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Clean Renewable Energy – Grass Roots Energy for Your Home

I say phooey and shame on people that grovel at the governments “feed trough” anyway. We don’t need their money. A grass roots industry, no pun intended, is starting to take hold.

Stop Global Warming; Stop Cutting Down the Trees and Plant More with UAVs

If we really care about the CO2 in the atmosphere then we need to cut down less trees and re-plant those we have already taken out, then plant another 6 Billion more, yes that is a Billion with a “B.” Land Clearing, deforestation and other issues is a huge calamity.

Global Warming-Do We Understand the Changes?

We should all be thankful for Global Warming. If all the burning of fossil fuels over the past 1300 years had not kept the temperature up, we would have been in another ice age by now. It looks like that there is a tug of war going between the cycle of ice ages and the influence that humans caused. If you stabilized our planet to the known mean temperature for the past that we know of, we would be living in a continuous ice age. I for one prefer the current warm climate with all the storms and rising sea levels to another ice age.

The Danger Of Global Warming

Global warming is described as the apparent rise in the average normal temperature of the planets.

Global Warming Events

Global warming is a phenomenon that is way beyond and over the level of awareness of the man on the street, but whose impact is felt by him wherever he is – in every nook around the world…

The Importance Of Global Warming Awareness 2007

Composite findings of about 2,000 scientists do not augur well for future years due to the alarming rate the earth’s lower atmosphere is warming up

Effects Of Global Warming In The Arctic

The Arctic and the Antarctic regions play very important roles. The Arctic and the Antarctic regions play very important roles. How? First, like the human eyes, they are the mirrors to the soul; they are the first to manifest adverse effects like global warming. We witness these changes rather most drastically in these polar regions. Another correspondingly direct effect of global warming is: any change in the polar conditions affects those of all the other regions. Once the polar ice melts, this flushes more freshwater from the region’s rivers…

The Popular Types of Renewable Energy

One can’t go far these days without discussions of energy issues arising. Renewable energy sources are part of that discussion, but what exactly are the types available?

Global Warming: It is Not an Issue?

Are you concerned about global warming? You should be. Evidence is now not in dispute. And we are to blame.

Global Warming: Global Devastation

It appears that since 1750 the planet has been gradually warming. This is now thought to be due to human activity – caused by man alone. Amazingly there are still people who doubt that global warming either exists or is caused by man. They insist that such events are “only circumstantial”.

Global Warming and the Effects on Habitation

Global warming would also destroy crops and other infrastructure and lead to intensive migration to other countries. Some countries would be forced to construct adequate sea defenses in order to protect their land from flooding. This would cause a great deal of financial input for which many countries may not be able to contribute.

Global Warming: Are We Really Getting Warmer?

Brrr. It’s cold. It feels like the coldest winter we have had here in the north of England for some years. Strange to say, though, this is in spite of all the talk of global warming.

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