Lexo 20s review: NIMBLE FAT TIRE folding electric bike, BIG battery upgrade

The Global Warming Debate

A frank discussion of the merits of the Al Gore film: An Inconvenient Truth. What are the hidden motives of the oil and gas industry? Is it true that the success of US industry is dependent upon the use of oil and natural gas and cannot survive without foreign imports?

Plastic Bottles – Advantages of Recycling

Even though we use different kinds of plastics, plastic bottles play a major role in our day to day activities. Plastic bottles are preferred by most people because they are usually lighter and do not break easily like glass materials or bottles. So it has become a common product used by everyone.

Global Warming is Not The Problem

Global Warming is not the real problem. The real danger is that carbon emissions will cause the weather system to switch to a completely different system that would make human life on this planet impossible.

Electronics Recycling – Just When You Thought You Were Doing the Right Thing!

Did you happen to catch the episode on 60 Minutes on Sunday, November 9th about electronics recycling? This story by correspondent Scott Pelley is about how your best intentions to be green can cause electronic waste to be channeled into an underground sewer that flows from the United States and into third world countries.

Recycle Drywall

Drywall, wallboard or gypsum are just a few of the many names this common building material is referred to. The big question surrounding this material is the reason why there is a need for it to be diverted from the landfill. First, to understand why drywall is banned from the landfill, a look into what drywall is composed of is required.

Why “Going Green” With Solvent Recyclers Can Help Your Business

The old fashioned notion that business should only care about the bottom line can cost many businesses a healthy bottom line. Your public image and your need to act as a responsible corporate citizen can help you in your efforts to stay profitable. If you are in a business that uses industrial solvents, looking into solvent recyclers can help secure your bottom line in many different ways.

Letter to President Elect Obama – Localized Clean Renewable Energy

There are three sides of the climate issue; Global Warming is real, there is cyclical climate change, or Global Warming is a scam. This article takes no sides in that issue. Basically this is a collection of ideas brought together to help address three of the biggest issues facing America. The bonus comes from the added benefit of fighting terrorism and battling climate change or Global Warming and decreasing pollution. I believe that the majority of Americans care about at least one of these issues if not all of them.

Composting – Nature’s Recycling

Composting is an invaluable part of today’s green lifestyle. It also offers the satisfaction of receiving a gift of beautiful “brown gold”, nutrient rich soil, at the end of the process.

Do We Need Renewable Energy Solutions?

Seem suprising that I ask that? Well we do see it all over the media that the climate is shot to pieces. Every day we have a fuel crisis where it’s either too expensive or we haven’t got any left.

Is Global Warming a New Religion?

It appears that we can add yet another topic to the list of “no fly zone” conversations you should bring up at cocktail parties in mixed company? Yep, religion and politics are hardly alone, move over for a little hot air and watch the Global Warming hotheads ignite with anger when you bring up anything to do with Global Warming. Of course, if we analyze this situation and consider that the beginnings of all religions started with worship of our natural surroundings and environment, we can see why Global Warming has turned into a religious like mental issue for so many.

Recycle Appliances, Electronics and Gadgets

Appliances, electronics, gadgets and all those other miscellaneous gizmos we have in our homes will all eventually become obsolete, broken or simply unwanted. When that day comes, there is a way to recycle them.

Did Al Gore Make a Mistake Supporting Global Warming?

Global Warming appears to have abruptly ended as World Wide Global Temperatures have been plummeting throughout 2008. Did we win the war against Global Warming? Oh heavens no, in fact, the CO2 levels have gone up significantly since then.

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