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How To Create Less Rubbish

If you care about your environment then you need to read this article. Far too much of the pollution that goes into our atmosphere could be reduced by a better management of our own personal waste.

Recycling Bottles – Useful Way to Protect the Environment

Everyone wants to keep earth clean and green but very few ones take it seriously and contribute in this regard. Use of glass bottles has been considered one of the major reasons of increased landfill situation. And it is important to have complete knowledge in this regard to make efforts toward making landfill situation normal.

Your Savings on Business Power Can Help Grow Your Business

Every business needs business power to help save on energy costs. In the UK there are domestic rates for homes and business rates for businesses, the reason business have a different rate is they use bulk electricity and gas. Saving on these costs is important for any business.

Localized Online Green Directories Highlighting Sustainable Options Promote Community Sustainability

How do citizens within a community know what their local green and sustainable options are? Businesses offering services and products frequently implement sustainable initiatives but discovering this often hidden information can be very time consuming and frustrating. Start up a local green directory in your community to enhance sustainability in your region.

Global Warming – What’s A Magnetic Motor?

Do you know what a magnetic motor is? There are permanent magnet motors and magnetic motors so it can be a little confusing. It’s really just a difference in specifics actually, one is exactly what it suggests, namely the permanent magnet motor, the other however is a broader category but basically means power assisted motors of a magnetic nature. So a permanent magnet motor is powered solely by the permanent magnets within it whereas a magnetic motor is most often a design which makes use of an external power source for start up and running.The second and broader class are often called ‘over unity motors’. What they are in fact doing is producing far more power than they consume so they are very good if you’re wanting to save money on your power bills. Whereas at present there are no working models of ‘permanent magnet motors’ in existence anywhere in the world.

What’s Wrong With Wind to Win the Future – A Wind Turbine Rant

As the coordinator for a Think Tank which operates online, I am often amazed at the fiery passionate debates amongst members when it comes to alternative energy. There are global warming alarmists who treat it as a religion, pragmatic energy experts, and money interests skewing the political debate. It’s intense indeed.

Remove Paint Safely With Safe Strip Paint Remover

Traditional paint removers are hazardous to the health of the workers who use them, especially for people who use them on a continuous basis. They usually contain high levels of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which make a person dizzy and nauseous when inhaled. HAPs and VOCs have been known to cause various kinds of respiratory ailments, especially when inhaled for a prolonged period of time. They can also irritate the skin and eyes.

Contec Sat Wipes Are Better Hand Wipes

Hand wipes are a must in a lot of work environments. They are convenient to use and have a wide variety of applications. They keep worker’s hands clean while operating machines and equipment. They are also used to clean equipment and parts of equipment. Sometimes, companies can get away with using the ones sold in groceries. But most of these are designed for personal use and are not industrial strength.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning With Orange Cleaners

What exactly does it mean to be green and eco-friendly when cleaning? Green is not just a buzzword. It is a way for us to take action and live better and healthier lives through the choices we make: from the cars that we drive to the products that we utilize in our homes and workplaces. So why not start at home? How many potentially harmful chemicals do we all have lurking in our kitchens, bathrooms or garages? Traditional products have noxious fumes that can pollute the air we breathe and produce toxins that can be harmful to our health.

MIL-PRF-680A: An Industrial-Strength Cleaner

There are many advantages to using MIL-PRF-680C to clean. It has no odor and does not contain any water. It evaporates completely and leaves no sticky residue. It also does not contain any ingredients that are hazardous. This industrial degreaser is frequently used by the military to clean and maintain their DOD ground equipment, ground vehicles, aviation equipment and weapons.

Scrap Batteries – The New Gold

Al Gore pretty much changed the whole world’s view on climate change. I believe he paved the way in transforming the scrap batteries to become gold-like in stature. He gave us a picture of horrific magnitude of the consequences of our environmental neglect. With that horror, he weaved for himself the opportunity to instill hope, the hope to redemption.

How Effective Are Wind Turbines?

Wind turbines as we know them, have been around since 1890. In Denmark, wind power was being experimented with 5-25 kilowatt wind powered systems. As technology changed over last decade new innovations have come forth changing how we look at wind powered systems. As we continue to deplete our resources, the need for alternative energy and its development are now a necessity not just an experiment. Our main question today is how effective are wind turbines?

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