Meet Podbike, The E-Bike-Car Hybrid

(upbeat music) The Podbike Velomobile is a new concept for sustainable personal transportation, with its four wheels, electric assist and protection against the weather. The 2.3 meter long pedelec
with electric assist was invented to help bridge
the gap between bikes and cars. With the benefits of
exercise from cycling, as well as the protection and
weatherproofing of the car. It has room for one adult and luggage or less luggage and an
optional child seat. It seeks to meet comfort
and practicality from cars, with low environmental impact and healthy lifestyle from cycling. Partially human powered,
the Podbike is similar to an eBike as it provides
electric assist when needed, but it looks like a mini car. This means that you need to pedal for the electric assistance to kick him. When you travel at 25 kilometers per hour and are using your own pedal power, you will get an electric boost and your speed will increase. Higher speed needs to be
based on your pedaling, as well as the wind and gravity. When the speed goes above
50 kilometers per hour, the electric motors automatically start to gently break the vehicle.

The maximum speed is around
60 kilometers per hour. The vehicle uses a 250 Watts
motor for the electric assist and a 250 Watts motor for
the series hybrid propulsion. The battery is removable, so the charging can be performed independent of the vehicle. With the fast 8A charger, you will get 20 to 80% charge time in approximately 45 minutes. The company plans to provide space, to fit up to 1500 watt
hour battery modules, with up to 300 kilometer range. With the focus on sustainable
and ethical production, with minimal carbon footprint,
the Podbikes vehicle body and the frame are
constructed of lightweight, yet strong recyclable materials The wheels are made of thermoplastic, with 60% fiberglass and are very robust. In the future, the Pod Bike
Velomobile will park itself, charge its battery when needed and come to you when you ask for it.

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By replacing your car with the Podbike, you will save money, get daily exercise, avoid being stuck in the traffic and solve the struggles with parking. You will even contribute
to a healthy environment. That's all for today, and if
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