Metakoo Cybertrack 100: A cheap Amazon e-bike for the trails

Recycling Glass – To Increase Environmental Awareness

Can glass recycling be considered as the effective way of increasing environmental awareness? What are the steps that modern bottle depots follow to support in this regard?

Nuclear Power And Other Energy Solutions For Japan Now

Nuclear power has problems in Japan, Indonesia and other countries that are prone to earthquakes and natural disasters. How do such nations provide for their energy needs, and still maintain a margin of safety for their population against radioactivity and also ensure that overall power production is not subject to a single catastrophic failure? Read this article from nuclear physicist who discusses what’s really happening with energy solutions in Japan.

Your Grass Is Gold With a Garden Marketing Plan That Includes Financial Opportunities

Living sustainably and growing your own produce takes us back to the days when our grandparents would go to the garden and pick dinner right out of the yard. With a little bit of dirt and planning, an entire year’s worth of produce can be harvested and “put up” in jars for enjoyment through the winter. This is nothing new, but what is new is the number of families getting back to nature and back to the land for organics. Living sustainably through permaculture enterprises is generating cash crops of abundance.

Solutions for Air Pollution and Climate Change

What are the problems with air pollution and is it connected to climate change? There has been some confusion about climate change. Here is an analysis of the evidence for climate change and its consequences with some possible actions that could be taken to reduce the damage of climate change.

3 Earth Friendly Fibers That Can Change Your Life

Our clothes and other products we use on a daily basis are made from a number of different fibers, but most have no idea just what those fibers might be. Conventional clothing might be made from cotton, silk or plaid for example. However if these fibers are not organically grown, then they pass on pesticides and other chemicals to our environment and to ourselves as we wear and interact with the clothing.

Why Should We Switch to Organic Nappies?

Everyone is finding ways to play their part in helping the environment. Using organic nappies instead of disposable ones can play a big part in helping to reduce pollution.

Alternative Energy Exploits Should Not Waste Talent in R and D – Ocean Wave Energy is Efficient

It is amazing how some major US corporations go out of their way to set up research and development teams and projects, often doing pure research to bring new innovations to the marketplace. It has often been said that a well-run R&D program can pay off dividends in multitudes of 10 or even a 100 of the money spent on their research. It is nice to see that Google is investing heavily on renewable and alternative energy research.

How to “Win” at “The Starring Life Experience Contest”

Anyone who RISKS truly living, risks being virtually “eaten” alive by those who want a “piece” of anyone who dares to enter “The Starring Life Experience Contest”. This “vicarious vulture” substitute life experience is as close to REAL LIFE as most dare to get.

Benefits of Building a Shed With Plastic Lumber

Why would someone use recycled plastic lumber to build a shed when traditional wood is most commonly used? Recycled plastic lumber has distinct advantages over traditional hardwood, particularly because of the many issues that can arise when using natural wood.

Renewable Energy Resources – Solar Power

Do you like the idea of solar power? Solar power is slowly creeping into our lives sometimes even unnoticed by most people. A lot of bill boards and LED road signs are now solar powered.

Grassroots Innovation for Generating Efficient Biofuel – Biomass Gasifier

Raj Singh Dahiya from Rajasthan India, has developed his own biomass gasifier which generates the clean fuel producer gas from wood and agricultural wastes. His gasifier is cost effective and more fuel efficient than other locally available gasifiers. His grassroots innovation has been recognised and awarded by National Innovation Foundation, India.

Facilities Management and Recycling – It’s Time to “Go Green”!

Facilities Managers of multi-unit dwellings are looking to implement recycling programs in order to “go green” in their buildings as well as brand their facilities as environmentally-friendly. This article explores the options of using stackable recycling containers to increase residents’ participation in your facility recycling program.

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