Lieferengpässe bei E-Bikes: Branche kämpft mit Materialmangel

as rough as it gets, but
over the long wait Klara Witte has all these
problems behind her, I'm really looking forward to
it. Yes, it was fun. is not even a
delivery date. mmm And such advice.
Of course we invest, so a lot of money in so no. Do I have to cannibalize a bike
again? Maybe because Clara and her squeaky yellow
e-bike, probably the In terms of wishes, I had to equip
buyers with a simple e-bike with 7 gears,
right? But that is not possible.
So it has to be built into the heads of the Shimano scar in a children's
bike, then he ca n't generate it. As if
he were now in the seven-speed Göttsche.
There aren't enough parts. We have exploding fuel prices, the
demand for e-bikes is Clara Witte is beaming, she has finally waited
nine months for this moment.

The first
round with her brand new, beginning of a wonderful
friendship. nothing stands in the way of joy
. Well, I knew I had to do something, had to make
compromises, if they wanted to ride a bike now
and not in a year. Customers first of all again, that
they cut back on e-bikes, because he makes
much, much, much more sales the manufacturer takes the
few parts he has and builds a catastrophe. So with normal
wheels is catastrophe. Next a bike and
then want the bike so there months of waiting. The
coming should come in June, Asian market. We are
dependent on a few because there is a pandemic
and their factories are huge.

But even after
normal bikes and the paintwork would have passed,
but that's not the not thought that it takes so long
and yes that's why the colleagues with motor. This is
also very easy to justify, here. You could
sell a lot more if you had. producers. Uh yes, and if they ca
n't produce, I somehow
forgot about it and now it 's all over. The reason is that the
Bremen bicycle dealer Lutz took quite a long time.
And that's why I'm very happy. Maybe it would be
a bit faster but they don't fit.
Can't you grow it? adjust the body size, give
a short briefing and then stand, exactly according to your
wishes, but it is at the moment son Jan is repairing bikes in his
workshop with what he has.

pexels photo 5923994

Sometimes also
with used spare parts. Definitive. This is the
situation. Corona pandemic main problem. Oddly enough, parts such as motor,
battery, control unit, missing are almost
even harder to get than catastrophe, spare parts and
accessories not available or closing, then we realize
that a few weeks later we have all created such a
bottleneck. That's gone, if the 29-year-old was
n't really huge on the yellow , finally after all
the father's egg, I would have ordered and yes, today
I was finally allowed to pick it up, so it yellow e-bike.

I got the
bike in July last year.

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