How To Use The Shimano EP8 Display — Everything Owners of Shimano Electric Bikes Should Know!

Everyone in the bike industry has heard of the 
brand Shimano. They manufacture several electric   bike motor systems, and today we're gonna go 
over the controls of the EP8 drive system.   The Mondraker that we have here with the EP8 
motor is equipped with an SC-e7000 display.   This display is chock full of features, so let's 
dive in. When you initially turn on the system,   you're going to have four features that show up on 
your display. The first thing is going to be your   battery life. Each bar will represent 20% battery. 
The next below that is going to be what level   you're on. When it initially turns on, it'll show 
"off." The top right hand corner tells you about   your drivetrain. Most drivetrains are manual, so 
you'll see an M indicated on that top right hand   corner. If you're equipped with an automatic 
drivetrain then you'll see an A, and if you're   equipped with an electronic drivetrain, you'll 
see a number indicating what gear you're in.   On the bottom right hand corner, that is going 
to indicate the function that you choose–whether   it's your speedometer, odometer, your range, 
or even a clock.

To change those options   you have a function button on the display, and 
every single click will change that function.   One of the most important features 
of the electronic bike system   is choosing what power level you're on. 
You'll have a thumb pad on the left side of   your handlebar that you can choose to increase or 
decrease your power levels. This simple button pad   is one of the most iconic features of the Shimano 
system. It's small, simple, and easy to use.   Using the button pad you can toggle out of 
the "off" feature and into the eco, trail,   and boost options. So let's say you've been out 
riding and you want to reset your trip distance.   You can do that within the function menu of 
the display. To get into that function menu,   press and hold the function button for at least 
two seconds. Once you're in there the first option   is going to say "clear." To enter that menu press 
the function button. Once you're in that menu,   you're going to have two options: exit to go 
back into the original function menu, or you'll   need to scroll down into clearing the distance. 
To scroll within the menus you'll need to use   your left button pad.

Hit down on your button pad 
and highlight the distance. To clear the distance   press your function button on the display. Once 
you're in that final menu, use your button pad   to select "ok" and then hit the function button 
to clear your distance. That'll take you back   to the clear menu. To exit that clear menu scroll 
up to exit and enter your original function menu.   The next option you have in your function menu 
is clock. Use your button pad and scroll down   to it to highlight the clock, and then hit the 
function button.

To enter your clock settings   you can change the clock by toggling up or down 
on your button pad. To move from hours to minutes   click the function button. When you're done 
setting your clock, hit that function button   one more time to set your clock. If your bike is 
equipped with a light, this next menu will allow   you to adjust light settings. The next option 
within the function menu is your beep. So I know   when i'm out on the trails, I don't want to hear 
a beeping every single time I change an option,   so I toggle that off. You can do so on this 
part of the menu. Highlight beep and select the   function button. From here you can toggle between 
on or off. I like it off, so I'll highlight off   first and then hit the function button. The next 
setting within the menu is the unit settings.   Highlight unit, and hit the function button. From 
here you can toggle between kilometers and miles   to set that setting. Hit the function one 
more time. After the unit settings, you   have language settings.

pexels photo 7018254

Highlight language, and 
hit that function button. Choose your language,   and hit that function button. The next option 
is the font color. So you could actually change   your color of font that you're looking at, whether 
it's white on a black background or black on a   white background. The next feature of the display 
shows adjust, and this is specifically to those   automatic drivetrains. Within this function, 
you'll be able to fine tune those shift   adjustments within the display. The next line item 
is shift timing. You only need to worry about this   if you have an automatic drivetrain. In this menu 
you'll be able to adjust just how much torque   or how heavy your pedal stroke is before 
the system automatically shifts. The next   menu option is assist customize. To get the most 
value out of this feature you would need to set   up your bicycle within the E2 project app. If you 
need assistance connecting to an E2 project app,   click on the video above.

Once you've set up two 
customized profiles within the E2 project app,   you can choose them directly on your bike. 
Through this menu option if you're equipped   with an electronic drivetrain like a DI2 
rear derailleur this next feature is for you.   This is the rear derailleur protection reset 
option. Your DI2 rear derailleur has a protection   feature. So let's say you're out riding and you 
hit your rear derailleur. It's going to move   in just a little bit so that it doesn't cause 
major damage to your derailleur or your bike.   But after the incident, you'll need to reset your 
rear derailleur, and that's what this feature is   for.

Select the rear derailleur protection reset 
option with that function button on the display.   The next option is your display speed. So let's 
say you want to match the speed that's on your   Garmin or other GPS device. Within this option you 
can adjust the speed plus or minus five percent   so you can match that speed that's on your GPS 
device. Once you're all done, within the main   function menu scroll down to exit. Highlight it, 
and hit that function button. And now you're back   to your front screen. And that's how you 
use your SC-e7000 display on your EP8 motor.   If you found this Shimano video useful, hit 
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tech tip. Until next time, enjoy the ride..

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