How to Use the Bosch Purion Controller

– In today's video I
want to quickly show you how to use the buttons and functions on the Bosch Purion head unit. This is your Bosch Purion head unit. It is hardwired, so
you don't have to worry about taking this on and off. To turn it on there's a button at the top. Hold it on just for a second. If the bike has recently been turned off, this might take a little
bit longer to turn on. So looking at our display
we have the battery. So right now it's about 50%. This little icon tells me
that the lights are on. If on your Tern GSD, or others
that have a manual light, your light isn't on and this icon's on, you might have to manually
turn on the headlight.

So this means my lights are on. This dash means that the motor is on, but I'm not gonna get any assistance. This is how fast I'm going, which obviously is zero. To scroll through my modes I simply hit and let
go of the plus button, and then to go back down, going to scroll through until it's off. The next thing I wanna show
you is that you can change this line right here to
show you other things. So moving up to Eco, I'm going to hit and
release the minus sign.

Holding, letting go. So this is the mode I'm in. Holding and letting go. This is how far I've gone on this trip since I last reset it, and then holding and letting
go my odometer for the bike. One more, and this is the range based off the mode I'm currently in. This range can update every
quarter of a mile or so. So you'll seen right now on the Eco, if I go up to Turbo, it's typically about half
of what I saw in Eco. Coming back to Eco I'm gonna scroll one more time over,
holding that minus button, letting go, couple times, to Trip. To reset my Trip button
I hold plus and minus together until it resets. Another thing that you
can do with these buttons is turning on and off your lights.

pexels photo 6987730

These bikes are set right
now to be permanently on, but, again, if that icon didn't come up and you want your lights on you hold the plus button. One last thing to show
you is the Walk function. So the Walk function is opposite
of the power on the bottom, and when I just tap it it says Walk+. So what the Walk function
does is it gives me a slight assistance if I'm off the bike and I wanna be able to,
say get up a driveway or something steep but I
don't wanna be on the bike. So this is gonna give me about a two and a half mile assistance. Get off the kickstand. So to activate the Walk I'm
gonna tap the bottom right here. Says Walk+ meaning hold the
plus button and it walks. If I let go of the plus button I have to activate it again. So taping the bottom,
hold the plus button. Super nice feature to have,
and I use it fairly often with pedestrian bridges and getting in and out of my
driveway with kids and cargo.

So this was the Bosch Purion head unit. Until next time, this was Arleigh with Bike Shop Girl, and
today's question of the day is which Bosch motor do you have and what do you like most about it? Hit me up in the comments below and I look forward to hearing from you..

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