Li-ion vs LiFePO4 Batteries: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Winds Of Change

The point of conjecture in this Presidential election is not the bravado of Trump but having this nation regain the stature both nationally and internationally we had decades ago. To do this is to recognize that one of the most questionable tactics by the media today is placing our future at risk. With the most comprehensive push to curb carbon emissions coming from this recent Paris Climate Change Conference one has to wonder considering the Republican Presidential contenders state of denial on climate change will this accord be ripped apart like they are trying to do with the Affordable Health…

Understanding The Economic Consequences Of Climate Change For India

India stands exposed to the adverse impact of climate change which may derail its economic growth says a report by the UN-IPCC. As per a report authored by the U.N. Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), India’s exposure and high vulnerability to the adverse effects of climate change could hinder its economic growth, impact health and development, increase poverty and jeopardize food security.

Wind Energy In India: An Overview

As per a CRISIL report, India’s burgeoning wind energy sector can attract investments to the tune of INR 1 lakh crore by 2020. Second only to solar energy in terms of its inherent potential in India, wind energy has been a vastly under-utilised renewable resource in terms of India’s growing energy needs. India, which already has 23 GW of onshore wind power capacity, is also blessed with a massive coastline that exceeds approx 7,600 kilometers (km) creating an enormous inherent potential for developing offshore wind energy.

India Gears Up To Rein In GHG Emissions

A cohesive approach by all relevant stakeholders will be needed if India is to achieve its ambitious plan to cut GHG emissions. In its 38-page action plan submitted to UN climate body, UNFCCC in October this year, India has assured a one-third reduction in its harmful greenhouse gas emissions from its 2005 levels.

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Energy

The sun beams down enough energy every hour to satisfy the whole planet’s global energy needs for an entire year. Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun’s energy and make it productive. However, we are only utilizing solar energy to provide only one tenth of one percent of all the global energy demand.

Renewable Energy: Can India Realize Its Unlimited Potential?

Having achieved considerable progress in recent years, India is well on course to join the ranks of the leading global producers in the renewable energy domain. Driven by it increasing appetite for energy to fuel its economic engine, an over dependence on fossil fuels, increasing pollution levels across its major cities and a rising fuel import bill, India’s need to adopt and propagate the use renewable sources is more pressing than most.

Fast Charging Battery Research: Hot, Super High-Tech & Wowing!

Ever since the advent of mobile phones, rechargeable electric storage batteries have become indispensable to human life. And we are always looking for safer, lighter, fast-charging, high-capacity, long-life batteries for mobile phones, laptops, tablet computers, electric vehicles, smart watches, personal health devices and so on. No small wonder then, that fast charging battery research is one of the hottest areas of research of the present day. It is full of promises and is expected to deliver the battery of the future soon.

Solar Power Systems Increase Community Resilience

Solar power systems provide communities with critical resources in times of crisis and help reduce residents’ reliance on expensive and unpredictable electric utility services. Adequate preparation that includes alternative energy sources helps improve community resilience and adaptability to any situation.

Why Solar Power Will Redefine India’s Power Reforms

With costs now almost on par with conventional sources, solar power generation offers the perfect alternative to meet India’s rising demand for energy. Since long India’s energy portfolio has been dominated by fossil fuels (coal, gas, and oil), which have had availability problems.

Re In India: Roadmap For Sustainable Growth

The government’s concerted efforts have resulted in a significant upsurge in power generation from renewable energy sources pan-India. Since long India’s energy portfolio has been dominated by fossil fuels (coal, gas, and oil), which have had availability problems.

Scare Tactics Of Seismic Proportions

Evidence is mounting that fracking can cause small earthquakes in some areas. But how much does it matter?

Key Benefits of Wind Energy

With the advent of new technologies and the realisation the old power sources will not last forever, more and more people are looking into Wind Energy. In this article we see what the fuss is all about.

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