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The Truth About Global Warming And Hillary Care

Somebody needs to tell the global warming crew to send a little global warmth to Indiana. Today the wind chill was -20 (and I work outside). When I was a kid there was an ensuing ice age (before it changed to global warming).

Global Warming Is Our Fault

According to the second major study in 5 years by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), there can no longer be any doubt that humans are at least partially responsible for global warming. The study concludes that a global temperature rise of 5 degrees C is possible by the year 2100. This global warming trend has already begun to have an astonishing effect on global climate patterns, storm intensities, and sea level rise in low-lying Pacific islands like Tuvalu.

How To Use Water As Fuel – Reduce Global Warming By Knowing How To Use Water As Fuel

Learn how to use water as fuel if you want to contribute less to global warming. We will never be able to stop the natural release of methane, water vapor, and carbon dioxide, but we can do a lot to help the ways we pollute the environment ourselves.

Recycling and Reusing Unusual Items for Garage Sales

Every spring and early summer garage sales burst forth in full bloom, loaded with the junk other people want to purge their homes and garages of. Why not have a completely unique garage sale of recycled and reused items that you have personally transformed from unwanted clutter in your house. By recreating these items into practical, distinctive and reusable possessions that people will benefit from owning and will pay you for the privilege of purchasing them, you have helped them acquire unusual objects, helped yourself get rid of scraps and saved the environment.

Recycling and Reusing Unusual Items

How resourceful are you, really! Here’s an article that will introduce you to the fine art of recycling and reusing some of the most unusual items you have in your home and garage. Enjoy!

Global Warming

Greenhouse gases occur by increasing of gas emissions. Increasing of gas emissions is caused by human activities such as burning coal, oil and natural gas. This releases CO2, Methane and other greenhouse gasses to atmosphere, and cause a global warming.

What Does the Recycling Numbers Mean?

Influenced by recycling proponents around United States, the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. introduced Resin identification coding system. It was in 1988 when this scheme of separating (or grouping) plastic resin types to make it easier for recyclers to sort them out and to have a more systematic waste management system, was introduced.

Global Warming Or A Myth – Well Who Cares Because They Are Both Wrong When You Read This

This is the craziest thing you have ever hear. Then you read on…and you think, wait a minute is this really true? This information will effect you and beware if you don’t follow our advice to save you TODAY.

Recycling Junk Mail

What to do with all the junk mail you get through your letterbox. Why not turn it into free energy?

Global Warming – What Can You and I Do About it?

Global warming is such an enormous challenge that we can’t help but think that there is nothing one person can do to fight it. At best, it is up to big business and big government to get us out of this mess. I happen to think that it is up to each person to find out what he can do. This is the only way to build up a critical mass and momentum to really get things going. What I want to explore is what you and I can do to make a difference.

Global Warming’s Fever

Global warming has many high profile proponents who are very vocal. The role of the Global warming debate can be found in politics, classrooms and movies. Is the earth in the midst of a fever? If so, should we be proactive in the struggle to regulate the temperature?

Global Warming – Truth or Tale?

The ‘hottest’ topic on the planet today, Global Warming is shaping up to also be the biggest controversy ever. Whether you’re a believer, or not, you must admit the lack of agreement is alarming. However, the issue may now be reaching for the ridiculous.

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