Magnum Voyager Review – $2.4k

What is the Importance of Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development is a goal that many have. Learn why this is important especially in a world where resources could be challenged and eventually get more expensive.

Global Warming – What Can the Average Person Do?

What can the average person do to help stop global warming? This article provides some hints and ideas.

Global Warming – Is It Fact or Fiction?

Carbon emissions, CO2, greenhouse gases, climate change: in recent times, hardly a day goes by without us being bombarded with dire warnings that life as we know it will cease to exist if we carry on living as we do, irresponsibly consuming energy in a way that causes a build-up of heat in the earth’s atmosphere, which will eventually result in irreversible climate change. But is it true, or are we all the victims of an elaborate hoax?

Solar Energy – An Eco-Friendly Power Source

Solar energy is a green energy source simply because it is renewable and it doesn’t trigger any kind of damage to the environment. This is accomplished by converting the sun’s rays into electrical power by using solar cells. Her is how to do it…

Are Reclosable Plastic Bags Environmentally Friendly?

Reclosable plastic bags showed up on the scene during late ’80s. Nowadays most people would wonder how they ever did without them! There is an ongoing debate as to whether it is better for the environment to use plastic bags and wrapping (which does take a long time to properly break down) or if it is better to chop down trees to make paper, and thus deforest even more of the earth. One popular movement these days is that of encouraging people to recycle and reuse plastic bags.

Climate Change and Bangladesh – Victim of Global Warming Or Victim of Global Politics?

People may say a lot of things but to me the main disadvantage of being one of the members of a LDS (Least Developed Nation) is that no one really cares about whether we exist or not. I never would have said something like this if it were not for the results of the last conference on climate change.

Solutions For Management and Recycling For Industrial Waste

Industrial waste comes in all three state of matter, liquid, solid or gas. This waste must be disposed of properly. It should be gathered and transported in an hygienic, safe and efficient manner and disposed of based on the environmental laws currently in place. There are options for both management and recycling for industrial waste.

Recycling Outdated PC’s to Save the Earth

Numerous metropolitan areas, cities as well as townships are now fascinated with PC recycling and also TV recycling strategies to guard the earth and avoid possible land pollution. Because laptops include numerous components that could discharge poisons into the land, metropolis governments are looking for alternative routes to eliminate your outdated laptops and even your old electronic equipment.

What is Global Warming and is it Real?

For so long the term “Global Warming” has been tossed around as a political buzzword. Children are learning the term without really knowing what the process is and millions of people out there have no idea what exactly global warming is, or what effect it can actually have on our planet and in turn on us. It is important for people to know what is happening so they become more willing to take action to save our planet Earth.

Disastrous Effects of Global Warming

While much has been written about the hazards global warming poses on human health conditions, it is also noteworthy to explore its economic and social consequences. Developing countries are at a greater risk from the diverse effects of global warming since the more developed ones have adequate means to deal with its damaging effects.

How to Properly Recycle

I am not sure that we know how to properly recycle as a society. It is all very well to pat ourselves on the back each time we put out our boxes ready to be recycled by our local council’s collection contractor but are we really doing this in the best way for the environment and for the best benefit to future generations?

Recycled Clothes and Textiles – What Happens to Them?

One product they end up as are cleaning rags and wipers. Made from recycled clothing and textiles they are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable paper towels, and are not going to fall apart at the slightest sign of water and can be reused time and time again.

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