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Why We Must All Recycle

The earth is in trouble, and it is time for us to step up. It has cared for us from the beginning of time, and now it is time for us to return that love. The irresponsible steps taken by human beings in the past have resulted in serious consequences in the present, and can lead to much more in the future.

Protect The Environment By Recycling Plastic

What do we do when we are done drinking a bottle of soda, or a packet of chips? Most of us just throw it in the dust bin, without a second thought. And that seems like the right thing to do. Where else would one throw trash? But have you ever wondered what happens to these plastic bottles and packets after they go in to the bin?

Electronic Recycling

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate around us. If we were to look at even the last decade of the world’s development, we would find numerous new products that were introduced and countless advances in products that already existed. This rapid growth and change in technology has resulted in creating many outdated and obsolete products, which find no use in the present.

Methods Of Recycling

Recycling is something that is essential for the world. It is the process of gathering and sorting out waste materials or used items, processing them and then using the resulting product. In the current state of affairs, a practice as such is not helpful; it is essential!

History Of Recycling

Recycling might seem like a recent development. Today, more and more people are turning to it and making it a part of their lifestyle. However, few would know that the act of recycling has been in existence for a very long time now.

Recycling Guide – The Man’s Way Learn 3 Ways

These tips are for the average male. The hard worker, beer drinking, Cheeto eating, T.V. watching male. One who cares for the environment but doesn’t see the need or want in spending $15 dollars on some girly looking crap Eco bottle that ends up leaking on you or a bunch of re-useable cloth bags that your never going to wash or fold or stack neatly in a ergonomic Eco friendly containment unit. Their just going to end up on the pantry floor shoved in the corner covered in dry dog food and forgotten. *Disclaimer* I’m sure there’s tons of great, durable, reliable Eco crap products out there but don’t forget this is the MAN’S MAN GUIDE to ECO- FRIENDLINESS. Besides that $15 bucks can go towards beer and munchies.

Reducing Methane Produced by Cattle

Methane is a greenhouse gas with a warming potential of 21 times the potency of carbon dioxide. Methane is the principal component in natural gas and is produced naturally in some systems and can also be man-made.

What Environmental Monitoring Services Can Do for Us

The earthquake that hit Japan and the tsunami that was its aftermath showed the whole world just how wrathful nature can be. No matter how prepared a country is, natural calamities such as that come without warning so there really is no one to blame. We can only do so much. But that doesn’t mean that countries and governments are not doing anything to somehow counter the effects of such distressing catastrophes. On the contrary, governments have environmental monitoring services which monitor the quality of the environment. The main idea behind this is so that a country can prepare environmental impact assessments to study and counteract harmful effects on the natural environment as caused by man or forces of nature.

Science Fiction Or Reality? Five Inventions That Will Happen in Your Lifetime

Science fiction has inspired millions to look into the future and just imagine what it could really look like. Great writers like Jules Verne, and HG Wells foresaw the use of Spacecraft, and submarines. Great minds like Leonardo Di Vinci, created plans of aircraft, and helicopters, half a millennium ago. Perhaps these five inventions could happen in our lifetime?

New Eco-Innovation – Lazy Susan Sun Tracker for Potted House Plants, Solar Energy Collection

If you have a quite a few house plants in your home as I do, then perhaps you’ve heard the theory that you should turn your plants around occasionally and allow them to face the Sun or light coming into your home from a different angle. This theory bothers me because plants in their natural setting don’t have themselves repositioned in that way. Yes, the Sun moves around as our axis tilts plus, or minus due to the seasonal planetary shifts, but the Sun still comes up more or less in the East and sets in the West.

Biological Lake Management Through Aeration

To cope with the rapidly growing negative changes in our environment, particularly our waters, it is important that we initiate some form of action to counteract such changes – like biological lake management. Without question, the need to rehabilitate our lakes has never been as high as it is today. And why not?

Retro-Fit Energy Saving Products and Water Saving Products for Business

Energy saving products can save money on monthly electric bill. Besides using less energy it reduces discharge of carbon dioxide and harmful pollutants from power plants that burn less fossil fuels to meet the lesser energy demand.

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