I Replaced my Car with an Electric Bike for One Week… Here’s What I Learned

[Jake:] Most people say, that living in Los Angeles Requires you to own a car in order to survive Today, I challenge that assumption With the rise in electric motor and battery tech utilizing alternative electric transpo Like electric bicycles, is more viable than it has ever been before But have we gotten to the point of being able to ditch our cars altogether? Let's find out For the next week, I will remove all… automotive transportation from my life and replace it with only an electric bike [Electric bike whirring] [Background music] [Sam:] Gangster style [Jake:] I only live about eight miles from the studio, which means that using an electric bicycle for that is totally possible Also, I gotta make up for some of the gas guzzling this truck does [Knocking on the door] [Background chatter] [Jake:] Good to see ya [Nick:] Hey Steven.

Nick Good to meet ya man [Store person:] The most common thing people, you know, you're gonna think about what you're saving on is gas, right? but you've got like, a wear and tear on the vehicles. You're not doing as many oil changes… tire changes – all that stuff The miles are so low now that his insurance is almost cut in half, 'coz he's under seventy five, hundred miles a year so its considered a luxury vehicle Of course you get the exercise, he said the biggest thing he got though from commuting was his zen time [Niko:] Changing the Sam and Niko name is a big deal Sam and I have called it the Sam and Niko channel ever since it was just me and him We're changing the name from "Sam and Niko" to "Corridor Crew" But we can't half-ass it.

We need to do it right. It's not just a name change It's a full-on branding change If somebody hasn't come to the channel in a little while and they see that it says Corridor Crew they need to know that it's the same channel and it's the same people we need to enhance it for art Both Sam and I have been pretty strict, saying we need to have everything set to go at the same time the little intro to the video, the channel name change the icon change and most importantly the banner The banner needs to be good. It needs to be photos of the crew It needs to speak to the team that we are So Sam has told me he's going to dedicate his passion and his artistry to getting a really solid banner photograph for us Sounds like he was a pretty cool vision for it and I'm looking forward to it So…

I'll wait for him to call me in for a picture [Sam:] Oh God, why is this picture day so stressful? I'm taking pictures… but I don't really have a direction. So I'm just gonna wing it See that pink line? [Off camera Nick:] Yes [Sam:] Feet on that, yeah Generally toes at Look like a cool guy Take a baby step backwards Baby step forward again. Like, what will I shoot next? [Camera clicks] [Wren:] That's such a great photo. That's– that's profile photo worthy [Off screen Nick:] Hey Gabe [Camera clicks] [Sam:] Pretty natural Just take a baby step toward me. Yeah there we go Straight on. Go straight again Uh, relax your arms just a little bit …about what to write next Lighting setup…

I chose the first light that was plugged in. It's an LED blanket. We played around with those last year You get this nice soft diffusion. Here, you'll realize they're gangster style Yeah… [Off screen Jake:] The bike I'll be using is the Blix Comfort Prima from the Blix electric bike company It comes equipped with the Shimano Steps, mid drive electric motor Which is an assisted power system that lets you bike as you pedal There is no throttle and no special knowledge required All you do is get on the bike and the steps motor assists you along The aluminum alloy frame is built specifically for this motor and when combined with the 700 centimeter, double-wall alloy wheels and padded leather saddle and leather grips it delivers a comfortable smooth ride It's a commuter bike…

And commuting is exactly what I'll be doing It's 13 miles [Sam:] 13 miles? Okay, 13 miles So you're gonna be getting here- It's gonna take you like, yeah, 35, 40 minutes I mean that's a lot of minutes I mean, I would be interested to see them as possible, because from my experience in LA is like, there's not even sidewalks. And everyone here drives like a maniac So it's like, literally the whole world is fighting against you [Jake:] Yeah, kinda I am now officially on my first electric bike commute I'm gonna be mostly taking two rivers Meaning I'm gonna go about, an extra mile in a direction that I don't want to go However, there is a shortcut if… I take a set of abandoned train tracks I'll save about a mile on my trip Do not take the train tracks These are active train tracks, all right? and currently I'm stuck, somewhere over the 710 freeway Alright.

This is the river path The thing I really like about this assisted power system, is that you can still get a workout in Given the time it takes to work out at home, drive to the studio and the time it takes to drive back at night, I actually think I saved myself a half hour a day [Sam:] LA is one of the most sprawled out cities in the entire United States Honestly, like, I love biking. I've loved biking my whole life and it's great And then once I moved to LA, I stopped. The city was just fighting me It's kind of scary to bike 'coz cars are like…

pexels photo 3671151

[Jake:] Could this go horribly wrong? Yes, and if it does then we all know that LA is the most non pedestrian friendly city on the history of On this history of the planet. Which it probably is [Multiple car horns] [Car horn] [Multiple car horns] [Car horn] [Bike brakes squeaking] [Jake:] It's so fucking sketch around here This is clearly an area that's not set up for bicycle transportation, whatsoever Definitely 45 minutes Hey, look, there's Wren [Wren:] Oh hey.

Dude you made it! Nice! [Off screen Jake:] I made it dude Day three commute home And there's two things I've noticed so far Number one – Zen You get a lot of time for… thought and reflection when you are out here effectively alone after a day's work you get a lot of time to think about it and on your way in you get a lot of time to think about your way in and what you're gonna do that day So that's really really nice.

I really really like that Number two however – Know your gear know what you might need, uh, along the way and the only way you really get to know your gear is by using the gear that you have I've already had to cancel an appointment I've been trying to go to the eye doctor for about a month now and today I finally had an opportunity to go but there's no possible way that I could take my bike to the eye doctor and Get over to downtown LA for another meeting that we have in time If I had a car, probably would have been able to make both of those things. but it's just too far and not enough time This isn't a fun day because I'm carrying a lot of weight in this backpack right here I'm carrying airsoft rifles. They're heavy. They have batteries. They have magazines with bb's in them I gotta take these all the way to work, I don't have a car There's only one way to do that.

Grind it out Between the filming and the traffic today, it's taking me It's gonna take me over an hour. Look at this. So every time I have to cross the road I need to wait a super long time for traffic because you have to roll with traffic across intersections This is– To do this everyday and to replace it with your car is not Not enjoyable [Christian:] Uh… So I know we've been planning to change the branding and I know the name for the new Corridor Crew But honestly Sam's been tucked away in the cave during this whole process.

So I have no idea what the new assets look like at all [Wren:] Is it official is it flipped? [Niko:] We're changing the channel name right now How you doing it Jake [Jake:] like, I'm doing it right now [Wren:] Question are we gonna have Crew shirts now? [Collective comments] [Jake:] Heck yeah [Wren:] Once we get the fancy new store– [Niko:] Once Jake has the merch store back up [Jake:] Just send them the new designs man. [Wren:] Black on black. [Jake:] You guys just wait trust me The wait on the merch store is gonna be worth it I promise you [Drumming] [Wren:] Dude…yeah…

[Cheering] [Niko:] So pro! [Jake:] Time to announce our 1 million subscribers street meet barbecue [Wren:] Maybe not call it street meet barbecue though [Jake:] Street meat barbecue dude. It's a meet-up. Barbecue, in a park, in LA when we hit 1 million subs [Niko:] So hit that sub button That's what Jake forgot to end a sentence with [Jake:] We'll announce it. We'll probably announce it…not here [Niko:] Hit that subscribe button if you want to get us to this park meet [Wren:] Don't that mean that like, our viewers are part of the crew? [Jake:] Yes [Niko:] Yes [Wren:] So hit that subscribe button if you want to be part of the Corridor Crew Thank you [Jake:] Thanks Wren [Background music] [Off screen Jake:] Putting over 200 miles in on this electric bike I've come to the conclusion, that you can actually live in this city without owning a car But that said, you're not going to be able to get away with not using cars at all you're still gonna need to rent cars, do things like ride-shares from time to time just to get around this city Why? It's 500 square miles and it's been built pretty much from the ground up for cars.

But… if you can find the efficiency in your life to get by on an electric bike You can actually do it and you're gonna save a ton of money that way too For me however, I'm not ready to give up cars just yet Huge thanks to the Blix bicycle company for hooking us up with the electric bike if you guys are interested in trying this on your own Go to blixbike.com, and use the offer code to get $100 off your first bike You're welcome [Background music].

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