Leichte E-Bikes – was macht die Räder so leicht? Welche Nachteile gibt es? Welche Modelle?

e bikes are bulky and above all heavy no not always there are also lighter e bikes you otherwise wouldn't believe one of them i will introduce to you in this episode and why it always weighs just under 20 kilos you can now find out [music] how heavy it is because actually such an e bike most trekking bikes from the model year 2021 were between 22 and 32 kilos, especially the bikes with integrated batteries are heavy 27 kilos are not uncommon it can't be lighter of course it can be done but of course not without disadvantages that's that excelsior at first glance you can't tell that it's an e bike that it weighs just under 20 kilos how can that be reason one is the smaller battery it only has a 350 watt hour battery most e bikes now have batteries that are twice as big we'll get to that also straight to the first disadvantage due to the small battery, guessing how far you can go with an e-bike battery also has a shorter range by the way, you can find out danger in my video about the range reason 2 why the wheel might be the battery is integrated but not removable here you save yourself the flap opening mechanism and co.

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But you also have to bring the entire wheel to the socket in order to close it via the outside charging socket loading reason 3 the rear drive at the lake is a bar of rear wheel scars drive because the motor is in the hub no motor mounts are necessary in the frame as you know it from mid-motors, which means that weight is saved here too, which somehow only adds to it is that is a steel cable you have instead of a suspension fork and the luggage rack has also been reduced to the bare essentials but it is still functional it carries 15 kilos and panniers can be easily attached I almost finally hang together if a range of 50 kilometers is enough and you have a possibility you have to load the bike so there is a socket in your place in the basement or in the garage for example and you don't have to be on the second floor then such a light ewald is definitely something for you it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive this one here for example costs 1900 euros which is a really good one for an e-bike price i found a few more lightweights here in the test edition very similarly constructed also with a rear engine by catch, the falter e 9.0 urban weighs less than 20 kilos, the take to and cts crossover from the company stock as well as the specialized turbos os 5.0 eco also cost, however these models cost more than 4000 euros otherwise there are also some light honor bikes from mérida canyon specialized cannondale and fuji you can find the exact model names in the video description in issue 5 21 the magazine elektrorad also explicitly tested seven light e bikes [music]

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