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Today we surprise Lennard and Ronja with a special kind of camping weekend. Oh what… I didn't see that coming… I haven't even seen anything like this before. My first reaction was actually: oh god oh god. My first reaction was oh god oh god, and then a brief disappointment, ah, there is n't a great Bulli around the corner that you can lie in really nicely in this weather, and then it was a bit of curiosity , a bit of enthusiasm… okay, what's in store for us with this little cart. A caravan for cyclists, small but nice, it saves you the cumbersome tent. Not a lightweight at 35 kilos, but how do you set it up? The two are still hoping for a certain level of comfort for the weekend. At first I didn't understand how the thing was supposed to work and what exactly was in store for us. That looked so small. I actually thought there was some animal in there. So I saw it that looked like a small horse trailer and it's a mini pony and it's kind of prominent or something.

Mini circus horse what looks out. So here are the feet… You haven't really understood the construction of the mini camper yet. Lennard searches the web for a description. Basically I like to cuddle with you… Ah. What have you done? I just pulled it back a bit. Although the two are only supposed to camp for two days, they have a lot of luggage.

Ronja has packed some blankets to be on the safe side because of the cool nights. But surprisingly everything fits in. Now all that is missing is the connection to the bike and off you go. So? What is the first impression of mini campers? Awkward so far. Yes, well, it is, it's fun, that's cool because it's something different, but it's also poorly described and a bit rickety. But I think once you know it can be cool.

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Here we go. Getting started is definitely easier than I thought. I didn't shoo her around, there was only a suspension on the women's bike, and I would have ridden the women's bike, but I think it was very important to you that I didn't come across as completely unsexy. You mean because of wimp? Yes. There are currently just three manufacturers of such bicycle caravans. Ours is from Denmark. They are still rare and cost between 4000 and 7000 euros, depending on the equipment. And? What is the cyclist's conclusion after 15 kilometers? Exhausting, not made for Cologne bike paths. Which is super exhausting when there are roots, you have the feeling that your rear wheel is somehow being ripped off, to the left and right, it really pulls you back and you have to brake all the time because there are bollards everywhere and you just don’t know if one passes. The altitude was actually a challenge from the car too and yes when going uphill the e-bike didn't help as much as hoped. It was doable, but at some point we just rode on the street because you can't ride well on these bike paths, there was always something in the way, so there was always a car parked on the bike path…

Who experience such an adventure without spending thousands of euros, you can also rent a bicycle caravan for around 35 euros a day. After some back and forth, Ronja and Lennard have aligned their mini camper fairly stable on the ground. let's get into the context a bit but it's overall better than on our farm actually sometimes you can have a look keys everywhere in the camper weight is saved that's why the sleeping construction consists of perforated plates folded out the fighter has a length of around 260 , however, it is only 99 cm wide the neighbor is not surprised for two adults when I don't quite know how we should do it later with the lying 24 so it's already less than I actually need it alone the length fits as it is well thought out it already looks like the camper that still has enough space for the luggage even when set up in bed so everything stays dry after the duty comes for ronja and lennart now the freestyle begins their short vacation can begin as we lie down we had to coordinate that well with a pocket toothbrush and somehow still move that wasn't so easy that it was now a matter of sleeping n puts on because it was too cold outside to change and then in there somehow rose sweater everything to hit the other in the elbow in the face he had to coordinate it well the night falls on the campsite on the rhine for ronja and lennart begins the greatest challenge two people sleep almost a meter wide so next to each other so straight on their backs things works i don't think so because i'm so far the first night really always like that oasis garden festival that's normal water up and then falls asleep again and again and just hope to have gotten enough sleep so woke up again too often 15 20 times in any case but it was just the second night for example also easy to have and how was the night tight and cuddly whenever you turned or the other man had to himself in it he had to be such a man you have to lie down like before anyway the change then it'll work then the two can separate at move away from each other but as soon as you move in any other way, even just a little crookedly , put your arm around more, you have to cry out tears is just not enough, so you have to rotate together me and I had worked very harmoniously and he me I felt very connected to them today after because the old thing happened automatically that doesn’t know how harmonious this mattress will not become friends because it doesn’t get bruises from it yes and somehow something on the presentation plate so people we can have a look is also so interested the two have known each other for more than two years but have only recently moved in together so it is not yet but are they inside or outside? the boards for the bed can be converted into two benches in just a few simple steps and you already have a dry place to have breakfast with the room height of around one meter thirty it is really comfortable to sit higher than anywhere else dr that’s also very stable here more stable than at night the bed at the table has to be a bit careful of course it’s always like that with camping tables and I’ve sat outside in the inn that were less comfortable I also think there’s actually good space to sit here and it’s I just noticed the window is right at the table that means you can eat you can also look out well had the nice view people are watching people are watching sitting here the mini kemper stands out just didn't do anything you still had to do something because it came enough people passed by who were interested you talked to people you then cooked food in between then looked for something to do or if you wanted to play something it all takes longer than at home just put it in the dishwasher well man felt like the time got around pretty well every second walker stops curiously for sonja and lennart is leaving now t an exciting weekend coming to an end how was it all in all you have to get used to the fact that it is very cramped and very noisy and you have no curtains but with us it worked out very well we have to sleep in a small space because you lose a bit of contact but works all day and we have a two meter wide home but you think sometimes the person seems so far away so inward and here it is i actually feel a little closer to you but i'm looking forward to in any case, the big bed of the relationship between lennart and ronja did the mini kemper good and maybe this is really a new sustainable form of travel for the environment and for love

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