I Bought a cheap Chinese E-bike!

well uh it's finally here my ebike from Taobao has arrived [Music] so behind me is my $700 ebike that I bought off of Taobao it has a name brand but I'm not even sure if that's real the name brand of this one is either Ruru E or GS or g5 I can't even tell the web sites entirely in Chinese I had one of my local friends here in Hong Kong order it for me but the specs look really good it's got a 17 amp battery that is supposed to get you it says 300 kilometer which i think is probably a little bit dubious to be sure but we're gonna put together we're gonna unbox up tomorrow if the weather is ok we're gonna see how it works on Hong Kong's hilly roads so let's take a look at it [Music] Oh inside this is our charger helping pedals are made of metal he's pretty impressive [Music] [Music] so there you have it it doesn't take very long to build it can't be took me about 25 to 30 minutes to build it and is because there's no English instructions you kind of just feel it out I mean we'll see it looks okay some like minor things in the build quality kind of tell me that this is not going to be a top quality bike but then again I paid $700 for a bike that when I've seen other ones online that are sort of equivalent running the thousands of US dollars so we'll see if this one holds up at the price point [Music] okay so I brought the bike inside to do the final setup charging the battery working with the computer and I ran into a pretty major problem I want to show you how I solved that all right so this is the better that goes in the bike it weighs what lost weigh about twenty pounds and this is the charger that comes with it now it seems pretty simple enough you just plug this into the charger hole and you'd expect that it would start charging but this green light here doesn't change and it made me think this battery probably wasn't charging so I thought well must be the fuse is blown well if you open this up you'll find out that it inside there's no fuse so I thought broken fuse went to the store tried to buy a fuse the guy at the store says no fuse goes in there finally I had to contact a manufacturer he said it doesn't actually take a fuse this happens with a lot of Chinese batteries they've got safety things on that don't work anyway long story short the manufacturer told me you have to push the green button where the hell is the green button finally I realized this LED right here that just feels like a light is in fact a button there's no way to know that because all the instructions are in Chinese so this finally charged up the battery for me okay so I've taken my bike out to Lantau Island in Hong Kong and one of the reasons I took it here is it's very hilly but but nice uncrowded roads so we'll see how well this bike can do again I don't actually know this bike is called but it is fully charged and we're gonna go about ten kilometers to a beach in ten kilometers back this bike says it's supposed to be able to go 300 kilometers on a charge of course that's on a flat road but we're gonna see how well it does on okay so our first test of this bike is going to be this hill on Lantau Island it is Lantau Road it goes up for at least two kilometers just gradual but painful up it's 33 degrees Celsius here today it is hot so this bike hopefully is really gonna help me get up this hill [Music] honestly this is great um this Hill is very manageable right now using the power assist on this bike it has a throttle but if I stop pedaling right now this motor definitely would not be powerful enough to just get me up on its own but yeah so far so good [Music] okay so about three kilometers into the ride now and this is basically this is the top of the hill the rest of the way down to the beaches is downhill but this is really what stops me for making this ride on a normal bike during the during the heat of the summer and I'm gonna tell ya I'm sweating good Todd but the bike really helped me get up here to the top [Music] all right so I've decided to go a little bit longer because actually it's really fun to ride this bike I gotta say when I first started riding this bike today it's it's clunky it's heavy makes all that noise oh you know stuff jingles around on it but now riding it for a while it's kind of cool it's letting me go to places in Hong Kong that would normally be kind of off limits just because it's so hot in hilly here than on a normal bike it'd be tough to make it without all frankly getting heatstroke this bike is letting me do it I like that that that alone I think makes this bike worth it where I think this bike kind of is lacking is the build quality is a little suspect it does I don't really trust it when I'm going down some of these steeper Hills the brakes are very much underpowered so when I'm going down a hill on this thing I'm really being careful because I don't think I'm gonna be able to stop in any short distance the bike is also a little bit small so I'm 180 cm or about six foot one and this bike says it accommodates up to that size but I can tell you right now this feels small to me if the seat Heights enough but the bike length is a bit short for somebody in my height that being said it's manageable it's doable and frankly [Music] [Applause] [Music] well hi I'm back in Louie whoa I ended up going a lot further than I thought I would enter probably 36 kilometers today and it still shows half charge now I'm not sure I trust that because while I was coming back it was fluctuating between like 1/4 and 1/2 and now they went 36 it claims 300 so there's obviously no way that 300 is real overall though just a lot of fun to ride not a premium product by any means but for the price it's a pretty fun so I thought I'd give some final thoughts on this bike first of all I've decided it is a g5 bike I still can't find that anywhere online and so for that table a link which I've included I've taken the bike out three times gone over a hundred kilometers on it and I have to say it's it's a really fun bike to ride it's definitely gonna get me out riding more this summer in Hong Kong wind you know normal bike riding would just be too hot some of the problems I was having on the bike for the first ride a lot of noisy things jingling on it well I found out what those were a lot of them were just loose bolts that needed to be tightened up so I've fixed that problem overall build quality not great what I think you're really getting here is something like a $300 bike with an e-bike upgrade and that's what makes it a value because if you look at just do it yourself you bike upgrades that just come without a bike those are usually over a thousand dollars so this comes fully integrated overall I'd say probably worth the some hundred dollars and maybe even worth the trouble of trying to order it off of a bow so there you have it what do you think

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