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Stop Global Warming – Block Sun with Millions of Flying Cars!

It has been reasoned that flying cars will have slightly more surface area to keep them aloft and if these cars are paint in the latest new pastel colors such as the Lexus LS 400 “Desert Mahogany” [also know as light tan color] or the Mercedes 580 SL “Lake Louise Pearl” [white]; then these cars will prevent urban heat problem. This means the atmosphere directly over our major cities will not heat up, causing super storms or heating the planet.

The Truth About Consensus on Global Warming

Interestingly enough we are told that Global Warming is real because 80% of the population believes it is, but why do they believe that? Well, because it has been blasted all over the media that’s why. Of course, Global Warming alarmists say that all the scientists have come to a consensus – what, which scientists, this is news to me.

Five New Environmentally Friendly Home Innovations

Get ready for green living with these five new environmentally friendly home innovations. Thanks to the growing interest in living green, great new products have been coming out of the proverbial woodwork. There are many new green environmentally friendly home innovations that are unique, stylish, and of course, helpful to the environment. Whether you have been living green for many years now, or whether you recently made the choice to live with less impact on the environment, chances are you will find what you most want by checking out the latest round of green catalogs.

Warning To Mankind – ‘Global Warming’

Global warming is the phenomenon of potential increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to trapping of carbon dioxide and other gases. This is also known as “the green house effect” or the phenomenon of trapping of the sun’s warmth in the lower atmosphere.

What is Global Warming?

We’ve been hearing these words for a few years now and even those who know absolutely nothing about global warming know that it has something to do with the environment. If you watch the news, you’ll hear politicians arguing about how serious it is and finger pointing about who is doing their part and who isn’t. If you look online for the answers, you’ll find everything from the simplest explanation to a scientific one. We’re going to keep it simple here.

Will You Rise To The Global Warming Challenge?

Most solutions to global warming work around reducing the amount of energy we use, and the amount of emissions produced. This is something that we could do, if more people took global warming seriously.

CIA And The Global Warming Issue

It seems that Democrats are coming close to achieving the goal to categorize global warming transformation as a “national security” concern. Democrats are making effort to include language in current year’s Intelligence Authorization bill. It would allow intelligence agencies to devote a piece of their resources to learn the “threat” to “national security” from climate change or global warming.

Edwards Policy to Acquire Energy Independence and Stop Global Warming In NH

Lately, presidential contender John Edwards came up with Energy Independence and Global Warming Policy in New Hampshire. The main features of this policy are as follows:

Stopping Global Warming

Global Warming is a word that you will come across on any news channel or newspaper or magazine these days. Global warming simply means the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere beyond the permissible limits.

9 Steps To Prevent Global Warming At Home

Feel sad cause can’t do anything to prevent global warming? Here is the step you can follow at home to prevent global warming. If everyone on earth can do something to prevent global warming, solve this problem is like a piece of cake.

Global Warming and ‘Star Wars’ – You Can Make A Personal Difference To These Threats!

Do floodings, or draughts, or storms, or dramatic seasonal abnormalities affect you, or your pocket directly or indirectly? Think about it! Now I’m no ‘tree hugger,’ far from it in fact, I don’t subscribe to so many of these ‘new age’ ideas either. But one fact is very clear. Our modern consumer lifestyle is killing our planet and this will end up killing us in time if we do not take action ourselves. This is not about guilt or not bothering because Bush or China put money before sanity… So what can we do?

Renewable Energy – An Introduction

If you think that we will running out of energy if fossil fuel is depleted, you need to read this article.

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