Jeep Fold E-Bike FR 7000 E-Faltrad

Jeep doesn't just make cars, there are now
e-bikes too. One of them is the Fold FR 7000 folding bike
with a particularly deep step-through and integrated 374.4 Wh battery. The wide 20 inch tires as well as the overall
off-road style and, in our opinion, the very successful design in the casual Jeep style
are also striking. On the drive side, Jeep does not use a mid-engine
system for the Fold FR 7000, which weighs just under 27 kilograms, but instead uses
a rear-wheel hub motor in combination with a simple 7-speed Shimano derailleur. According to the manufacturer, the battery
provides a range of up to 80 kilometers and can also be removed and charged externally. As always with e-bikes, the range depends
on many factors – such as topography, support level, payload, etc. A small control panel is attached to the handlebars,
where the motor is switched on and the essential settings and information are stored – such
as the selection of support levels one to five, speed, battery level or lights on off.

When driving, you quickly notice that the
support of the rear wheel hub motor – as in many other models with this type of drive
technology – begins with a delay. You have to get used to this in order to keep
the delayed power boost under control when driving away in high support levels. What would look good on this e-bike is a mid-engine
drive from one of the well-known manufacturers – for example as an equipment option. That would certainly go very well with the
Fold FR 7000 and the Jeep brand and would be an attractive update as part of a facelift. The quite audible motor has 40 Nm of torque,
which is absolutely sufficient for the likely areas of application of the Fold.

After all, this bike will probably not go
on long mountain stages. The folding process is quite simple. The saddle, pedals, frame and handlebars are
brought into their folding positions and you get a handy package with the dimensions 78 x
90 x 40 cm. We got the Fold into the trunk of a Honda
Jazz without any problems and without folding down the rear seats. Larger cars can probably also accommodate
two Jeep Fold folding bikes in the trunk. And transport by public transport is also
not a problem. Rare on an e-folding bike, but a pleasant
plus: the front suspension fork for more suspension comfort – a pleasant ingredient, especially
on bad roads or on the often bumpy urban bike paths. Also coolly designed: the saddle and the robust
luggage rack with a payload of up to 25 kilograms. The Fold also has disc brakes at the front
and rear – not high-end models, but at least.


Overall, both components and driving behavior
correspond to the relatively low price level of the Fold, which was offered for 2099 euros
at the time of going to press. Just for comparison: the top-of-the-line Tern
Vektron S10 folding e-bike costs about 3800 euros. The Fold FR 7000 is almost half the price. In return, you get an exceptionally stylish,
compact e-folding bike that rightly attracts attentions. Design, color and shape are extremely successful. The integrated battery and the inconspicuous
rear wheel hub motor only reveal the Fold FR 7000 as an e-bike at second or third glance. The deep entry with the frame pulled down
does not offer the driving stability of a more strongly braced frame. But you will buy this folding e-bike mainly
because it looks cool, is easy to fold and because it has the casual Jeep brand image. And all of this at a relatively low price
of 2099 euros at the time of going to press.

Jeep e-bikes are currently (spring 2021) available for purchase
online on the Jeep Ebikes website for the Austrian market..

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