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Global Warming Theories – What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Some scientists say that global warming caused by carbon emissions is simply a myth; others say it is a hard reality and the consequences will mean the end of the world as we know it. But what is the real truth?

Global Warming – Is it True?

If you’ve seen Al Gore’s documentary you’re probably left in no doubt that Global Warming is real. Every day there’s a new news article proclaiming proof of the inevitable demise of the World as we know it, with flooding, hurricanes to name but a few of the consequences of Human’s misuse of nature.

How You Can Reduce Your Car’s Carbon Footprint and Reduce Global Warming – Discover Ten Top Tips

Running a fuel efficient car isn’t just about the manufacturer’s fuel consumption figures. There are many simple things that you can do to run your car as efficiently as possible. Here are ten top tips.

Recycling – Ideas You Can Start Using Today

A solar panel system can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, a wind turbine takes up too much room and your budget is already stretched to the hilt. So what can one do to do their part in cleaning up the environment? The answer is simple.

Battery Disposal and Recycling

Most parts of chemical ingredients used for making batteries are highly toxic and require a consistent treatment in which we, as users who care about the environment, can do our part avoiding that used batteries are thrown away with other household waste. Every year over two billion used batteries are disposed into solid waste facilities in the United States. This is an increasing problem, fundamentally due to the extensive development in the field of new technologies that made possible that almost everyone owns at least a wireless electronic device that uses diverse types of batteries.

Renewable Energy System

Renewable energy provides us with a route out of economic recession and depression and will change our way of life. It is a responsibility we should all embrace sooner rather than later.

Down the Road of Global Warming and Solar Energy

Greenhouse emissions from fossil fuel use are creating climate changes related to global warming. The recent UK Climate Change Act is a voluntary, symbolic gesture that could never create any kind of international agreement on greenhouse emissions. The real answer to global warming is fossil fuel energy independence, government support for alternative solar technology research, and a step by step “reduction by replacement” alternative energy program.

Wind is the Renewable Energy of the Future

The gentle wind that blows out candles, that caresses your body on warm days, that suspends a kite in the air on a bright spring day, can also be used to power the house you live in today. Wind energy can be converted into wind power for useful outputs such as electricity with the help of wind turbines. This is one possible solution that has become increasingly popular as a result of the depleting numbers of Earth’s non-renewable resources.

Environmentally Friendly Paint – Should I Really Buy Into It?

Over the past few years, more and more people have become quite aware of the need to take care of the environment and take responsibility for our part in saving the planet from ecological disaster brought on by the inventions and waste products created by man. As a natural result of the many developments, inventions, and innovations made by man, the environment has slowly been degraded to the point that it has become a real point of concern for everyone living on the planet.

Global Warming – Are We to Blame?

The notion that man and his activities are the main reason for the rise in global temperatures is a premature conclusion. So why is the media so convinced otherwise?

Are Tsunami’s Caused by Global Warming?

Throughout the history of our planet it has endured a constantly changing climate. It endured an ice age and has also experienced long periods of heat. But over the last two hundred years, give or take, the temperature of our planet has been steadily increasing. This change in the climate on earth is known as global warming, and global warming is the direct result of the industrial revolution.

Global Warming is Caused by Both Man and Nature

The article shows the effects of global warming. It will take all of us to make a significant impact in the world. The earth is in trouble because of the pollution that has caused it.

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