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Eco Footprints Stamping on Good Intentions

Companies far and wide are pontificating to all about how green they are and how many trees, birds and babies they are saving buy introducing their new “Green” products to us. Whole companies have been created dedicated solely to supplying us with green products, telling us on how to behave, and by chance selling the eco products we must have in order to avoid Armageddon.

Remodel by Recycling

Tossing away unwanted items doesn’t make economic or environmental sense these days. Recycling saves the environment, while repairing and reusing old or outdated items gives the wallet a break. With a little consideration, it’s clear there are new uses for almost every old product – from prescription bottles to furniture.

Negative Effects of Global Warming – Effects on Weather

The negative effects of global warming have now become a matter of concern for governments all around the world. It is predicted that rise in the planet’s temperature will continue and get much worse in the future if stringent steps are not taken to stop it right from now.

Ecological Restoration – A Global Strategy For Mitigating Climate Change

Ecology plays a very crucial role in any kind of environment. It refers to the interdependence of each and every plant and animal in a particular territory. It is necessary to protect the ecological balance and restore damaged habitats, to alleviate global climate change and its negative effects. If an ecosystem stops functioning or suffers from reduced functioning, it will be increasing vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. Hence, ecological restoration is an important tool in tackling global climate change and reducing greenhouse emissions.

Choosing Environmentally Friendly Seafood

Much attention is paid to limiting the things that we put in our oceans and waterways – things like eco-friendly household cleaners and reusable shopping bags are everywhere these days to lessen the negative impact we have on our water. But what about the things we take out?

Mechanical Biological Treatment Grows in Popularity As Recycling Rates Increase

Mechanical Biological Treatment of household waste and commercial and industrial waste is growing more common as new MBT facilities are built. There is MUCH more about it here!

Solar Energy From Solar Cells – Alternative of Renewable Energy

In 1990, the world’s primary energy was provided by oil (34%) and will remain the world’s main source of energy for many years to come, even under the most optimistic of assumptions about the development of alternative technology. However, the sources of oil, the cost of producing it and the prices that users will have to pay for it are extremely uncertain.

The Advantages of Renewable Energy – Wind Energy

As our environment is in declining phase and accompanied by drastic downfall of our economy, there is no need to have a question in order to have an answer. The mere representation of what is happening globally is a fact that we must have a solution.

Recycling Hazardous and Dangerous Items

Many things that are put in the trash can now a days are considered extremely dangerous and hazardous to the environment. In the old days, everything that was not useful anymore was just considered trash and placed in the trash can, taken to a land fill and covered with dirt.

Wastewater Aerated Treatment – 3 Techniques That Insure Faster Recycling

Aeration can increase the efficiency of the conventional activated sludge treatment process. In this article, I talk about the three most effective aeration techniques.

Renewable Energy Summary

Several sustainable energy sources could reduce or eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Some of these sources have been used for centuries but have been neglected since fossil fuel cam into widespread use.

Development of Sustainable Energy

Many improvements in domestic energy efficiency have occurred in the past decade. Today’s average new home uses one half the fuels required in a house built in 1974, but much more can be done. Household energy losses can be reduced by one half to three fourths through better insulation, double or triple glazing of windows, thermally efficient curtains or window coverings, and by sealing cracks and loose joints.

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