Juiced Hyper Scrambler 2 Electric Bike / 52v Dual Battery / 100 mile range First Impressions

there is a random shopping cart right there so i i don't know what to say about that oh yeah this is the new bike check it out it's the juiced hyper scrambler 2. wow look at that [Music] [Music] wow [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] what's going on everybody welcome back to the street mobs podcast welcome back to the vibe tribe oh yeah this is the new bike check it out it's the juiced hyper scrambler 2 in the red dual 52 volt batteries i'm glad everybody is here we're just uh out here on this beautiful day it doesn't get much better than this there is a random shopping cart right there so i i don't know what to say about that today like i said we are going to be riding the juiced hyper scrambler 2.

It's like 85 degrees out and uh yeah if you're new to the channel like always consider subscribing and joining the mob nation where we ride all day street miles we're always mobbing through the city so that's what we're doing if you're new to the channel welcome to the channel if you're a vet to the channel welcome back thank you for showing back up shout out to all of the people who just were on my live stream on instagram we're gonna start live streaming here on youtube as soon as we hit a thousand subs so make sure you hit that subscribe button so we can go live and if you're a vet welcome back you know what it is you know what we're doing we're in fort walton beach florida and we are going to explore the city what i like to do here is i like to mix electric bikes electric skateboards electric transportation basically with urban exploring or urbexing if you're not familiar with it go check it out it's a cool subculture of people and what we do is we go around and we try to find crazy so we're about to go over this into the bottom of fort walton beach and then after that we're gonna try to hit the beach i'm waiting on two people that are like right there let's go let's go let's go [Music] so shout out to everybody who has been showing love to the channel lately i appreciate it i see every bit of it man this wind is crazy right now so i did install a thumb throttle i hate half twist throttles so i have a thumb throttle now i did take it off of the eco trick so we're gonna have to put the one that was on the juiced bike on the eco uh either today or tomorrow i'm gonna try not to get run over that would be the goal all right let's try this road we haven't went down here before oh nice that's a little cut off sweet doing his little parenting yeah let's go down this is going to be interesting it's definitely quicker [Music] i will say that much the range is absolutely insane so oh think you're gonna stop me by barrier get out of here go on somewhere with that so the power is definitely there on this bike it pulls and it pulls i have it in race mode i really don't take it out of race mode i don't see a need to have it out of race mode i never really understood you people that like to uh ride around at five miles an hour it's not my style oh damn good vibes only we don't have bad vibes here this is it wow look at that so that was a fun fun little dip in the water what's uh get on the bike i will echo people that have said this before about the hyper scrambler 2.

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This is a tall bike come on there we go it is a tall bike for show so things i like about this bike in the display we have the gear selection here and then from the gear selection we have lights on lights off blinker left and right and a horn you have your display up and down with your modes you have zero assist eco one two three sport and race mode like i said over here i did change the throttle to a thumb throttle and i have added a crossbar so i have something to mount my phone to i have my speaker down here battery pack underneath it and this is one of my favorite parts that is a usb plug so i get to charge my phone while they ride you guys want to pass this golf cart think it's fast enough [Music] we have mary esther's finest aren't they beef with uh fort walton beach fire department here or at least that's what the guys were saying they're like station three beef swiss station one and blah blah blah man that's funny that's cool okay everybody that is gonna be it we're gonna park next to this really cool boat and do the outro maybe wanna do it let's do it up here next to this nasty cool rusted door because you know isn't that aesthetically pleasing all right we got 10 percent left on the battery so i'm going to close it here pop another battery in we're going to do another ride but thank you for watching the channel if you like content remember like comment share subscribe join the mob nation join the vibe tribe and this is the hyper scrambler two 52 volt dual battery electric bike slash electric moped from juiced bikes anyways you guys have a good day remember work hard stay hard grind i'll see you guys in the next video peace out vibe tribe

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