding throughout the recycling industry.

How EPR is Shaping the Recycling Industry

In the twentieth century there was a shift in the perception and practice of recycling. Instead of addressing waste and pollution concerns there was concentration placed on its elimination. The shift is commonly associated with a policy known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), or Product Stewardship.

Electronics Recycling – Five Reasons For Recycling Your Old Electronics

Our ever increasing consumption of electronic equipment is creating a huge problem at the other end when we are ready to discard old electronics. The speed at which new innovations are put out in the market makes older models absolute.

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

The heat caused by infrared radiation from the sun which escapes from the Earth’s outer surface, is absorbed by “greenhouse gases” which trap the heat forming a kind of blanket of warm air that surround the planet. This occurrence is called the “green house effect”. It is suggested that the temperature on average would have been much lower compared to what is now.

Global Warming Vs Life

Is the reason for “going green” to preserve life or to destroy it? I have heard and read a lot about whether global warming even exists, let alone its cause.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Materials and Their Relevance in Our Life

It is an innovative and novel way to keep our home clean and healthy with the help of natural products. The traditional products of cleaning materials are containing quite a lot of chemicals like chlorine and caustic substances.

Recycled T-Shirts Are Not Just For Rags!

The t-shirt industry has finally jumped on the bandwagon with many other industries in regards to doing their part to help with our world’s environmental issues and concerns. Apart from the green initiative, recycled and vintage looking t-shirt have become all the rage over the last few years, it also makes great economic sense for everyone concerned.

Eco Shoes Designer & Manufacturer

Everyone needs at least one pair of shoes to wear at least for part of the day. We have to wear shoes to protect our feet during cold days, wet days or when we are walking on uneven, potentially dangerous surfaces. Some shoes, however, are not good for the environment.

Sustainable Renewable Energy From Green Energy Live

Green Energy Live, Inc. (GELV) is a clean energy company developing sustainable biomass-to-energy conversion solutions. With livestock and their byproducts accounting for a staggering 51% of annual worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, reportedly equivalent to 32,564 million tons of CO2 per year, GELV’s first focus market is a smart move.

How Cars Might Cause Global Warming

Global warming is one of the hottest issues in the last decade. Not only has it become a political issue but also one of general concern by the majority of the human population.

Sustainable Forestry Development & Initiatives

The Rainforest Alliance projects have been setup for the purpose of preserving our planet’s social and environmental balance. Projects such as sustainable forestry development have been brought to attention, so we can protect our rainforest.

Climate Change and Global Warming Versus Global Cooling

There are many people who are totally in agreement with global warming and climate change. There are many others who think global warming and climate change is a total farce. Both are wrong.

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