Making of documentary Gazelle N°1 – E-bike of the future | Gazelle

The design of the No. 1 must be completely new, something that has never been seen before, but recognizable as a bicycle. Together with Gazelle we have embarked on an adventure, a challenge, to develop something new. A designer's job is to combine functionality and aesthetics. And as for the shape of the spokes, it is really inspired by the current trends in the automotive industry. When I first saw the bike I thought it was very interesting. The wheels were really extraordinary in design and shape, so it was a big challenge for us. A lot of manual work, all small parts had to be placed exactly in the right position, the fibers had to be perfectly aligned. This makes it very challenging to produce high quality parts. Almost any shape of a part is possible with this composition of materials. All parts of this bike, and in particular the carbon parts we make, you will never come across a bicycle with these types of parts in this day and age.

pexels photo 6551406

What I will really hold in my heart as a fantastic experience is this collaboration. Going out together to define an innovative product that has ultimately expressed itself in the No 1. We all always speak the same language, the language of technology, so I think the project has been very successful. We got the best result from it..

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