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– This bike check is slightly different. It's an e-bike and it's the
e-bike that I've just rode in my very first e-mountain bike race. This is a Giant Full-E+ 0 SX. (uptempo breakbeat music) So this is a full on trail mountain bike. It's got an aluminium frame, 140 mil travel on the rear, 160 up front. And it's powered by this Yamaha SyncDrive battery and power system. It gives it 250 watts of extra power. So up to the bars, the thing
that stands out the most is this ride control EVO head unit that gives you all the vital stats.

Shows you what power mode you're in, how much battery you've got left, trip time, how fast you're going, all the good stuff. This is a control on the left-hand side, let's me select all those
different source of power. You've got off, you've got eco, normal, and then max power. Also, got the on off switch
and a little system here that let's me push the bike
by spinning the pedals. Makes that a little bit easier. It's a big bike, we've got
big brakes on it to stop it. We've got these SRAM guide RSC brakes with 200 mil rotors, front and rear.

And it's actually a one
by eight gear system so it's SRAM's EX1, electric-bike
specific drive train. Just built for that extra boost, and all that power that
goes through that chain. We have a RockShox Lyrik fork up front. 160 mil travel, like I said,
it's their big enduro fork. It's got the RCT3 damper inside there. 27.5+ wheels and tyres
on this bike obviously. Got these Schwalbe Nobby Nic's. It's really good to
have that extra big tyre on these bikes. It's a bit more weight there. It's really good to
have that grip as well. DT Swiss EX 1501 wheels. It's got a RockShox SuperDeluxe
air shock on the rear. Gives it a really balanced feel with that Lyrik fork up front. I've got this Maestro
floating pivot system that Giant use on some of their other full suspension bikes as well.


Got some Mallet downhill pedals, they're brand new with a chamfered edge. We've also got those,
traction control system on there so you can really space out to get that feel through
the bottom of your sole. I've got a Praxis Works
chaining on the front. That's 36 teeth. Like I said, for let's
matched this SRAM EX1. E-bike specific drive train, that's a one by eight, 11×48 cassette.

And that's SRAM EX1 rear derailleur. I've got one of these magnets mounted to the spokes here and a
sensor on that chain stay, and that tells me how fast I'm going. A Giant Contact SL seat
and Giant drop seatpost finish this bike off, and like I said, really make it a proper
trail mountain bike. So that is the Giant Full-E+ 0 SX. Electronic mountain bike. If you wanna subscribe to GMBN, click on this logo here. If you wanna see a video
where I race this bike, click just up there. Click down there for
another e-bike video with Brendan Fairclough and Scott Laughland..

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