My Dad’s Electric Bikes for his RV, Replace a Towed Vehicle

Global Warming – How Do You Make Better Solar Cells?

That’s why the real over-all efficiency is never higher than 17% for solid crystalline and 13% for film type materials. You see, that base material is what they’re all relying on to harness the given electrical potential derived from contact with sunlight. As long as that remains the case solar cells will never become a truly viable alternative energy replacement in and of themselves. That’s why they are often used with other devices like hydro-electric, wind-powered or wave powered systems. In my view this need not be the case.

Should All Mega Solar Projects Be Cancelled Until the Next Generation of Technology Emerges?

Last month, I was having a discussion with a fellow think tanker about all the incredible mega Solar Projects going on around the country. I happen to live out in California, and out in the deserts of Southern California there are a tremendous number of extremely huge solar projects where construction is already underway. Some of these projects are in the 1500 to 5500 MW range, and quite frankly that’s just enormous really.

Recycling is On the Increase – Well Depending On Who You Are Talking Too That Is

There seems to be some argument over the statistics which are being gathered on the issue of recycling. Now then, as the coordinator for a think tank, which happens to operate online, we talk about recycling as a smart way to help the environment, decrease material costs, and improve productivity for all the products we make. It’s not always possible to recycle everything, but the more we recycle the better we will be as a civilization and the more efficient our society will run in the long-haul.

8 Tips to Go Green and Save Money

Did you know that going green and saving money can go hand-in-hand? There are many things that you can do to simplify your life, reduce your environmental footprint, and save your family time and money in the process! With a busy, active family life with 4 small children, our goal this year has been to simplify. Through this process, going green and saving money while doing so has just happened naturally. Here are some tips that we have picked up along our journey…

Green Grassroots Innovation – Internal Combustion Engine Check Valve (Non Return)

Arvind Janardan Khandke from Kolhapur, Maharashtra has developed a check valve (non return) for internal combustion engine which apart from improving the fuel efficiency of the engine, makes it eco-friendly as well. This green grassroots innovation has been granted patent for use on both two stroke and four stroke engines. The innovation was awarded and supported by National Innovation Foundation, India.

Reasons to Avoid VOCs in Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Occurring both naturally and in man-made form, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emit harsh chemicals that are harmful to humans. Man-made VOCs are found in solutions such as degreaser and paint stripper, and also in products such as carpet and vinyl flooring. Natural VOCs are considered less harmful than their man-made counterparts, which can enter the water supply, soil, and atmosphere in large quantities via industrial waste.

Mil Spec Cleaners Degreasers: Dielectric Solvents Used by the Military

Mil spec products are designed to meet military specifications. Concerning cleaners and degreasers, these specifications typically involve the following characteristics, among others: flash point (the temperature at which a solution ignites), residue, environmental impact, and moisture content. These and other characteristics can impact military equipment’s longevity, how well it performs in action, and the safety of maintenance personnel during the maintenance process.

Finding a Replacement for IPA Cleaners for Electrical Components

In the past, IPA (isopropyl alcohol) was a standard ingredient in electrical component cleaners. But today, financial and workplace safety concerns have made isopropyl alcohol replacement increasingly popular. Whereas some solutions are replaced for strategic reasons, IPA cleaners still offer strategic advantages to those who use them, particularly: the inexpensiveness of alcohol as a cleaning solution, its ability to remove polar oil and grease, and its ability to remove ionic salts from printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Products With Low VOCs Improve Workplace Safety

When evaluating the safety of cleaning products, some companies consider volatile organic compounds (VOCs) less threatening than hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). One reason for this perception is that HAP regulations target facilities with the “potential to emit” at least 10 tons per year of a single HAP or at least 25 tons per year of all HAPs, a linkage that makes HAPs seem more ominous. VOC regulations, on the other hand, target smaller facilities located in non-attainment areas, where products with low VOCs are used to protect air quality.

Anil Kamdar’s Technological Innovation – Automatic Buttonhole Stitching Machine

Anil Kamdar of Godhara, Gujarat, India had very little knowledge of designing machines when the idea of building a buttonhole stitching machine struck his mind. However with his determination he overcame all the financial and educational barriers to build his own automatic buttonhole stitching machine. With the support of National Innovation Foundation, India, he is determined to make it a commercial success.

Rural Grassroots Technological Innovation – Black Pepper Thresher (Aurora)

P K Ravi, a mechanic from Kerala, India has developed an innovative black pepper threshing machine. This machine has numerous advantages over conventional machines and has been awarded by the National Innovation Foundation – India, a non profit government organization which supports grassroots innovation.

Recycling for the Benefit of All

Every year the Earth Day fete throws light on the importance of recycled goods and brings to us some of the best recycled products. Recycling is the answer to a clutter free home, it helps us save some cash and even make some out of it, our homes become more spacious, more unique products are produced, landfills and junkyards have less junks and last but not the least innovative inventions takes shape out of our original creative ideas. And the best thing is, we don’t need to do any crash course to recycle.

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