I Got An Electric Bicycle!! E-Bike Time!!!

what's going on everybody coming to you
from the Capitol State Forest here in Washington State and I have something
big and awesome and fun to share with you finally on a bright sunny day that's
why I came out here I can't wait to show you my eat bag let's go check it out oh where is it though it's not outside
my ebike is inside my RV let me show you check it out
oh hey Jax look at that that is a complete folding ebike inside my RV when
it's folded up in this position it's about 18 inches wide it's about 33
inches long and about 27 inches tall I don't use it to take the seat off right
now but to put that into perspective you can see Jax right here it folds up super
nice and easy and with that kind of versatility you're able to bring it
inside your apartment up the stairs into the elevator into the coffee shop to sit
next to you at the table or if it's raining and nasty for a week you can
store it inside the RV where it's not going to rust right yeah super easy to
get through narrow small spaces and RV doors as you can see fellow carry handle
let's take a look at this thing now maybe you can relate to the same concern
that I and many others may have what about ordering an e-bike online and
having it shipped and a package disassembled isn't that kind of a scary
thing like do I know how to put an e-bike together well this one I think we
can all figure out it's pretty darn easy because it folds in half you just lift
the sucker pull it out there's a one latch here in the middle that locks in
Haleyville heart comes up that locks in slide that guess what we got an e-bike
we can go you know but real quick before we go into some of the specs and we hop
on this thing and see what it can do does everybody know what an e-bike is
essentially basically we are just talking about a normal bicycle except
that there is going to be some kind of a motor and a battery integrated to help
you pedal to help assist your pedaling so there might be levels or in this case
there might even be a throttle where you can just lay on the bike and just pull
the throttle like a motorcycle and go right so because it's an electric bike
or an e bike as we call it it does have a motor in this case our motor is back
here on the rear tire and look at these 4-inch meaty tire
those are almost good for off-road or definitely for a campground like this
but there's a 500 watt rear hub motor in there but then you can see the chain so
it's just like a normal bike we've got disc brakes front and back there's the
disc brakes up front you will notice a lot more wires okay but they are hidden
away nicely and that is kind of important because we have to come up to
the LCD screen here and look at these buttons here so let's turn this bad boy
on hold this down go over to our LED screen here and we've got our energy bar
or battery meter up here our speed and miles per hour or kilometers whatever
you choose your pedal assist level here there are three levels so I can go up to
one two or three depending on how much help I want if it's a zero then it's
just a normal bicycle there's no pedal assist there's no
nothing it's just a bicycle it also has an odometer down here and miles per hour
we can turn on the headlights by holding this down now we have integrated LED
front headlights that are powered from the battery inside and taillights and
get a load of this rear rack right here how cool is that you could put a milk
crate you can put a backpack in groceries it's a spring-assisted so you
could put stuff up here and then this will hold it to the back I just love it
nice big comfy seat right here the top speed of this spike programmed is 28
miles per hour and here is your throttle right here you don't have to pedal you
just twist that throttle and you can go 28 miles per hour on this ebike and
depending on what level of assist you have or whether you are going uphill or
downhill or just all throttle all the time you're gonna get about 25 to 50
miles per charge it takes about 4 to 5 hours to recharge that LG lithium
battery in there and I can basically commute around you know going through
town and going through campgrounds and stuff like this I get days and days
before I even need to recharge it and because I have my solar system this
actually works really well because I can plug it in at night and charge it while
I'm sleeping and have it fully charged the next day for a good 40 miles of
exploring on the ebike no insurance to purchase for a motorcycle the
maintenance is super easy it's basically just a base
a goal in a sense but if I ever have any problems with the components of the
ebike I trust this company and this is the company I went with electric as a
matter of fact they contacted me right after I got into Washington State and
talked about my lack of having transportation so this is a great
opportunity for the two of us to work together they've sent me this bike to
try out for free and I'm going to show you what it can do maybe you find it as
interesting as I do I cannot stop smiling riding this bike I am having
loads and loads of fun and I do not need a motorcycle anymore to be honest with
you I actually like breaking a little bit of sweat burning some calories and
exploring on this bike when it's not raining non-stop right I know the ebike
business is a competitive one right now they are getting super popular prices
can range anywhere from a thousand bucks to four grand for an e bike and some
companies are really taking advantage of people like if it's crazy and they're
putting crap together electric bikes has been out for a while their flagship bike
is the LX road model and it's it's been selling a lot of those lately and they
are just now getting into the RV community I think or apartment but you
know meteor tires a more comfortable ride and actually kind of stylish in my
opinion just to go over a few more things real quick this bike is pretty
adjustable the handlebars will adjust up and down to fit many different riders
the seat goes much higher and a little bit lower than I have it right now as
well and I mean I know some people might not like the look of this bike because
you know just looks really small and then the tires are a lot narrower and
the handlebars are up so higher but wait till the end of the video because I am
actually going to give you my thoughts on this versus a normal mountain bike or
a road bike like electric also offers like this bike more I honestly do we've
got some trails here to test out with these meaty tires and I want to try it
out on the beach on the sand it does also have the chain guard up here in
case you're wearing long pants or something you won't get caught in the
chain that's kind of a nice feature there so I'm out here at Margaret
McKinney campground in the Capitol State Forest and I am actually out of barley
pop so about three and a half miles down the road
little rock is a little store I think this is a great opportunity to take the
bike out and kind of show you some of the features and how fast it goes and
how it works and how it feels but first let's just ride around the campground a
little bit so I got the bike propped up on a rock here real quick I just want to
show you over here at the throttle I really like the feel of this handlebar I
love that part right there here is your throttle so if you twist this throttle
there's no need to pedal at all but we're gonna start this pedaling let's go
ahead and start this off on pedal assist 1 there that will give me about 10 miles
per hour I think once you start pedaling basically what happens is once you start
pedaling this bicycle that motors gonna kick in it's gonna help so let's try it
right now so we'll try it pedal a little bit and there goes and there we are
we're up to 13 miles per hour pedaling the bicycle with pedal assist I don't
like doing this one hand if I did want to show you how easy this is
there you go 13 miles per hour now while we're riding see my thumb over here I
can switch this to three and then it just kind of takes off on me there oh
yeah this is actually a little too faster
slow down just like a normal bike you can just stop pedaling or you can hit
the brakes like a normal bicycle put it back on one now yes there this is an
equestrian campground as well so you will see horses out here yeah it's
perfect for just scooting around the campground or you get to a big city like
I'm going to be using it for I'm gonna take it into the big city and I'm gonna
lock it up maybe I'll remove the battery and take
that with me now the writing position itself is so
much more comfortable like I said than a standard mountain bike or road bike it's
just my arms come straight across I'm not leaned over like a like a bicycle
racer or something like that I just I love feeling the fresh air breaking a
little bit of a sweat sometimes depending on that level oh well this
thing go off-road let's go try it it's great for these types of places a nice
little bicycle slash horse trail and we'll be careful the horses and not go
too fast but she'll do fine through here okay here's a good example we've got a
little hill up here a little off-road dirt definitely uphill I'm gonna get
back here not pedal just twist throttle see if we can make it to the top no
problem at all oh and another thing this is great for we can keep an eye out for
abandoned firewood see campers leave wood all the time in
their campsite and I want to burn it we can just put it on the back here with
this little spring clip right there and voila we can take firewood back to my
campsite on an e-bike oh yeah other things you could possibly do back here
is put a milk crate a lot of people put those on a normal bicycle anyway I had a
five-gallon bucket up here Bungie and also if you want an extra bonus if
you're interested in one of these bicycles there will be a link at the end
of the video and also in the video description if you use promo code
nomadic fanatic on your order you're gonna get some free saddlebag type
things that go on the back here to hold some extra gear as well kind of a extra
perk let me grab my backpack and my ID and my keys and a few things we're gonna
go for a ride on the road I'm gonna have my buddy riding another bike beside me
and we're gonna have a little chat assist to mode going about 20 miles an
hour and they kicked it up in the third and then it instantly starts grabbing
let's see I'm still pedaling still getting a workout maybe not sweating I
get tired just turn the throttle I just sit here just coast 22 miles an hour
maybe catch my breath maybe relax a little bit
grab some water or something and then when I'm ready to go again
start pedaling back in pedal assist mode it's fun it's a really comfortable
position for me I don't feel like I'm bent way over on a mountain bike or
something there's 25 miles-an-hour right there I think I like pedal-assist 3 the most
so come turbo so I'm gonna go explore a little bit at least go to the store
maybe make one little stop at my mounds I want to be a little more save and keep
two hands on the wheel they love it this is super fun thanks to my buddy Andrew
for getting those neat shots on the other bike I do have my chest mount
camera GoPro on right now action camera to get some good shots I know the audio
is terrible I'm gonna fix that later you know in case I plan to actually do
blogging on the bike touring around places I will have better audio soon but
hey no gas it's cheap to ride this thing let's go up into third again I'm
actually going up quite a hill right now not pedaling at all just full throttle
and going 19 miles an hour and yeah the battery does go down one
tick because you're asking for the full 500 watts for the motor right now but
you know it's comfortable really a pretty area here it looks like kind of a
redwood forest but no this is the what we called Miami mounds Natural Area we're gonna park the bike here I'm gonna
lock it up real quick and oh look through here really quick I guess really
quick actually because I don't want to leave Jax too far I've been here before
it's a natural area but they have really let it gone to crap lately I mean they
they can't even mow the grass or wait like it is so natural that you can't
touch it now you can't even see the my mountains anymore it's very strange
it's still a pretty area but boy they they were not kidding about keeping it
natural so let's go about two and a half miles farther to the Little Rock store
and don't get me wrong guys I'm not trying to compare an e bike to a
motorcycle I'm just saying I've had a lot of motorcycles and mopeds and I've
also a lot of bicycles I have never owned an e bike before this being my
first all this is new to me and actually it's really exciting it's a lot of
it makes sense yeah I'm gonna break a sweat sometimes especially in the hot
summer days when I'm riding around even with pedal-assist on three yeah I'm
gonna break a sweat now I may lose a few pounds this summer riding this thing
around but I think it's going to be a great tool in my arsenal and you're
gonna see it incorporated into my life a lot more in the months to come
all right and here is the town of Little Rock Washington all of about one block
you got the Little Rock saloon off to our left there coffee shop off to our
right and up here on our left is the one Chevron gas station and grocery store
followed by the church and the post office get some refreshments official
beer the Northwest Rainier 12-pack it's in there let's go back to camp I
did break a sweat on the way back needless to say I really really really
like this bike way more than I think I should have see this is the other bike
this is the rode bike by electric the LX model and I mean it's great it's just
not as comfortable as this folding bike and I could never have seen that coming
but I think the guys electric knew that was gonna happen I really think they
knew I was gonna fall in love with this bike a little more and I want to thank
the company so much for sending me out the bikes to test out and keep they're
gonna be a really fun part of my life and I no longer even and thinking about
getting the motorcycle so thank you guys there'll be some links in the video
description below you can get yours free shipping and it's easy to put together
like like you saw however if I'm going to be keeping two bikes in the meantime
I want to show you here what my plan is to transport them when it's sunny and
nice cuz I'm probably not always going to fold this up and bring it inside the
RV so I waited yesterday to close this out because my neighbor was running his
generator I thought I could wait till today and have it quieter but he runs it
all day all night and he doesn't even turn it off to refill the gas so anyway
there is a generator next to us wanted to show you what it looks like with both
bikes on the back here it was a little tricky science wise trying to find out
where to put the two-wheel chalk on this so that I could carry both bikes
but they have straps that hold the wheels down this way and like I said the
thing I really like about this is the arm so you can see the arm holding that
one the arm holding this one they are locked they cannot come up so
essentially the bikes are locked to the RV right now well also because I have a
locking hitch clip down there as well but when it's nice and sunny and I don't
have to bring it inside it is kind of nice having both bikes on the back of
the RV here like that and you might say Eric how are you gonna get the middle
bike off if you're gonna use that more often check this out
pull this lever right here and the whole system tilts back I think it does that
in case you have an SUV or a van and you wanted the back door to open but in this
case it's really convenient then I have all this extra room back here to remove
the bike take it off or later I may switch this one to the front it's just
this is the way I set it up and it works so I'm gonna keep having fun with my
bikes you will see them in more of my videos as I enjoy them and again there's
a link in the video description to electric bikes comm check them out let
me know how you like them as well

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