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Life With a Robot

Life with a robot, hope everyone is doing as good as possible, I was thinking about this for years, and yes one online vendor made extremely easy with small installments that I decided to take the step, I will not share brand or vendor, but I want to share the experience and I am posting the link to the video that tipped the scale here, the guy is good. The learning curve was not as bad as I expected, no assembly necessary, once the unit arrived was a matter to charge, and let it learn the house,…

Global Plastic Recycling: Fixing a Broken System

For the first time, plastic was used in the 20th century. Since then, plastic products have become quite common in our routine lives. Plastic is used in numerous products.


Astrooceanography is a new emerging field in space exploration. As the name suggests, this field of science is dedicated to the exploration of exo planets and the water on them. Where there is water, there is life.

Astrobotany: The Connection Between Space Exploration and Eco Friendly Living

Astrobotany is one of the newer sub fields of Astrobiology and Botany. Its the connection between Space Exploration and Eco friendly Food production.

How Personal Responsibility for Garbage Turned Me Greener

The Green Party is going about this all wrong! They’re pursuing ends without regard for the means. This article explains the problem with their strategy, and proposes better tactics to achieve their goals. These tactics will achieve buy-in from others who don’t consider themselves Green, and will be more effective than trying to impose their will coercively by government fiat.

Say NO to Counterfeit Electronic Parts

Nowadays, the counterfeit industry is gaining more and more prominence. This is happening because of the steep competition in the market, and the average customer’s search for cheap goods. Taking advantage of this trend in the market, a lot of manufacturers have now started using fake parts in electronic goods to cut down on production costs.

Renewable Energy Applications for Your Home

If you want to make a good home improvement investment, consider renewable energy sources. Solar roofing has had much success, and it is a great place to start!

Freon Air Conditioners Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Freon technology is going downhill as far as popularity and usage goes. Learn more about the use of Freon air conditioners and what you can do to get rid of your old unit, safely.

The Benefits of Dung Beetles

During the 1990’s my organisation, called Rivers Australia, held seminars and meetings designed to help overcome damage to the river systems. During that time government organisations were publishing reports on the effect of the Dung Beetle for removing cattle waste from the soil, as they noticed happened in Europe. The Australian species is adept at removing kangaroo and other droppings from native species but not cattle.

10 Interesting Facts About Recycling That You Should Know

Recycling is an essential step to take in a country where the waste produced exceeds in tonnes. According to the Waste Atlas Platform, about 30 million tonnes of waste is produced in the UK every year. This waste just doesn’t fall on the earth. We are responsible for this waste generation and it is high time that we own up to our mistakes and start taking relevant steps to improve the state of the environment.

Reasons Why The Global Environmental Challenges Call for International Collaboration Among Scholars

The environment is the haven for human life. Its wanton degradation in this age calls for the most urgent attention by scholars from all fields. Many environmentalists and enthusiasts for the conservation of biodiversity like myself believe that designing effective strategies to arrest this canker of deleterious attitudes and activities of people requires a pluralistic and multidisciplinary approach.

My Introduction to Permaculture

My first introduction to Permaculture happened before I even knew there was such a system. As a teenager with a keen interest in horticulture, watching neighbours, friends and family removing trees from their property and loading them onto (often) several trailer loads and taking them to the tip.

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