INCREDIBLE 38mph, Mid-Drive, Carbon Fiber E–BIKE ($2,500)

check this out, boys!!!!!!!   what's up, guys, welcome back to the channel 
another e-bike review coming at you live, straight   from the inja compound so this is a nireeka ebike 
this is the first mid-drive motor that is supposed   to go fast I reviewed that cafe racer ebike that 
looked cool that he was selling for $4,000 but   this is a bike that i just like waaaay more that 
the cafe racer ebike and it boasts much better   specs for less money, so I'm excited to take it 
out of the box! now, from their website you can   actually order, like custom-build these kind of 
and they send you a spec'd model whatever you   choose Now I told the company that i "Wouldn't 
Mind" if they sent me a fully-spec'd model so   this one should, at least if they sent me a 
fully-spec'd model I haven't seen it yet but this   one should have a 1,000W mid-drive motor and a 
17.5ah battery they said it goes 38mph just on the   electric throttle, and it should get a frick ton 
of miles, I can't remember the figure but anyway,   let's get this thing unboxed and I'll get to all 
the specs and fancy stuff when it's actually out   of the box how does that sound to you guys? Good? 

[Explosion Meme] So you guys should know   how i do this by now I get so many companies 
hitting me up wanting to review their stuff   But I turn down legitimately like 95% of all the 
offers i get so i'm pretty selective on the ones   that i choose and this one looked cool enough and 
because they're sending this to me for free, I'm   not going to be biased like i don't care what they 
think of the video it's already a done-deal. like   for example, the KBO e-bikes you guys remember 
that video, I basically told you don't buy one   even though they sent me those bikes AND paid 
for the review I just want to get that out of   the way now. I get comments every video like 
"OhH iT's a BiAsEd REviEw, tHey SeNT yOu ThAt,   DidN't TheY" but I couldn't care less whether 
they sent it to me or not because i'm doing   them a huge favor and if their product 
sucks, I'm just going to say it sucks   anyway, not saying this one will, let's get 
it unboxed and see how it actually looks   dude i totally forgot this is a freakin carbon 
fiber frame I totally forgot that! I took the   seat out and it was the lightest seat i have 
ever held its a freakin carbon fiber seat the   post is and the seat is and everything this is 
so freakin light the freakin check out that motor   and right now, i think these things are $2,500 
for that price, for what I'm looking at,   I know you guys might not see it physically 
like i do but this thing is freaking impressive   it's huge too i mean like there's my full 
on leg right there and i'm like 6'3" so   it's not a short leg compared to the tire 
just how big this bike is holy freak dude   i did confirm as well that this is the fully 
spec'd out model.

So you guys can see here,   this is the options and you actually 
kind of custom build it on their website   this is a 19" frame they call it 
a large frame there's also a 17.5"   as well medium but they sent me a large they 
sent me maybe not loading im not sure but i   did see a white color a pearl white color i don't 
know why it's not here anymore but. anyway they   did send me a pearl white color it was a carbon 
fiber frame and the motor is a 1000w motor it's   1000w continuous i don't know what the peak is on 
this but it's a bafang motor which are really nice   then the battery is the 17.5ah 48v battery 
and it clicks in so if you guys come over here   you guys can actually see under here it's 
a removable battery pack so I clicked it   in right before this charged it up clicked it in 
and this is a solid bike this is a very solid bike   carbon fiber handlebars i don't know if you 
guys can see it but it's carbon fiber and   this almost has no weight to it like i couldn't 
even feel itjust like the carbon fiber seat it is   incredibly- like it's so light but the whole thing 
is carbon fiber and it's super light the interface   is a lot like other ones i love the display so 
this is the second mid-drive motor i have tested   that cafe racer bike i mentioned it was like way 
worse than this one but like check this out boys   oh that's only on pedal assist 
1 lets go all the way up   it says 55mph on the display 
that is so crazy im excited to   test this thing out so let's get it 
out to the street and see what it's got   yeah it's a fast bike this is super fun let me 
get it into the lowest gear so it has the highest   torque on the motor and see what the acceleration 
is this bike is also kind of like a motorcycle   like you can shift you shift through the gears 
and it makes it easier on the motor to get you   all the way up to speed faster so i'm going to 
start on the lowest gear then click it into the   highest gear i'll have to do that on the full test 
ride when we have a longer strip but right now   lets just see how much torque it has let me get it 
into a higher gear alright i'm in the highest gear   right now so i'm going to just mash the throttle 
and see what it does brakes work let's see if it   will wheelie that's some pretty good torque 
it's a high gear so i mean it's supposed to   it's a super long gear up top so let's see if this 
badboy will wheelie nope not quite but it's quick   dude alright she's on a full charge alright let's 
take this thing out for a range test i feel like   it's going to be a long afternoon because i 
was just clicking through the settings here   and you guys can see i just got to the range and 
it says 79 miles im excited this is a super super   nice bike they also did throw in a carbon 
fiber backpack which is pretty sweet it's   like a hard-shell backpack they also threw in a 
helmet probably the only bike helmet that i own   but i'm still not going to wear it and they also 
threw in some fender which i personally don't   like the look of they're just your typical 
plastic fender they're actually pretty stiff   they're actually nice fenders I'm just not going 
to put them on i'm not going to bring you guys   along for the whole riding that's kind of boring 
so I'll just bring you guys back when I'm all done   alright we just finished up the ride, it only 
took me about what do you think, and hour and a   half probably? yeah it's like 5 i think i left 
at like 3 something so we're sitting currently   at 8% battery so i will call it pretty much dead 
i could definitely tell it was getting a little   bit more sluggish at the end the software i will 
say actually did feel like it was slowing me down   before it was actually damaging the battery if you 
run bikes and batteries too low and run them to 0%   it's not good for the battery so you should always 
keep it between 20-80% ideally in the battery life   so the software felt like it was kind of slowing 
it down and it held it at 7% actually for a long   time i was probably riding 2 miles or so at 7% so 
it was trying to keep it there keeping the battery   life preserved i believe so that was cool it has 
the good software i like a lot of ebikes just   cut off when it's completely dead and 1.

pexels photo 6249461

for the battery and 2. you don't make it home   but this thing is really nice on the 
odometer currently we have 22.1 miles   i did put it in eco mode about half way through 
but it didn't really do anything because   i have it completely unlocked so it gives max 
amps all the time and i went full throttle i   was cruising it's a hot day today it's like 100 
degrees so no one was on the bike trails i mean   i might have seen one person the entire time so i 
was cruising the entire way full out 37 or so mph   is what i was topping out at so i was getting 
places really quick so 22.1 miles is it might   not seem like that much it's kind of the standard 
ebike you buy any ebike from like $1,200 up is   going to get around 20 or so miles this one we got 
22.1 on the charge but i was going twice as fast   and i will say this motor and everything is just 
so much higher output than all the other ebikes so   it's a huge advantage going up slopes on this 
thing i couldn't even feel the hills and it   was a good grade too so this is probably besides 
the ariel rider grizzly i think this is probably   one of the most beastly ebikes i have this thing 
is crazy but between this one and the ariel rider   grizzly this one is cheaper i think it's on sale 
right now for like $2500 for this badboy which   is a great deal it's a great deal for the specs 
you're getting and whatnot and just the overall   look how big it is how light it is i mean this 
is an insane ebike for $2500 yeah i don't know   if you could get better than that right now it 
said it was on sale so right now like i can't   predict the future they might raise their prices 
the might now but right now it's on sale for $2500   between this and the ariel rider grizzly though it 
just has a very different feel this is a mid-drive   that one has dual hub motors the mid drive allows 
you to shift like a motorcycle the ariel rider   grizzly has just dual hub motors so it's basically 
all gas or none you know you don't shift through   gears or anything this you can gear it for torque 
or you can gear it for top speed so that's another   huge upside you can it actually feels like a 
motorcycle we'll go on a ride in just a second   but it actually feels like a motorcycle when 
you're shifting through the gears you can start   off accelerating insanely fast and you can shift 
through gears just like a normal motorcycle and   so that's super cool if you were judging this 
like a normal ebike going 20-22mph or something   i probably would have seen 50 to 60 miles out 
of this thing because that's less than half   amps if you're keeping it at that speed on this 
powertrain setup but i was full out all the time   highest amps possible full throttle the entire way 
and as far as appearance goes this is definitely   by far the best looking ebike i have owned i 
mean this thing is awesome it's huge it feels   like a motorcycle when you're riding it and the 
suspension is nice you can gear it you know you   can change the compression and everything for the 
front suspension alright riding the Nireeka e-Bike   this thing's a beast dude alright 
let's shift all the way down   alright so i put it in third gear 
and this bike you actually kind   of shift through like a motorcycle but 
let's just mash it and start shifting   and yeah it picks up pretty dang quick   34 i got a have wind against 
me we're at 34mph right now   let's see if i shifted up into 
9th gear let's see what happens   oh yeah it's climbing even more now we're at 35mph   i think there's one more gear left let's see yeah 
there's one more gear left too 36 and climbing   i'm not having like full enough 
stretches to really get up to speed   we're in 9th gear this is full throttle 
and it's still picking me up 20mph   23 and climbing we're at 27mph   and we're on eco i should have put it in sport 
mode i think it actually is a little quicker in   sport mode i think it gives all the amps i 
think eco mode actually does limit the amps   let me put it in sport mode and let me 
see if that actually does change anything   i think you push the information button twice 
yeah and it goes into the display settings   let's go default mode let's turn that to 
sport that already feels a little bit quicker   as far as the comfort of the ride goes this bike 
is definitely not bad it does have adjustable   suspension air suspension and yeah it does fine 
the riding position i actually prefer it's really   sporty and it almost feels like a sportbike 
or a cafe racer super low kind of stance to it   but yeah the cafe racer ebike i reviewed 
had a very similar setup to this one but   it was more of like a cruiser bikes and the 
handlebars were all like back here and i   would literally hit my knees every time 
i tried to turn that was so frustrating   but not with this one this one's awesome i mean i 
love the overall look and style and stance of it   super nice bike for sure alright so we're 
up to 32mph and that was in 7th gear   so i think that's probably 
the top speed for 7th gear   alright let's rip it   dang i'm always going into the wind goodness 
but we'll see what we can get this is sport mode   alright so we're topping out at.

33 let's 
shift it up to 8th gear get like a tuck   get as sport as possible right now okay just 
don't hit me and we're good okay don't hit me   don't hit me okaye we're good alright 36mph 
let's go up to 9th gear i think it's 9th gear   okay so yeah we're cruising 
right at 36mph with a headwind   okay so i guess maybe eco mode doesn't limit the 
amps we went about the same speed i mean it's all   unlocked i mean i set the top speed on this to 
60mph and so i'm sure it's not limiting anything   between eco and sport i'm sure if 
i limited the speed limit it would   probably have a difference I don't know but 
yeah alright so we're in 9th gear just cruising   36.3mph   and i gotta say the fat tires on this thing are 
crazy they are 30" wheels and they are THICK   mang that is the same thickness as a motorcycle 
tire so that is super cool it legitimately and   the frame and everything the size of this bike 
legitimately feels like a motorcycle almost i   mean you got the bicycle handlebars so it doesn't 
feel quite like a motorcycle but you can't get any   closer than this i don't think with an e–Bike to 
feeling like a motorcycle especially the speed in   it and everything it's basically a motorcycle 
kind of just a de-tuned electric motorcycle   is what it feels like and this also 
opens up your options for going on like   bike trails and stuff places motorcycles 
cant go plus you don't have to register this   plus you don't have to have insurance on this 
there's a lot of upsides to having an eBike   instead of an electric motorcycle probably 
the bike i'm going to take out i have so many   ebikes i got the ariel rider i got the cyrushers 
that i like as well and there's this one i think   personally this is the one i'm going to take out 
whenever i have to go for a bike ride so this is   the Nireeka e-Bike i freakin love this thing and 
it's customizable dude you order your spec'd one   however you want it from their website and they 
send it to you so I couldn't be more happy with it   alright so there you have it this is the Nireeka 
i honestly don't even know the model number but   I'll link it down below if you guys want to check 
it out thank you Nireeka for sending me this bike   but that being said guys i'm definitely not this 
isn't a biased review this is genuinely actually   a good bike you guys know me i don't twist things 
just because they send me stuff i'm very selective   on the bikes I'm accepting now and so if it looks 
different or it looks super cool like this i'm   accepting those kind of reviews but i'm not being 
biased at all this is genuinely a good bike he's   got like a 2000 so yeah i'm very happy 
with this bike it's an awesome powertrain   and it's all carbon fiber i mean 
you can't beat that so and for $2500   currently that's crazy it's a great price for 
it so check it out if you are interested it's   a great bike that being said guys we'll 
catch you next time thanks for watching

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