Introducing our automatic shifting ebikes | Specialized Vado & Como 5.0

Hey there I'm about to ride up this hill behind me on this Specialized Vado 5.0 e-bike   which is going to make it easier for me And this bike has the enviolo automatic shifting system so I don't need to worry about shifting gears to get to the top   The automatic shifting system is housed within the rear wheel hub   where the switching of gears happens smoothly and seamlessly What's more the system is continuously analyzing and adjusting itself   to keep me pedaling at my preferred pedal pace The system ensures that I can get going comfortably from a standstill or low speeds   in a preset gearing of my choice But enough about this welcome to automatic shifting on an e-bike You know what's really amazing because I didn't have to think about shifting gears my mind could be completely free and I could focus on the road   The automatic shifting feature is available on 
the all-new Specialized Vado and Como 5.0 models   And the system used is the enviolo automatiq stepless shifting system enviolo's automatic shifting uses the continuously variable planetary otherwise known as CVP technology to provide fully automatic stepless shifting This means it keeps you pedaling at your preferred pedal pace without you having to think about it whether you're riding uphill downhill or on a flat road An automatic stepless shifting system means there's no
predetermined gears to step up or down to like on a traditional bicycle with a derailleur Rather, with automatic stepless shifting the changing of gears is smooth seamless and barely noticeable In fact there's an infinite amount of gearings 
possible between the smallest and largest gears   and the system continuously analyzes and adjusts gearings to give you a   super comfortable ride at your preferred pedal pace The system is also extremely low maintenance and clean as it is housed in an internal gear hub and uses a carbon belt drive You can find out more about the advantages of
our internal gear hub and belt drive e-bikes in a video on the Specialized University Youtube channel   We encourage you to check that out as 
internally geared bikes can be a game changer   You can easily optimize the system to your riding style using the MasterMind Turbo Connect Display From the settings menu you can enter your preferred pedal pace For instance the standard setting would be for someone who likes
to pedal at a cadence of around 80 pedal turns a minute   The faster setting suits someone who 
likes to pedal at 90 turns a minute   and the slower settings suit someone who
likes to pedal at 70 turns per minute we however recommend to ride at the standard setting
of 80 turns per minute for optimal efficiency and range   You can further configure your settings to your liking within the enviolo app   All these technical details are explained within the automatic
bikes tutorial on the Specialized University Youtube channel And there you have it our introduction to the automatic shifting feature   available on the new Specialized Vado and Como 5.0 models If ease reliability low maintenance and cleanliness are all important things for you then these bikes are an incredible option Head over to to place an online order or to find a nearby retailer Thanks so much for watching

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