Harley Davidson’s New $5000 Electric Bicycle

Set to release in March of 2021, the new Harley-Davidson
electric bicycle is shaping up to reimagine the e-bike for the first time in decades. While many are looking to electric cars as
the future of e-transportation, many manufacturers have begun to see the possibilities that e-bikes
can offer as an alternative to four-wheeled vehicles. No company is more aware of that market than
Harley-Davidson; as the American-owned company has long been a supplier of motorcycles and
other two-wheeled modes of transportation. The announcement of their new line of e-bikes
has left the media buzzing about their latest start-up: Serial 1. Serial 1 is a play on the name of the very
first Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. While initially a department of Harley-Davidson,
the start-up has spun off from the main brand and aims to release their first of the Serial
1 branded e-bikes in the spring of 2021.

The Serial 1 initial release will offer two
different bicycle classes for consumers, and they are now available for preorder ahead
of their official launch date. The project has spent years in development,
but due to the global pandemic of 2020, their initial 2020 release date had to be pushed
back to 2021 to accommodate the delay in manufacturing. The e-bikes are being produced and tested
in Milwaukee at the former Harley-Davidson Race Shop that was in use from the 1950s until
the early 2000s. The Serial 1 design team has often joked that
it feels a lot like working in “their parent’s garage.” The team hard at work on the facility has
cooked up two bicycle classes calling them the MOSH and the RUSH. While the bikes are designed with urban environments
in mind. They are the perfect bike for city dwellers
looking for a little extra speed during their commutes.

The RUSH class comprises three separate models,
while the MOSH class is more of an entry-level, single-speed e-bike option. The MOSH model has been reported to be more
like the urban e-bike rentals that have taken over city street corners in recent years. While the RUSH class is shaping up to be the
commuter-friendly model that offers the most bang for your consumer dollars. Using a unique powertrain, the RUSH class
includes a state-of-the-art design and an automatic Enviolo NuVinci Transmission.

Fans of Harley-Davidson have been left drooling
over the prospect of a truly powerful e-bike addition to the Harley-Davidson brand story. Both bikes come equipped with a Gates Carbon
belt-drive system instead of a traditional chain, and they both use the latest Brose
Drive S Mag mid-drive motor. While this might seem like a lot of jargon,
what it means for the average consumer is an incredibly smooth and quiet e-biking experience;
as well as a classic design that will influence the e-bike offerings for decades to come.

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While the MOSH bike is rated with a 250-watt
continuous motor, many early test riders have remarked that it is likely closer to a 500-800
watt output. This offers bikers the opportunity to speed
up steep inclines and reach top speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. The lightweight frame features a unique design
that includes a glovebox that can store an ABUS folding bike lock. The same key that starts your bike can unlock
the glovebox and unlock the bike lock itself. Minimizing the number of keys you have to
carry to keep your bike safe and secure. The glove box offers easy storage of your
bike lock and the ability to store small objects if needed. The frames come in four sizes to accommodate
riders of all shapes and sizes on the road. The LED lighting system allows for tail lights
embedded on both sides of the rear tire and triggered by the onboard accelerometer. The front features two separate lights in
order to increase your visibility to others and increase the visibility of hazards in
front of you as you navigate the city streets at night.

Fans of the new electric motorcycle, the Harley-Davidson
LiveWire, will be pleased to note the similarities in their battery design and battery placement. The low-mount battery allows for easier handling
and cornering by lowering the center of gravity. The batteries are interchangeable, so carrying
an extra shouldn’t be a huge problem. They come in a 529-watt version and a 706-watt
version. The MOSH will come standard with the 529-watt
pack and offer riders up to 20 miles per hour on their new Serial 1 bikes. While the RUSH will come equipped with either
the 529-watt pack OR the 706-watt pack that will reportedly offer riders speeds closer
to the 30 miles per hour mark when they are released. One of the main selling points of the new
Harley-Davidson e-bike is the motorcycle-like durability and design principles that will
set these new releases apart from the rest. Which is a good thing as their starting pricing
will put them in a much higher cost category than your average e-bike. The Serial 1 MOSH will start at $3,399 dollars. While the three RUSH models all have unique
pricing. The RUSH Step Thru will start at $4,399, the
RUSH Step Over will begin at $4,499, and the RUSH Speed with come in at $4,999 dollars.

Fortunately, this will include free shipping. If you are located in either Germany or the
US, you can order your new e-bike today. Which you might want to do, as many bike enthusiasts
are beginning to snap up their own release-day preorder in preparation for their March 2021
launch date. What riders are really looking to gain from
the Serial 1 e-bike is a classic Harley-Davidson feel with the power to back up the bike's
beautiful design features. Bikes of similar quality run upwards of seven thousand dollars, and it
is easy to see why the RUSH and MOSH have made such a big splash in the e-bike world. Early riders have reported that the bike offers
smooth rides, fun riding capabilities, and enough durability to handle even some light
off-road biking when needed. The low center of gravity helps keep riders
upright even when reaching some of the Serial 1’s top biking speeds.

At just under 48 pounds, the bike is also
incredibly lightweight for an e-bike and lends truth to the claims that the Serial 1 RUSH
and MOSH will be something of an “urban play bike" experience. The bikes have a range of up to 100 miles
depending on the model and battery type selected. That can allow for some series commute power
and distance if you need it. The Harley-Davidson Series 1 production might
be well underway. But we’ll have to wait for their official
launch before we know if these remarkable electric bicycles will take the two-wheeled
transportation world by storm. In the meantime, we can watch the new developments
and dream of a future where e-bikes might just be the main form of transportation

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