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Mobile Recycling – Different Ways to Reuse Or Recycle and Help the Environment

On average every person in the UK upgrades their mobile phone once every 18 months to the latest and greatest model. So what happens to all the old ones? There must be millions that are simply being thrown to one side.

Worlds Most Eco-Friendly Organic Yarns

Hemp, one of the most environment friendly materials of all times, is now making a comeback. Due to its various advantages over cotton such as the strength (its fiber is thrice as strong as cotton fiber) fabric made of hemp yarn lasts longer than any cotton fabric. It needs less water to grow and need no pesticide as it’s pest resistant. It’s porous, hence cooler in summer and its ability to absorb moisture ensures that dyes soak deeper thus giving it high color fastness.

The Future is Renewable, Alternative, and Free Energy

Society at large is looking hard for energy sources that have no undesired consequences, such as, for example, fossil fuels or nuclear energy. These alternative sources must be renewable and are considered to be “free” energy sources.

Use, Reuse, Recycle

As awareness grows as to the threats our consumer society poses to the environment, recycled products are making substantial gains in market share in numerous fields. It is certainly a huge step forward in terms of resource sustainability that materials which historically would have been discarded and incinerated are now being granted a new lease of life in a different form. It is however often overlooked that the process of recycling does itself involve the consumption of energy and additional materials.

Can I Save Money With a Renewable Energy System?

Having your own renewable energy company in the form of a photovoltaic solar system can bring unique satisfaction to both homeowners and businesses. If your goal is simple living and leaving a small footprint on the planet, give it a try with PV solar panels.

London’s Eco-Friendly Taxis

The city of London has been renowned for a variety of reasons, not all of them have been positive. Historically, during the years of the Industrial Revolution, London was once the most polluted city in the world.

National Renewable Energy – Are You Serious About it?

Stop destroying your wallet and the environment! Learn how to take inexpensive, practical ACTION!

Think Green, Go Green, Making Green – All the Way to the Bank

It seems as if it’s everywhere. Go green this, think green that. You can’t go anywhere without seeing something about recycle this or reduce that. Maybe it’s time you took a serious look at what all this eco-friendly, environmentally conscience, sustainable living is all about.

New Renewable Energy Frontier – Some Solar Projects Are “Fast Tracked”

Will initiatives on solar and other renewable energy projects taken by Interior Secretary Salazar work? We are on the cusp of a new energy frontier.

Global Warming – The Real Scandal

Despite indisputable evidence of the connection between greenhouse gas increases in the atmosphere and global warming, the fossil fuel industry launched a concerted and coordinated campaign starting from the mid 1990s to undermine climate change science and the scientists who work in this field. Their purpose was to create doubt in the public’s mind about the reality of global warming, and delay regulations which might limit greenhouse gas emissions to the environment. This article charts the history and evidence behind global warming and the motivations and methods used by the industry to achieve their unethical objectives.

What Really Causes Global Warming?

There’s a lot of talk about global warming these days. Here’s some facts about the whole problem.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells – Environmentally Friendly Fuel of the Future

Hydrogen fuel cells have been called the environmentally friendly energy source of the future. The idea of converting hydrogen into energy has captured the imagination of automobile designers as well as rocket scientists. There have been rumors of hydrogen cars for decades, though a viable model has yet to be developed.

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