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Global Warming – Does Cap-And-Trade Just Fuel the Debate Or Solve the Problem?

The debate goes on about global warming and the necessity for controlling greenhouse gases. But at this point it seems inevitable that the United States will pass the Cap-and-Trade Bill HR2454, under it’s more politically acceptable name: American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009. America will be joining much of the rest of the world in Going Green.

Benefits of Recycled Paper Bags

Paper bags have come a long way, from flimsy and frail materials, to durable containers. There are different kinds varying in size, shape, design, bag handle and colour. The process in which they are produced and the type of paper from which these bags are made also differ. Recycled paper bags are a popular variety, that boast of resilience and water resistance.

Recycling is Supporting the Environment – Become Part of It

Recycling is a process of converting the original product into something consumable. Basically the product will have the same structure and it will appear in a different look.

Why Use Products Made From Recycled Materials

There are literally thousands of products that can be and are made from recycled materials. Things such as paper, glass products, even some plastic products are collected by people who are conscientious enough to put items into recyclable bins, melted down or broken down in some fashion so they can be used again, and then is used to again. So why should we use recycled materials for our products?

Green Performance From Renewable Energy

Creating sustainable green energy not only helps to minimise the environmental impact of our activities, but also make clear business sense. What’s more, it is what people want.

Canada – Making the Best of Renewable Energy Sources!

When it comes to renewable energy, especially solar energy, Canada is leading the way. Get in touch with solar heating contractors in Canada easily and at an affordable rate.

Science of Global Warming

That’s a term our future generations may well be using in time to come. The future consequence of changing weather patterns on the earth’s ecology and eco systems can only be imagined. One of the sure shot effects of changing weather patterns like the El Nino effect and global warming is rise in the levels of oceans and seas through melting ice sources such as glaciers across the world and the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Renewable Energy Systems – Batteries Revived

Renewable energy systems have 3 key components namely energy collection, energy storage, and energy dissemination to the load. A battery is one of the most expensive component on a renewable energy system. It usually lasts for 2 to 5 years but when if fails it is very expensive to replace. Car batteries have a 3-5 year lifetime; deep-cycle, both sealed and unsealed, can last 7-10 years.

Be Aware of the Early Warning Signs of Global Warming

For many people, global warming is just a theory but others would call it a proven set of facts. Opinions differ strongly and we always need a proof before we believe. Let me share some facts and decide for yourself if global warming is still a tell-tale of schemed lies.

Using Environmentally Friendly Products For the Good of the Earth

Everyone should be using environmentally friendly products for the good of the earth. But do YOU? We all know the planet is in trouble, and that we are largely the cause. Most of us feel some degree of guilt about this and at least WANT to help make the planet a better place, even if we don’t know how.

Eco Friendly Solvents and Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers in the Workplace

Solvents are needed for use in hundreds of industries across the globe, and as concerns about global warming and pollution rise, we are realizing what effects these traditional solvents have on our planet. The actions taken today by corporations and individuals alike will impact the quality of life for many generations to come. But as industrial cleaners and degreasers are becoming more popular in order to prevent pollution, many business owners wonder if these products are able to hold up to the effectiveness of their predecessors.

Packaging and Recycling

Many people have the misconception that food packaging makes up a great deal of the total waste in the world today. The truth is, however, that packaging suppliers have always been big proponents of recycling and have always sought to have as little impact on the planet as possible. Learning a bit more about the philosophies of the packaging industry can help you gain a better understanding about why such misconceptions about waste are so false.

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