I Drove the Audi RS e-tron GT: A Luxury Rocket!

Western States Collaboration on Road User Charges Could Be a Model for the Rest of the United States

Given the lack of federal leadership and declining revenues from the gas tax, a newly formed group called the Western Road User Charge Consortium is working together to explore the feasibility of distance-based fees to pay for transportation projects. The outcome could serve as a model for the rest of the country.

Recycling – The Importance of It

Today more and more people are recycling but they still do not completely know why it is important to do so. Many realize that when they recycle they are helping to minimize draining the planet’s limited resources but there are many other factors as to why it is so important.

Being Anti: Vaccines to GMOs

The jury is still out on the complete effectiveness and safety of GMOs and some vaccines, but in the meantime, a lot of good is being done. It’s a free country, but when Anti-Vaxxers & Anti-GMOers force us all to live by their rules in a world free of both vaccines & GMOs, mankind will suffer.

Answering the Drought Through KELEA Activated Water

The water shortage in California and other parts of the world threatens a basic human right of having free and ample access to drinking water. Recent controlled studies have confirmed that water can be easily activated in a manner that improves the efficiency of its use in many agricultural and industrial applications. Using activated water in these various applications will help ensure the readily availability of water for human consumption.

Feeding the World in the 21st Century: Applications in Smart Farming

Can Wi-Fi and technology solve hunger and environmental decay? How are we going to grow enough food to feed an expanding population? Both rural and urban farmers can build sustainable systems to increase crop yields and reduce pollution.

3 Practical Ways for Landscapers to Reduce Waste

Many landscapers and design-build firms market themselves as environmentally conscience or even “green” in their techniques and material choices. Here are three ways that lawn and tree care companies can improve their practices and reduce waste.

Bamboo Is Booming

What you didn’t know about bamboo, encouraging news and the future potential uses for the strongest grass on earth. Explore interesting locations and revolutionary ecologically friendly applications for bamboo in the 21st century.

Why Run With Your Camera When You Can Roll On The AirWheel Self-Balance Electric Unicycle?

Shooting a moving object can be a tedious affair, especially if you are a cinematographer who values perfection in his or her projects. The same goes for shooting videos and dealing with visual effects. A shaky shoot can be low in quality and it can even get dangerous when you run around using your camera. Apart from getting shaky shots, you could end up tripping and getting injured or damaging a pricey camera.

The Twin-Wheel Electric Scooter – Why It Is A Better Choice

Electric scooters draw gazes on the streets as people are curious as to how they function and how to use them. The electric unicycles have gained popularity amongst those who take the chance to embrace them and enjoy the various benefits they come with over standard bicycles. The twin wheel scooter has hit the market hard, especially because the two wheels offer more stability thereby making learning easier for all. You can now learn to balance and control fast on a twin wheel scooter than on one that has one wheel.

Organic Farming: Key to Healthy Living?

What is organic farming? How it promotes healthy living? Organic farming is a form of agriculture that relies crop production on green manure, compost, and biological pest control instead of using pesticides and herbicides. Therefore such process can help individuals have a healthy lifestyle because of the absence of chemical content.

Fair Share and People Care

A discussion of the importance of community engagement and participating in the political process to creating sustainable communities. It is vital that people are engaged rather than passive if change is to be achieved.

Oil Recycling Company Iniatives Encourage Sustainability

Oil recycling company initiatives make it possible for restaurateurs to recycle grease, turning it into a reusable biodiesel fuel. Using this kind of service enables businesses to make use of leftover cooking residues.

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