How to choose an electric bike for HEAVY riders

The Need to Recycle Plastics

Facts about recycling plastics. How it could help in saving the Earth.

The Importance of Posting a Recycle Paper Sign

Take a look around the average paper-laden workplace, with its piles of wasted scratch sheets, yellowing records and stacks of fresh reams waiting to be torn open to print a thousand different documents. Think, for a moment, how all that paper used to be the wood of a strong, beautiful tree somewhere in the world.

Scrap Metal Recycling Then & Now – Prices & Theft

Scrap metal recycling has changed since the economic rise & fall. When the scrap metal recycling industry was booming 3 – 4 years back scrap metal prices were high, very much has changed including the way everyday household based metals are recycled since those high scrap metal prices.

Stop Global Warming

Things you can do to prevent global warming. Top 10 things to do to help stop global warming.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

With the rising costs of fuel, fuel oil, and electricity these days many people are beginning to wonder what the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy are. Some wonder if it is worth considering them for home use, and some are even beginning to seriously consider using renewable energy to help reduce their power bill.

Making Your Home Environmental Friendly

There are lots of companies that focus on “green” or Environmentally Friendly home materials and makeovers. You’ll find these companies on the web or often at your local constructing supply vendor.

Flexibility Mechanisms As the Effort to Reduce the Global Warming Effect

According to the international conference, the flexibility mechanisms have been agreed as another ways to reduce gas emissions. It has become a highly controversial because there were mainly included US as the strong insistence and keep the US in treaty.

Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies – 3 Better Ways to Use Your Biodegradable Eco Nappies

You are wanting to use disposable nappies, but are curious about the Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies? There are many options – hybrid nappies, biodegradeable disposable nappies, flushable nappy pads that go inside washable covers – you will definitely be able to find an environmentally friendly disposable nappy to suit your needs, your eco- conscience, your budget, family values and lifestyle.

Renewable Energy – 3 Reasons Why the World Hasn’t Fully Embraced It

Almost everywhere these days the term renewable energy has become a catch phrase in both technical as well as government circles. But you would think that this all talk about renewable energy has resulted in a shifting of the world’s mindset towards the use of renewable energy. So why hasn’t the world fully embraced renewable energy?

Bottle Wear – Recycling Bottles Into Clothes

How many times have you thrown out a clear plastic bottle and wondered what will happen to it? Well, the answer is that it will sit in a landfill for a long, long, long time.

How to Help Combat Global Warming

Global warming is no longer a myth, the accelerated melting of the Arctic ice is the best way to prove that it is happening, and there is never a better time to start doing something about it than now. As any further delay might prove fatal because with every Fahrenheit increased in the world’s temperature, the harder it will be to reverse the effects.

5 Simple Ways to Fight Global Warming

We have read a lot of articles and papers about global warming. It is really happening and whether we like it or not we are part of this environmental issue.

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