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Gloves and lights on and start cycling, even when it gets colder. But it is best for the fixed e-bike riders to observe further rules, if only for the correct setting of the bike and driving style. The most important thing in winter is safety on the bike. I have to make sure that the air pressure is set so that I have good traction. I shouldn't sit too high so that I have a lot of control. No steering maneuvers too fast. The ground is smooth and slippery. Make sure you always have two or three fingers on the brake.

Balance between the rear brake and the front brake in a controlled manner so that the front wheel does not lock and you do not slip. The press service driver always knows the best tips and the most practical accessories. Alexander Giebler demonstrates some of the latest e-bikes and the right accessories for cold, wet winters. We have everything in here. Above all, cyclists should be safe and clearly visible. A visor protects fast e-bikers from the wind. Rainwear helps against wetness and cold. Looks silly, but reliably protects business shoes for 30 euros. When you notice that you are staying warm and dry, you will have a bit of joy. There are special hats. It's not beautiful either, as you can see, but effective. Or helmets with built-in fleece plus extra warming protectors for ears, neck and the very cold days, all for 90 euros.

It's super pleasant. This bag with lighting for 90 euros also gets its power directly from the e-bike battery. Relatively dark bag. But in winter you can see what's inside right away. A very clever solution. Always remove the battery from the bike in winter, store and charge at 15 to 20 ° C. There are rechargeable batteries, battery charger combinations, which only charge from a certain temperature, 10, 12 °. Even those who prefer not to cycle in the cold should take care of their e-bike battery over the winter, recommends Stiftung Warentest. Even if the battery is to be stored longer, if I don't want to use the bike in winter, I would pay attention to how much it is charged beforehand. It should be between 30 and 60% charged. Not fully charged, not deeply discharged. And if possible, if I don't want to use it for three months, then recharge it after one or two months. Nico Langenbeck and a team of experts regularly check various e-bikes, even under autumn conditions. He advises you to consider when an e-bike should be on the road and whether the battery is properly seated when you buy it .

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I can usually take that out upstairs. Then I don't have the problem that it can slip out of my hand and crash down. This can be harmful to batteries because the cells can be destroyed or damaged. That is why it is better if a battery can be removed from the top. Then you don't have to fumble under the bike, especially when everything is a bit dirty in winter. If you want to protect your e-bike particularly or if you want to park it in the cold for a longer period of time, you can also keep the battery warm with special neoprene covers. For very cold, slippery days , some manufacturers offer winter tires with treads and spikes. Very important: grease the chain! The engine power can only be used optimally in winter if the chain is well cared for, i.e. does not cause any loss of power or performance . Belted wheels are maintenance-free. But the whole bike definitely needs care. Wipe dry frequently. And also grease and oil the contacts between the battery and the wheel.

This is also a way of caring for the bike. The light has to work of course. And ice spray helps the lock as care. And then nothing should stand in the way of having fun with winter cycling . Perhaps cycle a little slower and more carefully, then it will be safe, healthy and fun even through the cooler seasons..

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