How And When To Change Gear On Your E Bike | E MTB Shifting & Mode Selection Explained

if you need to email him biking one of the most essential skills to learn is how to use your gears and your mode correctly and once mastered you really be able to see your potential and just what an e bi can do [Music] and starting off with gearing now you need to be able to spin your ebike at the right cadence now cadence means the rate at which you're spinning your pedals because most ebikes operate at their best at between 80 and 120 revolutions per minute okay so here's an example of cadence and now spinning at between 90 and 100 revolutions per minute and my bike is really loving that it's working at an optimum rate however knock it down into a higher gear I'm now down to 40 to 50 revolutions per minute and whilst it's quite a good workout for me my bike is not going to like it it's not going to be working at its optimum it's a bit like driving a car in the wrong gear [Music] I only start off with some of the basic mistakes people do on their bikes first of all you can actually pedal too quickly but I'm now doing about 125 revolutions per minute which actually means the bike stops giving you support and that effort is all your own second up riding in turbo or boost mode with all the time in the world and why not if you need to email him biking just remember you're gonna be burning that battery now this next one is probably the most basic error and it doesn't matter if you're riding smooth tarmac roads or on a single track technical trail in the Hills like those above me and this is what it's all about it's not anticipating hills and changing gear to suit that hill let me show you what that happens so I'm in the wrong gear for the hill above this all this all works fine but as soon as I get to the hill it just simply won't go up there now my gear is fine here as soon as that roads deepens oh I really do run a gear now I'm going to show you the correct way I see the hill I changed gear into an easier gear it doesn't matter what mode you're in that ebike will get you up there hundred watt rpm whew [Music] but remember the biggest sin of all is actually to change gear at the wrong time which puts a huge amount of stress on you and especially your gears an e-bike then is pretty much like a car you keep a cow revving and you keep an e-bike spinning let those revs drop let the spinning drop and it simply comes to a halt now on a traditional mountain bike you can sometimes grind it out and it actually feels pretty good but on an e mountain bike that simply does not work tagname to talk about mode now mode is that button on your handlebar which controlled eco trail or boost mode or i could even be on your display now most of the time on flat or gently a pill train I'd actually use eco because after all eco still significantly easier than on a standard mountain bike now I can see now that my revs my cadence is dropping below about 80 so I'm going to switch from eco app into trail and you can see my cadence rising [Music] [Music] one of our boost mode well I was doing about 15 kilometers an hour but now I'm doing 35 so I'm actually going under my own steam why do you need boost [Music] [Applause] [Music] so if you do find yourself beyond that 25 kilometer an hour restriction going downhill all on the flat in terrible mode which you most likely will be then simply pop it back into trail or eco mode and don't forget to alter the gear and to go with that now a really good tool to use if you're new to e Manton biking is actually a display which shows your cadence and also your speed and in that way you can match your spinning of the pedals and also your gearing to suit now I've used the row to show you the basics of gearing and mode but the fundamentals of their supplies off-road as it does on road I'm going to leave you them with two videos to show you just what these eman can bikes are capable of time to hit the trails and change gear Wow [Applause]

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