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Making Green Products Attractive

Being green is gradually becoming the norm of the society ranging from the housewife’s housekeeping tips to the corporate world’s green policies and social responsibility practices. What is relevant is how attractive are these products to the average person out there? Would the average person choose a green product simply because it is green or because it has some other benefits added to its greenness? I think the latter is the case. Green innovation experts should always consider these benefits as major factors.

Micro Electric Bikes, Could They Revolutionise Commuting?

Once upon a time bicycles used to be the transport to work choice for everyone. But then there were cars, and cars took over as the principle for of transport to go anywhere. The environment, green issues and financial cost are becoming more important to everyone. Is there another form of transport that could make life easier and save us money?

Commercial Degreaser – Choosing the Best Vapor Degreaser

Vapor degreasing has several advantages over traditional degreasing methods, including: the ability to safely degrease electronic parts; the ideal preparation of parts for painting, welding, soldering, and bonding; the prevention of part oxidation and water spots; and the requirement of less manpower than manual degreasing. But before you buy a commercial degreaser for vapor degreasing, its important to identify the specific qualities you need in a degreaser.

UV Bio Lighting

Natural light is an important factor, which is lost to 90% of our lives that we spent indoors. Ultraviolet light can be emitted only from the sun which makes it unavailable with standard lighting. However, bio lights are designed to combine the UV elements and sunlight to make it healthier and practical.

What Is RDF (Refused Derived Fuel)?

RDF stands for Refused Derived Fuel. The production of this fuel begins with the mechanical processing of household waste with a waste convertor technology. RDF consists largely of organic components of municipal waste such as plastics and biodegradable waste.

Choosing the Best Industrial Degreaser Solvent for Your Company

If you’re shopping for a degreaser solvent, the first step toward purchasing the best degreaser is determining its frequency of use and how you’ll use it. For occasional degreasing projects that take place in small garages, almost any store bought degreaser will do. But if you need a degreaser for frequent industrial grade degreasing, it pays to evaluate degreasers using two criteria that usually don’t apply to using a degreaser in domestic or small commercial settings.

5 Wind Projects Get Federal Grants

Federal officials have invested big in weather forecasting and other wind related technologies, citing a goal of doubling U.S. wind-generation capacity. More than $5 million in grants will go to five projects.

Algae Biofuel – A Promising Biofuel For The Future

Algae biofuel is currently emerging as one of the potentially promising biofuels in recent stages of development. Petroleum is believed to have developed from kerogen, which is simply converted to an oily substance under the influences of temperature and pressure. Kerogen is formed from biodegradable compounds, bacteria, plankton, and plant material through chemical and biochemical reactions: algae.

Eco Friendly Hemp

Hemp is the most beneficial crop on the earth, providing the basic needs of clothing, shelter, food and medicine. One of the most important parts of this plant is its fiber, commonly called ‘bast’ (a plant that grows on a stalk). As the principal plant fiber, hemp has been used for thousands of years.

It’s Your Responsibility to Make Your Everyday Environment Everyday Green – It’s Biblical – Live It

Everyday we hear more an more rhetoric about going green. Some people actually put forth much effort to go green. Others embrace the concept but do nothing to support it. The thought is that someone else will do it and if they go green, they’ll cover my area of responsibility as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. It is everyone’s responsibility to do something to go green. This article will give you a few suggestion as to what you can do to support going green.

TREE Seminars Set to Influence Global Decision-Makers on the Benefits of Renewable Energy

August 30th will see the beginning of the TREE (transfer renewable energy & efficiency) seminar series taking place in Berlin. The RENAC initiative was begun in 2008 and is run by the Renewables Academy in Berlin.

Solar Farms, Land Owners Beware

Since the feed-in-tariff came into place in April there have been a large number of companies looking to sign up land owners to option agreements to build solar farms on their land. Now this can be an excellent way for a farmer/land owner to maximise the income they generate and also to diversify their income.

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